I'm trying to write about the most bizarre case a psychiatrist ever encountered. It can be true, supernatural, completely bizarre. The form for your submissions should be to fill in the following blanks (if you need to elaborate or have a special twist in mind) Psychiatrist encounters a patient complaining off (fill in the blank-and it can be a common complaint) but it turns out that it is true or has a bizarre explanation (fill in the blank). This will enable to keep your entries short.


Pt. suffers flashbacks from WW2 but is only 19

by sritsod
1 feeling depressed 2 she is being abducted by aliens who are stealing her endorphin's for testing
1.Identical twin kills his look alike 2. The twin that is killed takes over his twins mind and body as revenge
1. Woman complains of chest pains and a problem with swallowing plant seeds. 2. Is growing a plant inside her stomach somehow.
1 woman has bad sickness 2 worst plague to ever surface is showing signs of developing inside her
pt. experiences ghost pain from amputation but surgeon left a tool in stump
I go to the doctor for my problems, but the doctor seems to always have the same problems.
One's soul ditched the body for another. They bump into each other later in life, all hell breaks loose.
1.alien obduction 2. is alien
1. Paranoia believe everyone is out to get them 2. Person is actually a serial murderer himself
Subject feels that he can occupy and control the bodies of other people from the past, present and future, especially the lives of the rich and famous.
Prisoner displays multiple personality disorder, is she faking to beat a murder conviction
1 A little girl follows her for years calling out mama 2 noone believes her 3 Haunted by long ago Pregnancy choice
1. Marriage counseling 2. Wife has split personality and is the Dr's wife also
1. Sleepwalking 2. Drank too much beer
1. Man says the psychiatrist is an extraterestrial. 2. Has Stendhal syndrome after looking at a great and beautiful work of art.
Man believes that he lives inside an inescapeable virtual game, and it ends up his programmer is the doctor
pt. complains of picking up strange radio signals,.it's the baby monitor the entire time
Man lives above tattoo parlor sleep walks at night and gets new tattoos, all different relating to his subconscious dream characters
1. Woman claims that all of her professors are the same person, as are all the students. 2. Has Fregoli delusions.
pt. is gaining weight rapidly, turns out they are sleep eating
1. Delusions of Grandeur 2. Was a queen in a previous life
Having Twins But Drugged And Babies Taken Away But It's true and now she is Trying To find Them
1.3 dependent moms 2.will not allow their daughters to develop as individuals in fear of outgrowing the moms
1.young vibrant woman develops epilepsy 2.her journey from independence to relying on others and becoming afraid of everything loses memories and identity
Man suffers from fact phobia. Hates facts and truth.
Getting Angry At Anyone That Reminds Her of Grandmother But She Is Actually a child And Seeing Herself in The Mirror As Adult
1. Stabbing pains 2. Victim of Vodoo
Sometimes even hypochondriacs get it right
I seem to be addicted to sex. This occurred because yiu went overseas and caught a rare virus.
Nightmares of murders, other personality is a serial killer
Suffers from extreme paranoia, two previous lives ended as a murder victim
Anorexia but Overweight
1 Battered wife syndrome, 2 She's faking and frames pyschiatrist in wealthy husband's murder
1. Alcoholic trying to quit 2. Is alien that lives on alochol
1. Man thinks everyone is trying to steal his identity 2. His name is John Doe
man has visions says hes an angel
1. Constant itching with no physical symptoms. 2. Changes into new person or gender.
A voice from under the bed
Suspecting Her Boyfriend Cheating With Female Tenant But Is Her Sleeping With The Male Tenant
1 Going thru an identity crisis 2 turns out he's stealing people's identity
Complaining of double visions, has Bioptic Omenplasia
detecting negative thoughts cannot tell real threat from wishful thinking has to learn how to differentiate to help while helping himself
1 headaches 2 turns out aliens are monitoring earth through him and planning an invasion
1. In for kleptomania 2. Is hypnotized to steal
The hypochondriac who was right
1. Delusional thinks he kill a family 2. It's true. It's the Dr's family
1. Man feels like everyone hates him and wants him dead 2. He is on death row
1. Family counseling as individuals 2. Same person comes in as each family member
1 Can't Say No 2 All Crazy Things they have said yes to
1 inability to sleep 2 he's genetically engineered by aliens who are amassing an army to take over earth
1. Patient walks in and claims that the psychiatrist is her brother. 2. Has Capgras delusions.
1. Overwhelming panic 2. Patient is able to see all the world's problems before they happen
I have multiple personalities and the psychiateist is one of the personalities boyfriend. The doctor is not providing any treatment all.
Complaining of seeing star shaped ghosts, has Phantomastropia.
1. Man comes in with severe headaches. 2. Little creatures powered by electricity have fashioned out a fully functioning city inside of his brain.
1. Man says he saw aliens after looking at a great work of art in a museum. 2. Has Stendhal syndrome.
1.giving man helps teach sign language in the south 2. skilled like artist develops parkinsons and mood disorder becomes egocentric with own family
I cannot stop cheating on my spouse, even with therapy. The diagnosis is he was a she at birth.
1. Woman cleans obsessively 2. Husband had her hypnotized to keep house clean
1 night terrors 2 possessed by demon of ex spouse who is actually the doctors sibling who died
Mysterious stitches in forehead Atom brain has been implanted
pt. Voices talk to me everyday telling me to commit heinous crimes, do I listen or Not
1. Man complains that the can see everything at the same time in all of existence. 2. The man is actually an incarnation of God.
1 Suicidal 2 Mayor
1. Being Born Deaf But Hearing Voices. 2. Multiple Personality Disorder.
1. A feeling like someone is watching her from within. 2. Turns out it is her 30 year old twin living inside her
1.Patient talks about crimes that happens to him 2. headlines in paper after visit relates the same crime 3. the man is a serial killerfter
Two friends go to a shrink because they can't stop wanting to control each other's lives with dire consequences
1. Pyromania 2. Only burns items contaminated by villans
Seeing His Dead Daughter But He Want A Lame Excuse To Kill
My husband and I have a swingers marriage. Doctor is one of the otherswinger couples.
1. Bulimia 2. Feeding pet monster by vomiting
Reincarnation as a woman wrongfully committed to insane asylum in the 1920's, and her fight to get out
1. Dual personalities. 2. Parasitic twin.
1. Man walks in and claims a female psychiatrist is his long lost wife who he has been looking for. 2. Has Capgras delusions.
1.kind woman 2.takes care of elderly mom,husband cheats on her, becomes single mom,40yr old son lives w her, then alcholic bro moves in her fight to stand up
1. Man walks in and claims he had a mental breakdown while in New York City. 2. Has a syndrome where he couldn't separate movies from reality.
1 Dancing naked in the rain addiction 2 It's true. I've been arrested numerous times.
patient insists he is the psychiatrist
1. Claims to have been held hsotage at a party in Mauritania and fled. 2. Turns out that it was actually a party in the Dominican Republic.
Man just stopped talking. Doctor made him write all answers in the sessions.He felt nobody was listening to him.People thought he as crazy when he did talk.
OCD Germaphobes Run The World After Devastating Virus Kills Off the Less Cautious
1 speaking in foreign tongues 2 acutally from another world
1. Thinks bugs are crawling all over skin 2. Tiny aliens have colonized patients skin
1. Homeless old man thinks he is Elvis 2. He IS Elvis
I think my doctor hypnotizes me, then has his way with me. I always feel satisfied when I leave his office and always want a cigarette.
1. Depression 2. Being secretly drugged by the government
I feel like some thing has taken over my body and mind. The psychiatrist is a warlock and cast a spell over the patient.
Her male personally is going to set her on fire she was found burned to death in a house fire
1 Patient is a psychologist who is paranoid 2 Psychiatrist is a serial killer
pt. thinks they have been microchipped by NSA
Thinks her Dog is posessed by theDevil. 2.Wants an exorcism
husband thinks wife is a fairy creature turns out his wifes twin has mulitpersonalities and is hypnotically persuasive
Fatigue Patient is 300 years old
pt. goes completely catatonic after participating in a drug trial but he was taking a placebo the entire time
memory loss bizarre evil twin
1. Complains of heart pains and says she is 300 years old. 2. Heart is a prototype heart invented in secret that has given her extraordinarily long life.
I am addicted to plastic surgery. I have had over 50 procedures.I still want more, even though people tell me I look like a freak.
1 sexual dysfunction 2 she seduces and blackmails them for money
1. Man walks into office for the first time and claims that he has been there before. 2. He has been there before, he worked a janitor and then had amnesia.
I have a binge eating disorder. My doctor is a schizo and crazier than me.
I nolonger need to sleep. I just keep going and going. Diagnosis is when you had that brain surgery last year a battery pack was accidently left in your head.
1. Past life flashbacks. 2. Time traveller.
A woman has a sex change operation becoming a man in order to marry a man who had a sex change operation which made him a woman.
1. Delusions of persecution 2. Former spy being hunted
Her Lawyer Boyfriend Making Love To A Ghost But Being Drug In Her Tea And Hallucinating
1 Hysterical Blindness 2 Saw bizarre canabilistic rituals
1. Complaint of speaking in obscure words. 2. Is an etymologist who has a doctorate in the study of obscure words.
1 Has an inferiority complex 1 Is actually the king of a large country
pt. has dissociative identity disorder, one identity is having affair with the other
I want just to break mirrors. Obsessive Compulsive disorder. Mother drove him crazy with mirrors.
A man raised by birds.
1. Man says that he has many problems and every direction results in another problem. 2. He is stuck in a zugzwang vortex of despair and misfortune.
1.Delusions and Loss of time 2. Believes He is the Mothman
1. Multiple Personality Disorder 2. Possessed by demons
1. Involuntary Cringe Syndrome 2. Cannot stand ignorant people
1. In for Munchausen's syndrome 2. Really brilliant scientist curing self from disease
pt. is fluent in 5 languages yet never studied any besides their native English.
1. Night Terrors that prevent sleep 2. Sleepwalks in daytime but no one knows
My doctor is a hypochondriac. I think he needs some therapy himself.
1victim syndrom 2young woman leaves abusive father but returns to family farm with an enabling granny and beautiful daughter safe place but memories keep victim
1. I hear another voice inside me. 2. Could it be because I absorbed my identical twin while in the womb?
1.Person hears voices 2. He is really beside himself
1.Memory,time loss, wakes in blood 2. Believes she's her neighbors doppelganger
A high priced matchmaker who matches humans with aliens from various planets who are seeking earthling citizenship.
pt. loses job as truck driver because he keeps braking for people that aren't there. schitzoaffective driver
1.binge eater 2.eats people
Dreams of cutting off body parts for rituals as a child her family made her do this when new member was initited into their cult all sorts of body parts
1. Homeless man claiming to be rich. 2. Was a billionaire who disappeared, had a bad car accident and woke up with amnesia, but the amnesia is gone.
1. Feel like they are being followed 2. Doctor is following them for a study
Midlife crisis. He did not think he would live to long, so there were things he's never done. And now he want to catch up.
pt. I chopped my mother up and ate here, gave birth to her 9 months later
1. Man believes a colony of fairies live in his garden. 2. They do!
1. Delusions of Grandeur 2. President of the USA with amnesia
I love to eat sharp objects, like pins, needles, and paper clips. He was a sword swallower in a prior life.
Fakes OCD, she's his illegitimate daughter plotting revenge for his disregard for her and her mother
1. Thinks he is a character from a novel 2. He is the author of the novel
1. Wife thinks that her husband and dog have switched bodies 2. It's true, and she is happy this way
1. Hears voices 2. Tiny people live in the walls
1. Man walks in holding his own rotting arm in his other hand and claims to be a zombie and a member of the undead. 2. Has Cotard delusions.
1. Thinks he has super powers. 2. Actually a fallen angel.
Trouble relating to others emotionally, unaware he's actually a robot
1. Sleep Disorder 2. Werewolf
pt. has trichotillomania, but insists on eating other people's hair causing awkward social encounters.
muslim man claims to be jesus christ
1 dysfunctional family 2 family are aliens
1. Woman lives in a giant plastic ball that rolls with doors and wants others to just leave her alone. 2. Has Diogenes syndrome.
man has visions claims to be jesus christ