ZenBit is a customer IQ engine. On the front end, it removes data entry for all your CRM records by integrating with email. On the back end it connects and analyzes all your digital communications such as personal email, email marketing, social media interactions, website visits, and CRM. When you have high customer IQ, you know who your customers are, where they engage you, what they are interested in, when they want it, and how to interact with them to provide it. TAGLINE/SLOGAN NEEEDED!!!


Increase Your Customer IQ

by Why
Here. Now. For you.
Zen The Q
Do you IQ?
Customer IQ Bit by Bit
Customer Relations Simplified!
Speaks your customers' language
"Customer Intelligence Means Customer Loyalty"
The Engine of Customer Intelligence
Higher IQ is business for you
"Your Top Customer Connection Solution"
Knowing your customers is pure zen!
Improve Your Customer IQ
Custom customer knowledge.
Enlightened Customer IQ
Communications Connecting Fast
Complete Customer Insight
High customer IQ. Higher profits.
Engage Your Customers
Our Customer IQ Is In A Good Place
Customer IQ Equals Customer Service
Be Customer Aware
"Customers Found, Developed and Kept"
"Customer IQ Now and Zen"
Master your Customer IQ
Customer IQ Means Customer Satisfaction
How When Zen Delivers
Intelligent CRM Solutions for your Business.
Enlightening Customer Engagement
Create Business with CustomerIQ
Streamline your Customer IQ
Zenbit "Connecting made Simple"
Simply integrated technologies
Knowing Customers, Smart Business.
Customer IQ and You
Customer IQ yields profits
Connect With Your Customer
The Customer IQ Lab
Customer Care Simplified
Every bit counts
Simplified Datas Fast Track.
Where Data Comes Organized
Increasing your customer IQ means Increasing Business
Simple, Smart, Customer IQ
Here to Zen Integration.
Streamlined Customer IQ
Plug into your Customer IQ
Customer IQ at last !
Who, What, When, connectZen
Customer Data Integration CDI
Customer Satisfaction Made Easy
Integrations for Your Customer Relations
"Zentasic IQ Connection"
Know your customers faster
Everything you need to know
CustoMade Connections
Love Your Customers
Customer Zen You Send
Customer Service For Dummies
Indepth Customer Relations
Always Connected, Always Zen
Marketing, it's in the details.
Simple solutions for advanced minds.
Complex Systems Made Simple
For When Opportunity Knocks
Be a know it all
The Intelligent Connection
Get Cozy with Customers
Knowing Customer Helps You Succeed
The Perfect Fit
Customer Connections In Hand
Focusing On Customers First
Fastag for Customer Intelligence Helps the bottom Line
Ez as 1 2 3
IQ Zinsation
Integration to Serve a Purpose
"Customer IQ Zen and Done"
We know who you are.
prestige kings
Customer IQ Data
Zens Your World
"Be Tops in your Field, be a ZenBit Customer"
"Sky High Customer IQ"
Where Footprints Start Sprints
Acute Customer IQ
Make My Azenda
Creating Zenful Customer Data
"Key Your IQ Links"
close nit biz
"Only contact us if you wish to be the best in your field. ZenBit is the best of the best"
Customers Are Our Specialty
We Collect Zen You Connect
"Zens Best IQ Integration"
Customers Understood
clout return
Who queue? IQ.
The 4Ws and 1H Made Easy
Noses in the Clouds
Be a genius
Believe in Customer Data
Improve Your Business IQ
Data's what I'm talking about!
Zen Data completion
Keep Data Clean
Make Peace with your Customer IQ
Nett Tech
Zen, beginning till end
From Data to Divination
Marketers Tool for Success
Simply Connecting Customer Data
Where Data Gets Meaning
Customer ID and Customer IQ
Customer IQ Created for You
Simplifying Customer Connections
Connect Simply To Your Customers
Smart choices for smart minds.
Simply Smart Business
Get Smart About Your Customers
Data Integration, Customer Satisfaction
Where CustomerIQ matters.
Customer IQ Simplified
Customer Insite With Results
Expanding Your Customers IQ
Connecting minds with data.
Creative Customer Connections
Mindblowing Customer IQ
What's your customer IQ?
Intelligent Customer Interaction
Customer IQ through data intergriy
Customer Information Enlightenment
The Business End of Customer IQ
A Personal Customer Connection
Queuing Your Customer IQ
Understand Your Customer
Stimulating your customer IQ
Customer IQ, business smart
Customer Relations Is Simple
Keeping Customer IQ Smart
Where Customer IQ Transforms Business
Simple connections.
" One Step to Customer IQ"
"Simplified Customer Service"
"Wise Data Solutions"
Intelligent Soluitons, Enlightened Business
The Social Customer Relations Engine
Complete Customer Connections
All about your customers
Connects your customers data
We're on your Level
Connecting customers to excellence.
Giving You The Business
Eliminate the Guesswork With Customer IQ
Raising Your IQ Via Customer IQ
Whats your Client IQ?
Intelligent Insightful Business
Smarter Integration for Digital Communitations
Where Business and Customer IQ Connect
"Calculating to Connect"
Smart Business Means More Customers
Connect with Confidence
Know what they need before they do.
Integrated Customer IQ Professionals
Customer Relation Integration!
Customer intel, inside out.
Customer IQ that works for you
Achieving High Customer IQ
" Revealing Your Customer to You"
Quality Customer IQ
Knowing Your Customers IQ
Zenbit. Expand Your Customer Insight.
For a Total IQ Communication
"Calculating Customer View"
A lifeline to your customers
Where Business Connects with Customers
Intelligent Customer Relations
Think Customer
Datalyze your life
Simple And Smart Customer IQ
Simple Answers About your Customers
Make Smarter Customer Connections
Intelligent CRM Starts With Zen
Connecting you with the CustomersIQ
Knows customer IQ
Unlock The Key To Customer IQ
Simple solutions for Advanced IQs.
The Brilliance of Total CRM
Simple, Powerful, Customer Focused
So Simple It's Zenful
Expert in Customer Relations
Simply Reaching Customers
"You never knew how easy it is to stay connected."
Customer Intelligence Squared
Connect On The Go
Connect Yourself with Customer Data
Customer Connections Simplified
Simple customer IQ system.
Customer IQ, smart business
Smart Simple Customer Relations
Customer IQ Integration
Integrated Customer Care
Uncomplicated solutions for complicated minds.
Coordinated customer management.
Discover The Power Of Customer IQ
We keep you connected
"Blueprint Reading Customer IQ"
Connecting The Smart Way
Customer Relations Guru
"Study Trends Find Answers"
Raise Your Customer IQ
Consumer's Respect when you Know and Connect!
Convenient Customer IQ Help
CRM to the Power of Zen
"Smartly. Simply. Satisfied"
Fast & Simple, Yet Intelligent!
Know More, Grow More
Customer Habits Mean Business
"Your Customer IQ Engine"
"Be Zentastically Connected"
tech consultants
Integrate Customer Data Simply
Less work, more knowledge
Know Your Customer IQ
Engineering Your customer IQ
Always Smart, Always Zen
Intelligent Answers about Your Customers
Customer Smart Business Insights
The Smarter Customer IQ
Customer is Always First
The Customer IQ Experts
Where Customers and IQ meet
A bit of IQ goes a long way
Simplified Customer Relations
Data made simple
Zentegrated Data
"We Got IQ Covered."
Simplifying Customer Relationship.
Strengthen Your Customer IQ
Customer IQ Grows Business
Know Your Customers Interests
Gathering Customer Data for Assessment
Quick Customer Connections
Fast Intelligence About Your Customers
"Digital Intelligence Made Easy"
High customer IQ means profits.
Customer IQ Analysis
Simple, Yet Smart!
Extract Data, Engage Customers
Customer IQ for Digital Data Mastery
Customize Your Customer
Customer Profiles Digitally Made
We Are Customer IQ
"Cultivated Consumers With Business Analytics"
Customer Keypoint Integration.
Customer Integration Made Easy
"Reading Minds of Customers is Easy"
" Higher Customer Interest"
The Smart Digital Know
Simply Smart Customer IQ
See How Customer IQ Aids You
Simplify Customer Relationship.
Complete customer intelligence
Get Customers QuIQ
Find Customers General Direction
Customer IQ Made Simple
Customer IQ, instant data
We provide TechnologEASE
Make Customer IQ Smart Business
Data Smart Business Growth
Simplify Your Customer Interactions
Customer IQ Simplicity!
Customer IQ Spoken Here
Making Client Connection Simple
Need Customer IQ? Done.
Smart Customers Smart Businesses
Customer Data Made Easy
Simplified through Customer connections
Smart integration, simple solutions
Interpret customer behavior
Smart customer integration solution.
The Zen of Customer IQ
Simple. Transparent. Zen.
The Trend in Customer Zen
Your Zen to CustomerIQ
" Tracing Customer Connections"
Simplicity for Customer Relations.
Customer IQ, lightning intelligence
Simply Knowing
What a genius idea.
Knowing You Made Simple
Need marketing intelligence? Feel the power of Zenbit!
Get To Know Your Customer IQ
Customer Data at Your Fingertips
"Smart Simplicity"
Zen insight for customer satisfaction.
Business IQ Means More Customers
Simplify Customer IQ
CustomerIQ is Smart Business
Clearly Customer IQ
"Thorough Customer Analytics"
Respected Customer Relationships
Zenbit. Experience a New Level of Customer IQ.
Data Done Right!
Simply Wiser
Discerning customer relations.
Data Created Zentelligence
Known customers are owned customers
Analyze your customers with ZenBit
Read your customers minds.
Look Linked Data
Customer Knowledge You Need
Fast connection, smart cutomer
Quick connect to your customers.
The Answer to Customer IQ
Your Customers Smart Cart
Helping You Help Customers
For ultimate customer interaction
Simplified Integration. Unencumbered Results.
Beyond Customer Relations!
Detailed Customer Data
Customer IQ Pays Forward
Making Customer IQ Simple
Grow Knowledge, Reap Customers
"Customer Connections Made Zen"
"ZenBit Analytics Equals More Customers"
Intelligent Customer Integration Management
Customer Service with Simplicity.
Realize IT
Intelligent Customer Tracking
The more you know the faster you grow
Customer IQ that is always with you
Customer Data How You Need It
Maximize Your Customer IQ
simple, smart, zensational
The Element Intelligent.
Smarter Customer Relations Marketing
Connecting you to your customers. Faster.
Connect With ZenBit For High Customer IQ
You Customer IQ Specialist
Know The Customer Within
The Zen Choice
Clear Focus Customer Integration
"Building Your Business Wisely"
Clear Connections. Intelligent Results.
Customer IQ, wise data
Customer IQ Gives You An Edge
Customer IQ Has Popularity
Blueprint To Customers
"Follow Yellow Brick Road to Customer Wizards"
Business Success with High Customer IQ
Interactive Customer Relationship Managment
Your Customers Make Sense
Matching You 2 Your Customer
"Customer IQ With Ease"
Your Business know it all
Understanding Your Customers
Elevate Your Customer IQ
Your Customers, Simplified.
Simple customer integration system.
Digitally Connected
Better understanding, better interaction
Peer Inside
Customer Connects Mean Business
Simplified Customer IQ
The Smart Way To Understand Customers
Know more about your customers than they do.
"Customer Information Through Intelligence & Analytics"
Customer Insights Give Direction
In touch with clients.
For Fast Digital Intelligence
Speaks the language of customer
Customer IQ Demands Quality
Smart Customer IQ Solutions
Success and Customer IQ go Hand in Hand
Really understand your customers
"No Mystery Customer Habits"
Customer IQ Equals Intelligent Business
Simple Customer IQ Solutions
Complete Customer Integration
Smart integrative communications
Create connections
Interact on Track
Customer IQ, clear data
"Rapid Connect IQ Data"
Compleate Customer IQ Marketing
Cater To Your Customers
Customer Smarter Business
high customer IQ with ZenBit
Superior Customer Relations Solutions
Links Customers Needs
try our new zensation
Know your customer best.
ZenBit revolutionizes selling
What they want.
Where Blue Skies Meet Customer IQ
We Do Customer IQ
Customer IQ Made Clear
Insights To Customers Direction
Your Customer Concierge
Work Your Business IQ
Know What to Do With Customer IQ
Real Customer Relationships
ZenBit Customers Have Smarter Returns"
Be Client Informed
Connecting customers to intelligent integration.
Knowing your customer equals Keeping your customer
The Last Bit of Information You Needed
Simply Smart Customer Relations
Customer Marketing Made Smarter
What Customers And Businesses Need
Wise About Customers
connect intuatively
Connects you to the digital world
"It's On Us."
Know Your Customer.
Smart idea, smart solution.
the path to enlightenment
ProTeks Connects
Brilliantly connected.
Up Your Customer IQ
Abstract as IQ
MetaBusiness Made Simple
Zen, Your Customer Creator
"Follow Blueprints to Customer Profile"
consume Specialist
Customer IQ, it's the details.
Master the zenbit
Use Your Customer IQ
Fast solutions for smart minds.
Smart Customer Connections
Knowing Your Customers means Growing Your Business
Zenerate Your Customer IQ
Customer Smarts Work Business
Helping Hand Customer Relations
Integrating The Customer Relationship
Initiate Intelligent Integration
Customer IQ for Complete Data Mastery
Customer IQ for U
Connect Smart, Connect Now
Customer connections, better, faster
Customer IQ Paves the Way
"Nutured Consumers With NexGen Analytics"
Who knows customer best
Window Into Customer Satisfaction
Know your audience.
Your Ultimate Customer Connection
tagline trends
Art Of Customer Zen
No Customer No Business, Trust the Data
ProTeks in Maintaining Customer Relationships
Market Smart
The Future Of Customer IQ
We take care of the data bit. You zen connect.
Business Growing Smarter
Reach Out
Simple Smart Data Access
The Eye on Customer IQ
Connections working for you
Innovative solutions for better customer service
Customer IQ Controlled for you
Zenbit Knows Your Customer
Great Thoughts
Be One with the Customer
Simply Mass Media Intellegience In Use
connect to enlightened customers
Customer Data Zenplified
customer service specialist
Brilliantly linked.
Customer Service At It's Finest
"Smartplistic Customer IQ"
Maximizing Client Communications
We're All You Need!
" Wiser Customer Connections"
"Simpliflying Customer IQ"
Customer Connections Improve Business
For Better Customer Integration
Your Supportive Customer Relations Connection
The Smart Way To Keep Up With Customers
Einstein didn't think of it. We did.
Customize You Customer List
"Intelligent Customer Connections"
Know The Customers, Increase Your Customer IQ
Invest in understanding why your customers need you.
"Connect Customers Made Zen"
Your support circuit
Because customer feedback matters
Customer IQ, mindful markets
Fast Factioning Data
"Consumers Contacted, Cultivated and Maintained"
"Collect the Zen"
It's Zensational
Intelligent Customer Relations, Simplified.
High customer IQ raises profits.
Speaks customer language
Finding Peace Through Customer IQs
Zentelligent CRM
Brilliant business for brilliant minds.
We're synced
Modern World Customer Connections.
Clever connections
Zen, your customer connection
Customer IQ Zeneration
Easy Business Customer Relations
smarter zen customers IQ
Business Grew With Customer IQ
Analyze your Customer IQ
Blueprints to Customer IQ Giveaways
From Nuggets to Nirvana
Swift Integration, Intelligent Connection.
Learn Customers Zeneral Direction
Your Customers, Understood
Helping You Achieve Customer Zen
"Customer IQ Made Zen"
Fast Smart Customer Relations
intelliSmart Data
An IQ For Customers
Smart customer integration system.
When knowing customers matters
Speaks the language of your customer
Linking IQ With Customer
Customer IQ, smart data
Connect with Customers the Smart Way
Your Customer Ignition Key
Customer Data IQ
Applied Customer Insight
Simply Smarter
"High Aims, Higher Satisfactions"
Social Dynamics
"Zen TractIT Customer Connections"
Customer Zentegration Is Intelligent Business
"Customer IQ Zen & Simple"
Creating Customer Clairvoyancy
In Touch Client Care
High customer IQ solution.
"Agile Analytics For Increased Customer Returns"
Divine Data Mining
Knows customer data
Make The Most Of Customer Relationships
Zen, Your Customer Creation
Comprehend the Customer
the intuative path
We know your customer IQ
Boosting your Customer IQ
Wise Guys IQ
Zensible Customer Relations
Customer IQ Intel
Your Need,Our IQ
Customer Relations Made Social
ZenBit works for you
Think like your Customers
Zippy Zenbit
Integrate efficiency
Crystal Clear Customer IQ
Identifying the 4Ws and 1H
Your CRM Control Tower
Simplify Business Customer IQ
Less work, more intelligence
New Day Consultants
"Customer IQ, Ready for Business"
Customer IQ for You
Simply Ingenious
ZenBit Simply Smart Business
The Sharper IQ
Simple Customer Relation Integration!
Can't sell without ZenBit
The Customer IQ You Need
Finding Customers Made Easy
Master your flow
"ZenBit for customers who are on Top"
Genius ideas for genius minds.
Warped Intelligence
customer communications
Insight Into Customer Satisfaction
Intelligent Connections, Superior Results
"Integrated Customers Views"
Customer IQ is Data You Can Use
High customer IQ drives profits.
The Customer Data Genius
Customer IQ Turns a Profit
Customer Relations 101
CRM Turned Up to Eleven
Zen Bit, we take care of the data. You connect with new clients.
"Intuitive Customer Analytics"
Simple done CR IQ
Know them to serve them better.
" Pinpoint Your Customers' Sweetspot"
legit list
Einstein would approve.
From crumbs to customer enlightenment
"Increased ROI With Intuitive Customer Analytics"
"Care Zen Customer Smarts"
Be one with your customers using our fast data analysis.
Know Where You Stand
"Get a Better Customer View"
ZenBit IQ's it
Quick. Clever. Clear.
Enhancing your customer IQ
Zen It Your Way
Customer IQ Squat
Driving Data to Divination
Create Intelligent Customer IQ
IQ Thinking for You
Everything in its right place
Know Who's Who
Organized Customer Data You can Use
Unleash Your Customer Data
Utilize Your Customer IQ
We've Got This
Know Who You Know
Your customer detective
Be A Customer Expert
Matching IQs 2 U
Fields of data, a harvest of strategy.
Connecting Businesses to Customers
submitted at best
It's ZenSight!
Cutting edge in customer data connections
Astute Integration 4 U
Streamlining customer care.
Smart Your Engine
Making Customer Connectivity Happen
On the Rise, Like Your Profits!
Aware and alert, ready for whatever may come
cloud and tell
Customer Information Analysis
"Simply Satisfied"
Leading CRM IQ Innovators
The Intersection of Customer IQ and Market RX
Quaint Customer IQ's
Prescient of Your Need
Customer Connections, Simple and Easy
Keep Zen With ZenBit
Zenbit "The future is here"
Smart Move.
Really "get" your customers
Customer Relations with Zensible Logic
Fast Reliable Data
Fast Customer Connection When You Need it Most
Productive Data Unleashed
Connecting Data to Sales
Customers In The Know
One With The Customer
Customer friendly Zenbit made simple
Do you know the customer?
Find Customer Nirvana with Zenbit
dynamic tag tech
Marketing, it's in the data.
your integration genie
Your Data Oracle
Discerning customer needs
To Better Serve Customers
High customer IQ based solutions.
Engaging Customers, Made zen
Find Yourself
Marketing with data intelligence
Zenbit is Customer Nirvana
Knowledge is Power
A step ahead
Customer knowledge based solutions.
Customer Definition Systems Refined
Customer Knowledge Grows Business
Customer Connection is Key
Connect, communicate, integrate
Connecting customer needs with ease
Put Customer IQ To Work For You
Building customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs.
Knowledge Brings Peace
Knowledge Improves Everything
Your customer data vault
Customer Relations Just Got Easier.
Be Customer Smart
Simple yet Powerful CRM
Data Party Connection
We get it
Manage Leads, Manage Profits
The Power of CRM Omniscience
Release your Roshi
Your Customer is Our Business
Interactions An Engaging Technique
Intelligence Connection Mechanism
Create zen connections
"Collect the facts"
A Little Bit Of Wow.
Your Customer Satisfaction Connection
Easy Data, Easy Leads
Simply Smart Customer Integration
Linking Customers with Zen
Integrated Customer Solutions
Hook, Line, and Customer
Efficiently meet customers needs
Automated Integration for Better Innovation
Market Intelligence Made Simple
Mind your markets
Celebrate Innovation thru Customer Integration
Zen A Customer
Way to Grow!
Connecting us with you
Intelligent marketing works
"Your IQ Linked Up"
Simple Customer Data Synthesis
Your Customer Satisfaction Solution
Integrate Client Relations Dynamically
Apple Pie Capacity
Wise about Who What Where Why
Technology For Everyone
Helping Customers Find Zen
Happy Customer, Happy Client
Take the labor out of the CRM process
A seismograph for your customer base.
Make Your Customers Smile
Superior CRM Technology & Support
We Integrate, You Connect
Smart Leads for Smart Businesses
Customer Relations For Dummies
Smart Data Fast and Easy
We quick link your contacts
Smarter Integration to Streamline Innovation
"Show ZenData IQ"
We hear you
Helping Customers Find Peace
Prescient of Your Mind
Customer Knowledge Made Simple
A BlaZEN Customer Connection
See How Far You Can Go
Invite Opportunity To Knock
Customer Data Made Practical
"ZenBit Analytics Equals NexGen Consumers"
Your Happy Customers Solution
Smarter Business, Happier Customers
A mindful of markets
Customer Feedback Feeds Profits
"Link Your Zentastic IQ"
Customer IQ Connects You
"Simply. Smartly. Satisfied"
Clarifying and coordinating customer needs.
Streamline to the Customer's BottomLine
"Customer Intelligence, Customer Retention"
Connect Simply, the Zen Way
Connecting Smart Customers with Smart Technology
Making Connectivity Happen
Know your client.
ZenBit IQ Goes a Long Way
Business Intelligence
Zen Data Innovations
Be Curious
Pete and Repeat Customers
data tag
IntelliZen 4U
Helping You Serve Better
"Connecting zen Level"
Win the day
Zenbit gives you "Zentuition"
Speaking your customers' language
Know what your customers want before they do
Track to Interact
Effective customer knowledge solutions.
Powers high customer knowledge.
Connect Smart, the Zen Way
best assistant
Enlightened business, happy customers.
your customer IQ guru
Think Zen
Customer Profiles that Sell
Speaking the language of your customers
Streamline your life
The Perfect Data Experience
Complete the Customer Connection
SecretaryIQ made simple
Providing Service is Simple Customer Understanding
Customer IQ Tested Here
Get your Zen on
"Brains for your Biz"
Intelligent Swarm of Simple Customer Connections
Executing Excellence
Harness the Power
Customer Data Simplified
Zenbit "All your data needs"
Learn more, do less.
Smarty Pantz Solutions
Where's the customer?
Do less, learn more
Reaching Your Customers Smarter.
Einstein's Greatest Hits
Customer Data Deconstructed
Integration tailored for your best needs.
"Blueprints Lead to Advanced Customer Understanding"
Marketing with fast data
Customer Data For The Taking
Think Easy
Simplified Customer Connections
"You Win With Our Strong Customer Connection"
Know thy customer
The Only Way to Know
It's Simple knowing Customer Completely
Zen So Simple
Watch Your Profits Rise
Fast Customer IQ
Customer IQ at its Finest
Customer Relations Intelligent Solutions
Intelligent Connection Made Simple
Connect with Customer to Provide to Them
It's All About The Buyer
Integrating Clients with Zen
BraZEN Customer Relations
Your Customer IQ Connection
Where Business Meets Customer Needs
Customer IQ Your Business Needs
Customer IQ, working data
Business Solutions, Customer Solutions
Know who is always right.
Marketing through customer integration
Your Customer Knowledge Ally
Customer Connect ProTeks
Command customer communications
Does your IQ equal smart business?
Bringing Customers to Life
Because customer service is more than a smile.
Smart choices, distilled
Knowledge is bliss
Because Knowledge is power
Connect Faster With Us
Learn your Customers
Complete Customer Nirvana
Conjoining Customers Concerns
Customer Controll Center
Integrating Customers with Zen
I que. do you?
Leveraging Innovation for Client Integration
Knowing more serving better
intelligently zen data intergration
Complete Customer Control
Your Smartest Customer Connection
Understanding Principles to Connect with Customer
Marketing with customer analytics
Customer knowlege
Exact Transcribers
Connect to Happier Customers
We know whatcha want.
Zenbit "Social Media Redefined"
Here's to knowing you
Do you think your customers have preferences? We do to.
Work Smarter Not Harder