I have a challenge for you: Name the title of next most popular book of literature, cult movie, noir fiction, and it can be about anything (as long as it isn't pornography). The more it sounds like poetry and the more ambiguous and suggestive it is, the more I'll like it. I'm not sure it can be done. The title should be between 1-5 words, can be proper nouns, made up words and worlds, but should focus more on literature that might interest serious readers of literature.

Product Names

After The Expiration Date

by Why
Thin Air
The Diatribal Jungle
Clearly Confused
The 100 Page Haiku
The Clandestine Spotlight
Bleeding Hills Roam My Heart
PhilosoFur Flying
The Common Denominator
Ambiguous Pages
The Rubric Rifle
Punk Polka Pride
Adventures of a Fruedish Poodle
Touching the Intangible
You're Following Me In My Dreams
The Rusted Keys
The Manual of Ambidexterous
The Faux Scream Of Wants
An Imprecise Predicament
Lust With a Different Name
I Can Hear You With My Eyes
The Lonely Meme
Conforming With Silence, A Vow
Visions Of Times To Come
Baby And the Bullets
The Dark Wall Of Fame
The Irony of Satisfaction
Angels Whispering Through My Spirit
Androids I've Loved
Meeting Of The Minds
Souls In Orbit
The NightMare Rides Alone
Satchel No Tiara
It's on You
The Fire of the Mind
Fire Lite
Roman Patina
Ever Ending Night
Ambiguity Avenue
Damn Skippy
Myth Rising
Spare None
The Inflatable Future
A Tall Drink of Nothing
On Strawberry Mountain
Bungee Jumping with the Devil
Haphazard City
Dead and buried life
What is Earth
Fallen Heart
prophecy in the legend
typewriters for monkeys
A Path of Least Forgotten
My Hearts Desire
Babbling brook soothes the soul
Help Yourself Climb Up
My Mystery By River's Edge
Sweating Ice Cream and Other Tragedies
The game Warden of Chernobyl
Devious Ways
Fish on a Bike
Inquisitive procrastination dialogs
Inner Reflections
Ruminate Realm
Mayhem Before The Fall
The Fire Down Below
World Peace
Lest You Forget
Muck Duckers
Devil's Choir
The Poison Creature
All Kinds of Colors
Blood On The Dance Floor
An Addiction of Opportunity
Inspired Iambic
Two Crazy Squirrels
In the Valley of Kings
Chiaroscuro To Go
Rhyming Paul Does It All
4th Dimension
The Dead Millionaires Club
NonComforming Conformist Conforms
Death Stares Back
He is for Real
A Streak of Gentle
Secrets Of The Tardis
Carpe Manana
Corpulent Mass Control
Bugs in the Wind
Mysterious Sounds Beyond My Walls
Darkling Dogs of Diamonds
Apogee For a Fall
Unraveling the Angles
Kneel Knave
The World is a Strip Mall
With Much Ado Riding On Nothing
Underworld Fairies and Gnomes
Star Of The Night
Just A Part Of Me
I Can Not See The Mountain
Happily Clever After
Blossom a windfall to cherries
Rain Gently Over My Head
Quick, Don't Look!
Rise Of The Undead
Mental belly button lint
When Dreams Become Nightmares
A Frangrance Of Factoids
Down In The Morgue
Pentameter Park
Alternate Reality
Boardwalk To Nowhere
connect the polkadots
The Petticoat Pattern
Squeezing Our Eyes Shut
Drunken Butterflies
Earth unearthed with Cherry Pie
Blind Ambition
Dream Slinger Calls For Home
Breeze In My Beach House
With a Snap of Her Fingers
Lines of Swagger
A Roll of Casters
Good Excuses On Sale
The pursuit of depressive happiness
Beyond the Blue
Clandestine Voices
Mansions in the Forest
Words Running Through My Head
A Cold Day in Ale
Pentameter Swagger
Never No More
The Ears Bleed My Soul
Life is for Lovers
Anticipating Sunset
The Juxtaposition Of The Lost
Living In America
When No Calls Your Name
The Neglected Middle Child
Shadows Die
Shhh, I Can't Hear You
Bet on Red
5,000 Reasons To Live
That's My Duck Not Yours!
Darkest Laughter is upon us
Reverie For a Chicken Wing
Blood Red Fern
Honest Lier
The Jello Hihad
My Malaise In a Cage
An Invisible Obstacle
Sensual Interludes
The 3rd Wheel
Don't Deprive Yourself
Quit Lifting My Brow
I would like some sweet company
The Day Shot Me Dead
Soul Quest
Scribbling Riddles
Mr. Midtown
Freedom of Spirit
The Abandoned Victim
When Wishes Become Regrets
Pack A Lunch
Whimsical Nature of Being
The Mirror of Ambiguity
Fear With Intentions
Women of Evil Men
The devil's armoire
A Costume of Skin and Bones
The Bashful Imposter
The WireTapped Confessional
New Moon, Old Curse
Open Yourself to Me
Psychotic Bleeds On My Waters
The Haunting of The Hangman
The Plot Thickens
A Table Has Four Legs
Black Hearts Broken Eyes
The Human Gun
Walk of Shame
Twice in a Lifetime
Love docks money pays
lifes journey
Beg For Mercy
An enticing snake
Afternoon's dinner at midnight
I Lost It In Misery
Temporary Loss of Dignity
Gaffes And Laughs And Laundry
On Halloween Night
Thistle By My Eloque
A World Undone
Mothballs Killed The Cat
Soulful Games Of Fancy
Tendrils Grab Hold
Zombies Are People Too
Read it to Believe It
Candent Cadence
He Followed the Color
Illegal Weed Blues
Inside The Realm
Gutton For Punishment
The Rooster Crows at Midnight
A bond of humility
A Dead Giveaway
The Choke's On Cue
This, Too
Take It Like A Wimp
Stellar Horizon
Blind In One Ear Only
And so its said
Spirit of Melancholy Dreams
Out Pulling Chains
Angels Dare Not Enter
Pentameter Ponder
Icarus Has Fallen
Angels in the clubhouse
The First to the Last
Open Hearts
All that she was looking for
The Other Side of Midnight
Pentameter Place
The New Plague
Interviewing Time For The Job
Dancing at the Crossroads
A Blink In Time
The Flambouyant Menagerie
Dreams from the Lower Forty
A Crown of Teardrops
Essence of Ambiguity
Forlorn Figures
Lies Too Good to be Forgotten
Deliberate Doom
Mundane Malarky
My Eyes Opened
Blind from the Heart
For the Love of Blue
Brain Juice
In the Pits of Hellfire
Diabolical Denizens
Strapped For Cash
Ware In Heaven
He Say She Say
Data For a Date
Eight Points Of Modernity
Devil's Gambit
Tongue Split in Two
Dracula's Blood Bank
primate Insurance
Pondering the Delusions of
Monday's Monkey Mirage
Extra Century Perception
Love Can Wait Again
Politics Policy and You
What Ever You Do,Don't Push The Red Button
Mediocrity Is Deliciously Entertaining
Darkness Bleeds Into My Thoughts
Achieve Complacency Now
The Mindlessness of Thinking
Jailhouse of Thoughts
Iambic Ponder
Bittersweet Memories
Simplistic Complexities of Nothing
Bowlegged Ballerinas
50 Bright Stars
Here Comes the Dopplganger Again
A Breeze In Empty Field
The Captivated Wanderer
The Grocery List
Ponder These Pages
mystery of the draped skirt
7 Year Urchin
Mock Me Never
Conundrum Of The Conundrummed
The Singing Dreams Of Humandom
Ambiguosly Ambiguous
The Ice Cream Koan Melting
The Other Me
Half of Me
Sunset with Eloise
Voiceless Bells
Walking Corpse Syndrome
A Forever Endeavor
The Taste Of Words
Reflections of My Inner World
Luxe Poverty and other thoughts
Waking to a Cold Slap
Mind Grabber
Mind Trickery
Pay it Forward
Living In The Hood
the raven came in like a lion
Generations in Chaos
The Last Thought
Demonic Seers Guild
The Black Hole in My Shoe
Borders dream to concur
Six Mass
In One Ear
The Bloodline Of A Crow
Soft Whisperings of Coming Things
Eyes Sewn Shut
No Last Promises
I Quit Smoking For Kate
Underly Attached
Beyond Redemption
In the Eye of the drone
Conquer Your Imagination With Knowledge
He Watches All
Lucky Ones
Death To The Diatribe
Free Freeze Flow
Please Cover Your Eyes
Soul'd out
Born To Haunt
Out of Bounds
Specific ambiguious puzzlings
Laughter in the Dark
Begins With a BANG
The Lonely Icon
whispering serpent
Lip sinking the Wind
Valley of The Mountains
My Formaldehyde Life
Pentameter Pages
echoes echoe echo ech ec e
Tripping On Rainbows In A Pair Of Black Boots its more than five but throwing it in there
Throw Away Society
moral detective He's on her case
She Schmoozed Him To Death
Sold My Sole Soul Sister!
Last Laugh
Smoke Break in Hell
Hell's PickUp Truck
Paradoxically Paradoxical
A Lesson in Silent Furor
The Path Beyond the Moon
King Of Neptune
Something Something
Flattery Buys Nothing Much
silence of the touch
Pentameter Point
Red Rose Speaks Thy Name
Glorious Days
A Branch of Hair
Ponder Over Yonder
The Wiccans Left Ashes In Their Wake
Motionless In White
A Second Childhood
Think on This
Holding Wonder Like a Cup
Mortem Mayhem
So Stubborn
Mirror Reflections
Tweak your Thinking
The Clear White Light Beckons
The River's Soul
Taking a Number at the Pearly Gates
Witchness Protection
Journey at Dawn
The Golem Who Loved Disco
Admittedly There's Plenty to Deny
Waking the Rasputian Generation
I Love And Hate Oxymorons
Hard Hats Underfire
Ditto's Machine
Satans Broken Promise
A Bullet Shatters My Thoughts
Passions Unfold
throwing quarters at your statue
Rooftop of goodness gracious
A Pi Of Pie And That Is Why
Shivering Heat Yet Burning Cold
The Hidden Thesaurus
Ray Bradbury Will Never Die
The God Virus
As If You Didn't Know
Flight of Orion's Whisper
The Murderer in Me
Reckless and Relentless
Blood Red Shadow
Devils and Demons
I Know Incognito
For the Sake of Love
Tree routes express to branches
Ask Once For Me
Dirty Laundry
Bay say leaf may
Inhale Satan
Halluncinations are Us
Lady Antebellum And Her Misfits
Bondage of Love
The Quivering Quay
Insatiable Abyss
Sisters are like fat thighs, they stick together
Unease in the Air
Sugary sweet skulls of morte
Ipswich and Other Places
Song of My Daughter
His Mind, Building Bridges
Hypernym for a Dolour
In Love With Angst
Bye Bye Bygone
The Moments that Changed Everything
splintered vision
Mighty weaknesses
Sew Munch Four Spill Czech
Never Give Up
Mind Race
A Loon Plaintively Cries
where busom meets the sidewalk
Abandon all Hope
Humans Living Among The Zombies
The Well Graphiced Tattoo
Shadow Speak
Demonic Seers Guild Travels
A Nation of Sheep
My Chaos in the Ravine
The View from the Boxcar
Beauty in the Ruins
Inner World Reflections
Health Care Lonely
Step Into My Thoughts
The Antagonist
Time For Miracles
A Felon's Toybox
Searching for Crazy
Seven Year Urchin
Chants Meeting
Whats so dark and mysterious?
Castle Compound
Second Chances
The Saboteur From Cleveland
The Incognito Guise
Parakeet, Gone
Never More
Matters of denial.
Hop 'til you Drop
Slaves To Substance
Tribal Works
Six Feet of Mud
Here Comes the Memes
The Controler of Destiny
The Zen of Slang
For the Love of DIvorce
Thought Pool
Bullet with wings
The Winds of Hearts before
Calculation of the Crow
Speak, but don't say
Proof of the Unknown
On The Inevitable Climb
Happiness Found
To See Through Time
Star Gazed
Only Change is Promised
The Crooked Line
Deeply Darkly
This Side of the Moon
Broken Trust
Haunted by Regrets
The Scream Of The Whisper
They Killed Tomorrow's Dreams
I Glanced Upon The Stars
Beyond The Horizon Lies A Mystery
The stream of insanity.
A Love Hate Relationship
Danced with the Devil
And THEN I Woke Up
Melancholy Midnight
Lasting Ripples
Tomorrow Isn't Likely
Soul Expressions
Diamonds Under Pressure
Forsaken Life
Knowledge of no ledge
The Web Under My Bed and Other Treasures
Believing Lies
A Fogbank in my Rearview mirror
A timeless dance
Separation of Dark Souls and Light
When the Wild Dogs Howl
Remembrances of an Old Soul
Desperate Without Deliberation
Before and Aft
When Heaven Strikes From Beyond
Dead Ends
The Consolation Prize
The Eyes in the Mirror
Mind Tickler
Total Paradox
The Invisible Obstacle
Normalcy Is A Life Journey
Mind Bait
Book of Fireflies
At the Speed of Life
Walk Alone With Me
Sailing the Sapphire Sea
Drawing inside the Lines
Heaven on the Hill
Once Upon a Diamond Eye
The End of Infinity
Sinister Splurges
Island Wander
The Last Leedle.
Brave Little Me
Worse for the Wear
My Thoughts Lie Here
Blackwater Falls
The Unfaithful Sinner
Forsaken Identity
Mouthful Of Silence
Madness in the Mirror
A Day of Fateful Rainbows
A Fork In the Soul
Mark of the Reaper
Broken Mirrors, Fixed Lives
The Fourth Dimension
Answers Worth Asking For
Bread Does Not Earn Itself
Last Days in Tijuana
Broken Promises
Tangible Thoughts
A Case of Urban Suicide
The Far Side Of Death
A Stranger in the Family Picture
Against the Window Pane
Breathing In the Midnight Air
Speak to Me of Fallen Angels
Minds Without A Soul
Overly Attached
The Never Come True
questions to the sky
Cutting Dreams With A Boxcutter
When Love Becomes Hate
The Royal Scoundrel
An Advance for the End of Days
Special Circumstances
A Breeze Above The Clouds
Please Read the Fine Print
Why The Wild Flowers Bloom
Full Moon Fallen
The Last Star
After My Lobotomy
The Meadow Shares
All for naught and more for no one
Empty Chains
Colors, Shapes and Questions
The Flounder Fields Of Fish
Spilling Shards Stained Crimson
Lies Steal My Thoughts Love
Of the Dancing Knives
Run The Dangerous Gauntlet
Oh, The Horrors
Split Open
Just A Moment
The Prunes of Love
Tempestuous Beings
Forsaken Mind
Cool Mist Rising
Neither Asleep Nor Awake Languid Between
left for dusk
A Yesterday for Tomorrow
A Burst in the Darkness
Alien Cattle Surgery
They Refused to Listen
Oasis of Serenity
One Lost Hour
A Bouquet of Black Roses
Riding the Clouds
Beckoning from Beyond
Over Under Zero
Forsaken Planet
Twelve Trillion Ways To Live
The Clown Head On the Mantle
Window Of Thought
Stealing Saltshakers
The Devil's Performance
The Purity of Satire
A Cigar is Just a Cigar
Riddle Run
Read the Fine Print
Or So They Say
Marked And Ready
Say Please
The Rainbows End
Condescending To Hell
Wear me out fly
In Between Dusk And Dawn
Shadow Maker
The Magic Moose
Tendrils in the Breeze
Twice Thought About
Hello Spring
Whose Lost Soul?
Token of Sentiments
If I Were You
All Will Fall
Too Many Shoes
The Surreptitious Sky
My Eyes Bleed Love Bullets
Shall We Try Again
One Second To Breathe
Snakes In Her Hair
Whirled Apart
Old Babylon Retuns
Slinging Dreams To Earn Bread
A ride on the wind
Sunflower Sadness
A Curve In The Ocean
One More Time
Neon Fireflies
Cast Shadows Upon My Heart
Prey for Reign
Reconcilable Differences
Moonlight Mischief
The Jello Jihad
It's Raining Kittens
Beyond the Horizon
Abnobas Secrets
Hell of Fire
The Sea of Color
A Moment of Mad Silence
What Was Once Sacred
The Purity of Sarcasm
The Backstory That Wasn't There
The Night the Sun Rose
A Disturbing Ending
Baking In The Sun Cake
Interrupting Patiently
Tome Road
Existence Costs Everything But Tomorrow
Seven Years Bad Luck
The Jolt of Life
Impressions in the hayfield
Limitations On My Heart
The Machinations of The Soul
Swimming the Moon's Rays
Fog On The Water
Memphis May Fire
The Mortician's Daughter
Why Tomorrow Never Begins
These Eyes
Kisses that Kill
Saints And Sinners
A Hole in Time
Ever Ponder?
That's the Thing
Nightsky Dream Remembered
Waiting is The Hardest Part
When My Walls Go Knocking
Unfangling The Diatribe
Here Lies My Thoughts
As I Inhaled New Potions
Eyewitness to the last Millenium
Swan Dive
When The Water's Strike Above
The Stranger in the Mirror
The Sanderson Sisters
The Halls of Merrick Manor
Still winds over dry lakes
The Midas Look
Under The Bridge
New Autumn
Stop and Ponder
Chaos and Gloss
Metal in the clouds
The sound of quiet
Shadowy Corpses
The Dreadful Lullaby
Without Permission
The Legal Thinking
Generous Favors
The Hollow Tree
The Galaxy Stole my Soul
Dreams Money Can't Buy
Enchanted Waters
Patience Is the Devil
Our Time and Place
Eternal Opportunities
With Intergalactic Quadrillionaires,
Nobody Likes The Popular Crowd
Sunset Beats Into My Soul
Three ways from sideways
Dweller in the Gray Fortress
The Killer's Questionnaire
As The Fog Lifts
I Promise
Wondering About That Moment
The Death of Conversation
Strolling Trails Bleed Upon Me
The Hearts Of the Heavy Harem
Bullets of Glass
Close The Closet
Living Words
Of the Woods
Death Of An Immortal
Infinity Plus One
The Rainstorm of Eternity
Nothing between up and down
Beyond the Lunar Plane
Write Now
Cliffs of Harbor Gazes
Thee Eyes of Gold
Sweet Beginings, Loud Endings
Don't Cry For Chocolate
Realms of Reality
Positive Refections
A Fungus in Salem
Awareness. Ever And Anon.
The Fall of Unbelieving
Flower Jumper
The Little Match Girl And the Kibitzer
The Rings Venus Craves
Bar the Bards
Banished to Paradise
A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
Whys Wise 'N Wiser
Stranded in the Present
Met By Chants
As the Night Moves
Stuck in the Middle
The Standstill Movement
One Fish Two Soon
The Wind Calls Mary
The New Awakening
The NightMare Rides Bareback
Count the Leaves
Above beyond means
Cryptopoetry Ambigious Funile
We Stitch These Wounds
The Explorers handbook
Lilting elephants ball
Almost Like A Rose
He Cries In His Room
The Diary of Everyone
Seven Essence
Twilight Softly Gleaming
Just so it works
The Quirky Stud
Their Dark Shadows
Facts About Seven Other Things
Red Road of Blood Tears
Honesty is Unlikly
Peanuts and Me
He Will Be Left Front
Tightlipped And Tattooed
Ipswich And Such
Inside Down Upside Out
Broken Tooth and A Bottle of Rum
Interrupting The Volcano
Spike Punched
Coming out of the Darkness
pursuit of the untaken
Love Against My Will
A Mild Case Of Death
Crossing the Meadow
Prose, Cons and Dictions
Why Did I Agree to This?
The Day that Vengeance Built
Third Eye Blind
To kiss the wind
Who Do you Trust
Two Degrees More
The 3rd Century
A Whistling Blade Cuts Deep
The Great Paradox
Look Back At The Future
The Hangman's Necklace
Windows Of Passion
Thistle Be My Suffering
An Eclipse of Touch
Happenstanced For Mayhem
A Rendezvous With Chance
Where The Heart Was
Grief Stricks Again
the spincycle of life
Shawn Should Have Known
Mayhem Before I Trip
Drowning Completely
First Flower of Fall
Out of Town to meet Noir
Sniggering Admonitions
Dawn Of The Sun
Westward Movements
Sleeping Under The Porch
Tacit Repudiation
The Barren Puddle
The Secret Estate
The Path Most Traveled On
Moving Heaven and Hell
Deceiving Everyone
Eat Right And Lie
Wuthering Are The Days Of Limbo
Spider Sandwiches and Finger Foods
Mandelbrot Jet
Beyond Remorse
The King of Harlem
Dining with the moon
In the niche of time
The Carpet Caretakers
The Mirror Lied
A Dream Left Over
The East Wind Blows
Amber waves of prairie
Date of Purchase
Stifling Imagination With Mediocrity
The Ninja With a Heart of God
Somewhere Over Hell
Not Amidst The Masses
Regrets Abound
Thistle Be My Own
Glimpses Of Cupids' Heart
The Icares Effect
Beyond the Pale
Leaning into air
The Voice of Lonely
The Malachi Carnival
Icarus Rising
Stun of the One Con
The Midnight Rendezvous
Trapped In The Mist
Fete Below The Palms
Dying For Daisies
Let's Get Something Straight Between Us
Pinning Shadows On The Floor
The Face of Four Fingers
Strangers in the Dark
Purely Tainted
Eclipse of the Cyclopse
Between The Lines
Tainted And Deadly
Satan Said So
Weightless Gravity
The idiot's guide to the universe
Hungry Minds Eat Here
Sliver Moon Shadow
Black Meadows
Summer In A Box
Hell Has Nothing On Yesterday
Hear Me See
Phishing for Dummies
Brown Eyed Emotions
Inside The Moon
Soul Searching Survivors
Tackling Jesus
Daze Of Fury
Black Silhouettes, Red Skies
Devil's Delight
Cock Zen Robbers
Wild Winds
Under the Waterfall
Better Days Behind
Brave Bunch
Time in the Meadow
Hauteur 'N Happenstance
Why is a Mouse When it Spins?
Conch Shell Whisperings
What mother doesn't know
Beneath the Underground
Soul Travelers
And then there was Chaaaacooolate!!
Infernal Wonderland
Yawning Above the Branches
Happenstanced Mayhem
Five Circles Deep in Hell
Ghosts of Morning
Hire Yearnings
Autumn Leaves In The Summer
Not So Happily Ever After
The Best
Dynasty of Pickles
Bold Friction
The Milkman's Mother
Funerals With Friends
As Far as the Wind Can See
Straight Line To Mars
Four Steel Bullets
The Bible and Bottle
The Dawn's Final Call
A Spectrum of Displeasure
twisted pretzels and truth
Fibril Implosions
Yawning Gasps
A Subtle Thunder
Fiasco Forte
Here ever after
Don't hate me anymore
Fete Under The Palms
With your help
Canterbury Tails
The Sound of Nothing
Pegasus Moon
In the nick of time
Shadow Of A Stranger
A Tree Full of Owls
Burgeoning Blue
Love Locks
Some Crazy Passion, Death, and Fashion
Driftwood Memories
Scoffed and Jaded
The Forever Fields
The Patient Patient
The Good Buy Salesman
Four Weeks Til Yesterday
Memories Of Yore
A Loan At Last
Bellows Of The Orca
The Milkman Comes on Tuesdays
A Sheep in Wolve's Clothing
Irreconcilable Differences
My Sweetie, the Saboteur
Listen To Your Silence
Tim Has New Shoes
The Clandestine Midnight
The Harvest of Lace
The Hospital's Admissions
Soul Whispers
The Winds Or The Meadow
Thirteen O'Clock
Wind in the Walls
The Goodbye Salesman
Where the truth lies
My Mind Wander's In Excitement
Mind Magnet
City On A Cliff
Gentle Cuttings at Heron's Point
Five Miles Down the Road
Guardians of the Mist
Nuns and Other Crimes
Peculiar Pastimes
A Scream Beneath The Canopy
Pot Luck Vengeance
Vapourous Escarpments
Basic Disturbance
Serious Presence
Tall Tales and Nightingales
A Poet's Passion
A Man of Malicious Intentions
Time Has Been Called
Pursuing a sleeping racer
The Voice Told Me
The Wise Guise
Stanger in My Coffee Cake
Wise Whys 'N Wiser
Lost in Cotton Candy Land
Spied Her Web
Extreem Decisions
Planned Happenstance
The Doctor's Cases
Works Well With Mothers
Under Your Breath
Skip The Salad
My Cybernetic Sister
The Devil's Lair
The After Effect
Transfixed by Negation
Purging Original Cynicism
The Difference Between an Orange
Surviving the onslaught
Next Day Deliveries
There Are No Words
The Last One
Book of Lies
Equipoised For Danger
How The Blind Man Breathes
The Devil's Handbasket
Mayhem Trousers
A Midsummer Night Scream
The Snippety Hauteur
Women of Deception
The Dry Puddle Jumper
Lightyears From Normal
Suburban Hotshots
Nuance And Desire
Weed Amid the Daisies
Crooked Letter, I
Whispers In The Conch Shell
Illuminated Nights
Centrifugal Forest
A Chase to Come
Midday Melancholy
I died tomorrow
Thistle Be My Field
Endearing Fury
Plaid Underpants
Scorched Rhythms
Decimated Daisies
Tainted And Pure
Champagne in Hades
A Lock of Her Hair
Shame Took a Smoke Break
Bury Me in Blue
No Mercy For Angels
Carrying Me Away
Shadow That Didn't Follow Me
Clean Living In Vegas
Blessed Be Thy Gnome
Incandescent Meanderings
Novel Of Contemplative Misadventures
Off Balance Symmetry
By the Wayside
Moon Over Nowhere
Scrambled Eggs
Beyond Salvation
Retribution and Billowy Ways
The Leaves of Winter
A Wedding To Boot
Song with No Lyrics
Fantasy Fandango
Silent Days, Evil Nights
Quiet, My Prince
Castle Of Abyss
Farewell my Sinking Ship
Chasing The Tangled Blue
A Whirled Of Goodbyes
Thirst Beyond Hunger
Midnight Carnival
A Moment In Wonder
Solace of Heart
Raising Hell In The Morgue
The Cost of Temptation
Book Of Muse
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
Titanium Lace
Butterfly Flutter
World Epidemic
Ginseng Dynasty Wars
Measure Once. Cut Twice.
Jackie Passed A Stone
The Wayside
Orca Wailing
A Whirlwind Of The Past
Fanatical wishes
Mile High Pie Club
Pillows of Glass
Third time's the Charm
The Sandman whispers
The Pariah Fan Club
Five or thirty years old
Souls for Hire
Beyond All Limits
Soul Sense
Where the Azaleas Die
Conch Us By Seaside
Jewelry Fixes Everything
Silk Stalkings By Night
Driving Destiny
The end of the road
Death Revisited
Hire Yearning Pastime
Death and Spring's First Sign
Visceral Inaction
A Pawn Returning
Living For The Evening News
One Step Further
Aces and Indians
Behind The Real Reason To Lie
Never Ending Nuance
Somber Sundae
Night Of Souls
Silent Spark
Sweet Dreams
Sitting on the ceiling
In The Line Of Fire
All Alone Together
Feat Below The Palms
Won For The Money
Cupid's Wheelbarrow
Measure Twice. Cut Once.
Cult Poetry
Planet Z
Cotton Sheets Morning Air
Through the Fog
Fire Breathing Ice
The Foreclosures
Equipoised For Evil
Tears of Mirth
Tangled Web Of Lies
Scared Blind
Original Cynicism Reborn
Pristine Angst
Quagmire of a Yoloyou
It takes two to tango
Laden With Smoke
Zombie Factors
Iconic Nobodies
Heart Of A Demon
The Executioner's Niece
Global Epidemic
Mull Over
The Haute Haberdasher
Whispered Screams
Mowing Down Marigolds
The Naughty Angel
Lovely Wicked
Daze Of Angst
The Forgotten River
Circle of Storms
Strands of Ethreality
Followed by Consequences
Gossamer Steel
Phase 1 World Embrace
Feat Under The Palms
Oedipal Instincts
Creating Havoc
The Worst Day to Die
The Mosaic House
The Parrot Talks in Russian
Gauzy Lane
Invariably UnDead
Out To Lunch
The Taboo of White Bread
Heaven Doesn't Know
Forgotten Days Of Sanity
Submission of Worlds
Making the Maelstrom
Phantom of the Past
Eating Everything That Moves
The Pride of San Francisco
Skeletal Air
Distant Shouting
Steadily shaking tree limbs
The President's Regrets
Tincture of Time
Easy Street And Ninth
Weathered Raw
A Beautiful Nightmare
The Depths of Midnight
Campfire Accident
The Wind Whispers
Forever Never Was
Transparent Musings In Winter's City
All Wrapped Up
Rage Of A Demon
Message Not Delivered
Dark Scavenger
The Twentieth Century Nightmare
Salted Wounds
We Walk Behind Satan
Brave Like Lions
Prancing Wolves
Hello Goodbye Friday
The Haiku Challenge
Did it make Jessie happy?
I Looked Up At Last
Astride Picket Fences
Pentameter Paradise
Skeletons and gemstones
My Head Aches When I Think of You
An Ambiguous Precision
Shattered Masses
The Shameful Chair
Success by Default
Innocence Stolen
Lonely Fire
Spades and Hearts
The Invisible Red Thread
Written on my Forehead
Bubbles surrender to pop
I'm Drowning in Reality
Can You Touch Me Now
Living With My Mother's Daughter
Not This Many Shades of Grey
Into Darkness Hidden By Dawn
Different Shapes of Love
Outlaws Of Love
The Soul Seller
The life of my tennage grandmother
Salem Vie
The Whole Story
Morphine Memories
Lurking Inside Of You
I Fell Apart
Better Than Purple Pleather
A Story Of Two Tales
Callous In Blunderland
Shadow of Fear
Programmed To Displease
Zombie Dance School
Visual Perspective
Shady Shadows
Pentameter Passions
Princess Undercover
And You Thought that was Wierd
Never say Ever
A Pie Of Pi And That Is Why
Reflective RendezViews
Bring Along My Dream
The Equinox
Classy kicks of know
Thought Treasury
Out there nowhere
The Ocularist's Overcoat
Coffee sipped during a storm
The Sirens of Hell
The FortuneCookie Revelation
Unmistakably Vague
Moments Never to Return
Unanswered Prayers
Rumpled Silk Skin
A Dash Of Salt Sings
Death Becomes You
His Mind, In Fragments
Across the Barren Stars
Jumping Frenchmen of Maine
Love Got in the Way
Secret Under My Pillow
Ingenious Doubt
Look into the Madness
Sync Stop
Two Equals One
All Good Things
The Werewolf and the Scoundrel
Lucid Livedge
The Gothic Apothecary
Tunnel to Trogtopia
Til Death do us Apart
Evil Knows The Way
And She Bled
My Kids are Crazier than Me!
Blooming Mischief
Salty equations of big deals
Last Wishes
Scary Light of Shadow
Quadrillion Ways To Be Boring
Skinny Dipping With My Dog
Let Me In
Shahades Dances in red shoes
Deeper in Thought
Thought Tickler
The Screaming Whisper
Shakespeare Lied
I am bottled bubbly water
Talking to the mindless
Smelling Jupiter
Suddenly, Nothing!
Book of Flutter
Bloody Walls Will Shine Beyond
The Many Deaths of Lazlo Harkins
Iambic in the Woods
Iambic Infatuation
Lou's Lose
The Commanded Burden
Doomed From the Start
Eyes Set To Kill
A Broad Awakening
Meanwhile Back At the Ranch
Congruent Minds of Tomorrow
Misperceived Reality
Ocean Waters Sting My Wounds
Twice Upon a Time
Wind Of Satan's Sword
Know You Didn't
The Literary Society
Falling without a Hand Grenade
Cognac In a Dixie Cup
Eaten By A Fat Cat
The Dead Takes My Soul
the historys crying
The Secrets Of Gossiping
Lost Tribe of the Caverns
A Man of No Principles
Wretched and Divine
New World Old Words
Blew In The Face
We May Never Know
Shhh Listen Can You Smell It
Waking Snakes
The Paradox
Dirty Little Minds Amidst Us
Satan Breath's Underneath My Body
Upon the Bridge of Hope
The Eighth Sense
The Intimate Details
We Talk With The Dead
Mind Lure
Living In Paradise
The Cosmic Peccadillo
Live Forever Or Die Trying
Frolic in Felicity
Autumn Wheat
The Fluffy Down Pillow
Sure, Sorry Is Enough
Rhombus Go Figure
Trust Me Not
Chiffon, Chiffon Where Have You Gone
Dressed For Death
A Montage of Melodrama
A Trail of Limbs
Listen and You Shall Not Hear
Apropo of Nothing
Champions of Nothing
Iambic Impact
Too Much Black
The Red Door Quay
Running Through My Mind
A Walk Upon Water
The Red Carpet Affair
Dressage For the Poor
Deepining River
Milk, Milk Lemonade
Another Days Night
Calls In The Night
I Was Absent That Day
Go Away Closer
No More Answers
Death Before Dawn
Speak of the Heart
Three Quarter Moon
Taking Back America
Not What the Cat Dragged In
Troubling Thoughts
Skipping on my knees
Leaving Autumn
Mental Awakening
The Innerglow of Knowing
Dining for Hunger
Exit Ramp Closed Ahead
The Silhouette In the Dark Room
A Date With A Madman
Wishful Thinking
Beyond the Light Blu Moon
Scope of Color
The Surprise Ending
What Is Crawling Into Granny's Bed
Existence In Being Existential
Shifting Stance In Mud Soaked Shoes
Undead Unruly and Ambiguous
An Aire of Air
All Manner Of Realms
The Blind President
Nebulae of the Vanguards