Hello Tag-liners,
Our business name is Yafa Hummus, we package the best hummus and distribute it all over the US. We are looking for a tagline that will match the greatness of our hummus. Our recipe is over 66 years old and we believe it is unmatched in the American market.
We are looking for a tagline that is sharp, creative, catchy, unique, and justifies the goodness of our hummus.

Our background: Our grandpa was born in Ramallah, Palestine in the year of 1934. He was in charge of taking care of his family at the age of 14 which forced him to Travel to Yafa to work and earn money. His first job was at a restaurant as a bus boy, handy man, dish washer, cook, all of the above. He wore all the hats that business can offer. The restaurant owner liked him so much he put him in charge, my grandpa excelled and turned the business around. During his time he created his own Hummus recipe & saved enough money to move his family to Amman, Jordan where he opened up his own restaurant there. The Restaurant was open from 1951 to 2004, providing downtown Amman with the best Hummus anyone can find. Our grandpa has shared his recipe and taught us how to perfect it & now we are driven to share it with the world.

OUR TAGLINE: we are looking for a modernized, something we can use now and in the next 10 years. Related to hummus and the authenticity of our hummus. It can be real words, a phrase, compounds, acronyms, as well as misspelled. We are looking for a relatively short tagline about 4-8 words. We are looking for something creative, out of the box, something freely thought out and can be remembered easily.

Our target consumer: All ages. Hummus is a friendly snack for everyone in the family. We want the tagline to attract anyone from the age of 14 and up.

Our top competitors are: Abraham's Traditional Style Hummus, Cedar's Classic Original Hummus, & Sabra Classic Hummus.


Best. Hummus. Period.

by PitBullMom
Making Hummus History
Hummus is Necessary?
Yummy. Fresh. Yafa.
Our future is in our tradition
Yafamous For Flavor!
Bringing families together since 1951.
Yafa Hummus, the best part of your day.
The Best Hummus Under the Sun Since 1951
Your Favorite Savory Flavor
Hummus made perfect.
It will have you humming!
66 Years of greatness unmatched
We have a passion for flavor!
The Queen Bean
YAFA You're A Favorite Always
Yafa. The best hummus among us!
You'll Yummus our Hummus!
It's Home in every bite
Smoothness Personified!
YA, It's FAntastic Hummus!
We've put the HUM in Hummus!
From Our Grandpa to You
Not for the Faint of Taste
Enjoy the Raves!
You'll falafel choosing any other hummus.
Absolutely best taste and remarkable family's recipe!
You'll HummUs A Great Tune
Yafa certain will have a hard time putting it down
The Favorite Food for Family and Friends
Mash with friends. Dip with family.
Our best for your best
Yafa, what the best chickpeas dream of becoming
If it not Yafa, it not hummuslicious!
Yafa Select Custom Hummus
Mmm hum must have Yafa Hammus!
Humm with Us
If you love this from us, you know it's Yafa Hummus.
Yay Yummy Yafa! Hummus
Bean the snack attack!
Haven of Hummus
Hummus of the Holyland
Hummus for your Tummus
There's No Rubbish With YaFa Hummus
No Better Hummus Among Us.
Taste the Greatness
Derived from the true Hummus Master
Rama Yafa Hummus so good!
A Piece of Palestine Becomes Your Paradise
Hummus new age
You'll Jump for these beans!
Star O Smorgasboard Hummus
Yafa Hummus, What a Chic Product.
Restaurant Quality Family Goodness
A snack for those good feeling days!
Finger Lickin' Hum Hum Hummus
Tradition and flavor combined
Yafa Have Hummus
High Quality And Homemade
Tasteful Hummus, Choose Yafa
we put the hum in hummus
Shhh, Keep It To Yourself
Grandpa's Goodness in Every Bite!
Share the hummus love!
There's a GREAT Hummus among us. Yafa!
Hummus By Any Other Name Can't Compete
From the hills of Palestine to our grandfather then us, we know you'll enjoy our Yafa hummus!
Ask Thomas who has the best hummus.
The Good Bean Dip
Hummus For All
Noshing's Better!
For you? Yafa.
Tried and True
Tastebuds Zing for Yafa
Hummus? YUMmus!
Ya Hungry? Eat Yafa Hummus
Grandpa's Best
We stand on pride.
"Ya Fa Dabba Doo!"
Humans for Hummus
Handy and healthy authentic Hummus delight!
Hum Fresh
Dip into a delicious authentic hummus tastebud journey to the Middle East.
Flavor That Makes You Scream Yafa! Dip In
Yafa hummus. It's what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Hummus So Good, We've Been Making it for Generations
Hummus is not a fusion , its a tradition
Hungry Grandpa's Hummus!
Yafa chickpeas are the bees knees
Authentic West Bank taste
Yumous in Every Bite!
The only hummus with a chickpea on top!
Yafa get about the others
Amman on a mission to perfect the dip.
Gramps Hummus from Jordan
Only The Best From Us
Your tum tum will go yum yum for this hummus!
Ever Wake Up Craving Hummus? You Will Now!
Yafa hummus. Perfection!
Yafa Goodness!
Hummus some YaFa, So La Ti, Do!
Yafa Hummus, Go Have Fun With Us.
Take the Plunge
For better hummus among us
YaFa Your Way
Skinny Dipping Encouraged!
Worlds unite with YOU, US & Hummus
Yafa try our hummus!
You can't match the greatness of our Hummus!
Yallah, eat Yaffa!
Hummust be Yafa!
Have you YaFa'd today?
For you family, from ours
A Tradition of hummus yummus!
Kick off the party with Yafa!
So Yafing Good
Honest to goodness yum!
A New Generation of Hummus
Our Hum is Yum Yum!
Can't spell Hummus without you's!
Hummus, from history to your table
Can't Wait for this Hummus
Hum Along to a New Taste
Healthy Snack Choice For Over 66 Years!
This is your Hummus! Love, Grandpa Afeef.
Dip Eat Smile Repeat
Hummus, YA FAd Snack
Yafa, a taste sensation.
Best Dip in Town! Yafa Hummus
Ramallah's Exemplary Hummus
Yafa try it!
From Amman to You!
Perfect with just your pinkie.
Theres a Hummus For Everyone, Ours!
The Only Hummus Recipe Worth Generations.
Yafa Hummus, It's a Dipping Perfection
Tantalizing Timeless Taste 4U
Sum of Yum Delicious!
a tantalizing taste of tradition
The Humble Hummus
Making our grandfather proud
Unmatched Hummus
Best Traditions, Best Taste, Go for it Hummus
YaFa the chain Hummus!
The traditional healthy snack you can pack!
Taste the true history of hummus!
Gobbly Good Hummus
Spread your love by spreading our hummus
Nothing can stopya from buying Yafa!
Middle Eastern Hummus Delicious and Creamy Spread
Our Hummus is Better than Yours!
Better than Store Bought
Mmmmm Hummus
The Secret of Yummies!
Zeus' Hummus preference.
Humble start, Hummus art ,Hunger departs
Grandpa's Happy Hummus
Luv Us Hummus
Hummus Hummus Hummus
Historical goodness for your family!
Socially Tasteful
Gramps Happy Hummus
Yafa, Hummus extraordinaire.
Continuing Family Traditions
From the Middle East to the U.S. Yafa Hummus is the best!
Yafa Hummus Tradition and Yumnus
Old Times Hummus
One Great People. One Great Hummus!
Yafa Hummus better than Muchentuchen!
So good you'll slap your momma!
Hummus that's a humMUST
Yafa, from our family to your family
YaFavourite Humus
Friends Don't Let Friends Dip Without Yafa Hummus.
Mystical yet Irresistible!
It's OK, Lick your fingers !!!!
Original recipe YaFa hummus
Freshest Hummus Among Us!
Hummus Yafa Today, Tomorrow
Yafa's Exclusive Fan Favorite Hummus
TummyHumming Yafa Hummus!
Make it Yafa's and make your mouth happy!
Taste that melts your mouth, ready to enjoy.
All Among us enjoy Yafa Hummus!
Yafa Scrumptious Hummus
Heavens To Affef, Yafa Good!
Authentic secret recipe now revealed!
Where the Hummus have you Bean?
Yummy Hummus In Your Tummy Tummus!
It's not just for pitas
Got Pita?
Yum Hum for Your Tum
Our yaFAmous Hummus
Hummus for the Rest of Us
Mi Yafa Joyous Hummus
Dip Into Yafa Your Taste Buds will ourney
From Chickpeas in History to Victory
Yum Is Authentic Hummus!
It's like a song, but better
The Only Hummus You'll Ever Know
Hummus A Dip For All Ages
So Good, you will HUM a Tune for US!
Old Made New, Grandpa's Legacy Hummus
Yafa Hummus, It's Habitually Tantalizing
We Hummus for You!
Grandpas OldCountry Yafa
Dip into the love of family.
Deceivingly Healthy
The chickpeas love it!
Fantabulous Hummus !!!!
What can I do Yafa
Go ahead enjoy hummus freshness
Hold Your Hummus!
Dip so good you can Hum about it
Hummus In Harmony
Treat your Tummy to Yafa!
The Hummus Among Us
Humus a song. Spread the joy.
Hummus For Humans
Over 60 year old family recipe
Mi Yafa Hummus Su Yafa Hummus
Get your fill of Yafa!
YaFall in love with the Hummus. I bean it.
Goes with or without all others !!!!
Best quality Best Taste
Our Hummus will leave you humming for more Mmmm
Why YaFa? Why Not!
Global Hummus from Us
America's embrace of ethnic and exotic foods.
so tasty its yafantastic
Original Hummus
Love tastes like Yafa Hummus
like a traveler seeking gold, but edible
spreading beauty
Hummus? Yafa!!
Traditional style hummus
Yay! It's yummy! Yafa Hummus!
I Yafa have some of that Hummus!
Take A Skinny Dip
Global family Hummus
You can't have just half a Yafa!
The best hummus among us!
Have a Hummus
That feel good food.
Because good dip comes from good heritage
Taste of the Desert
Best hummus anyone can find!
Make every day a party!
Yummy Hummus Goodness
Makes Your Belly Dance with Joy!
Yafa Hummus, The Supreme Family Snack
Grandpa's Secret, and We Ain't Telling!
Crackers everywhere agree! Dipping in Yafa is tops!
The original hummus!
Hummus With Heart
Handcrafted hummus to take you to new heights
YaFa Yafa yaFa harmoniously delicious!
Jiddo's Old World Hummus
Granddad Hummus
Dunk, dip, and spread the love
YaFa a day keeps the doctor away!
The Dream Of Every Chick Pea
Grand Ole hummus
From Amman, Now We Pass It On.
Hummus Serious
Six Decades of Perfection
Family style
Hummus for everyone
It's huMUST try
The Hummus is among us
There is Wisdom in Hummus
The Skinny Is Our Dip
Mashing beans into hummus dreams
From hard work to Great Taste
Hum Along With Hummus
Yafa, Dip, then FLIP!
hum up the goodness!
Tantalizingly Good Hummus
Ya Hav Ta Try Yafa!
A friendly snack, so laid back, with a taste thats undeniable.
Yafa's hummus is not forgettable
Hummus Along With Us
healthy, delicious and cool!
Tastes like it's made from magic beans
Afeefs OldCountry Yafa
There's no Surgeon General warning for 'dipping' Yafa!
Hummus My Gudness!
Ya can't live without Yafas!
Dip into it
YaFa The Hummus Star
Snack time needs Excitement it needs Yafa Hummus!
Yafa, The Best Hummus Anyone Can Find!
YaFa Hummus? Heaven Can Wait.
A Hummus for the history books!
We bring people together.
Afeef's Amazingly Savory Hummus
Taste the Best
Light ingredients, HUMMongoUS taste
Yafa Hummus is American as apple pie
Yafa, the beautiful hummus!
Put a little hum in your day.
Great taste passed down to you
This is no humdrumus hummus!
Hummus, The Gourmet Addiction
Hummus is good.
Chicks Dig It
For all YAFAithful Hummus lovers
What 'Yafa' Waiting For?
The best hummus, known to cause a ruckus.
Yaffa, Habibi!
Hummust try Yafa!
Made from greatness for goodness!
Yafa so la ti doh
Your family deserves the best!
Straight from Grandpa's kitchen!
Darn Good Hummus
Trust the flavor experts.
Yafa HUMMus the word
Hummus, it's not just beans anymore!
Hummus! You buy Now!
Yafa Hummus? Cool Beans!
You must commus for our hummus.
YAFAbulous Tasting Hummus
You Are Forever Amazed. Hummus.
Yafa in YaFace
Unmatched in America. Just Hummus!
Bliss out your buds!
Yafa put's the HUM in Hummus!
Outstanding Yafa Hummus For Us
Your heart,our hummus
Ho Hum Yum. Yaffa Hummus
Fall in love with hummus. Yafa Hummus.
Yafa Hummus Unmatched Goodness!
Say Yes to Yafa's
You'll fall in love and that's that!
the hummus you've bean waiting for!
Yafa Me!
Hum Diggety Good!
Outta this world
Watch Out, There's a Hummus About!
The Smooth Move
If you haven't tried our hummus, you haven't tasted the best
YaYa for Yafa!
Eat it our way
Food for the Soul
Your favorite hummuses, favorite hummus
From Yafa to You
Wow Your Tastebuds, Say YES to YAFA!
Happiness is Yafa.
Yafa, with taste and values you can believe
Hummus and Be Done With It!
Amman's finest hummus, now in your kitchen!
Delicious in Yafa, Delicious everywhere
It's the yummust!
Eretz Traditional Hummus
Yafall for our hummus!
Best Way to Pronouce Hummus, Yafa Hummus.
A dip unlike any other
Yafa First Choice
Yummy Hummus in My Tummy
Grandfather's humus brings us joy!
Nourish, Naturally
My Hummus Is Better Than Yours!
Hummus a tune!
Share the beauty and joy
Del E Dip
Choose Hummus, Yafa Better
Best Hummus On Earth.
Hummus and Friends
delicius snack
Outstanding in the Marketplace, Love this Hummus
a healthy taste with no leftover waste
Ancient & Future Deliciousness
Grandpa Afeef's authentic recipe
Pleasing discriminating palates for over 6 decades!
It's what all the veggies are talking about
Tradition, Culture, Perfection
Yafa a zipsassy flavor and delicious.
Yummy Hummy
Love Thy Hummus!
You'll Always Find Awesomeness with YAFA
Yafa Hummus. You'll Always Feel Amazed
Take A Trip to Flavortown!
Papa Yafa's best!
Hummus Where The Health Is!
Best Line from Palestine
I put that Yafa on Everything!
Yafa Amman Hummus
because you're gonna love this hummus
Ramallumus Homestyle Hummus
Chickpeas all around
Our Taste Is Hummungous!
His recipe our passion Yafa original hummus
Our hummus has a history
Family's Hummus
A Party for Your Mouth!
Helping people everywhere bean the snack attack.
Why Break With A Tradition So Good
Hummus from Heaven!
The best hummus in the galaxy.
Indulge your palate
From Yafa with Humus
Loving Hummus Makes Ours Great
The best of the Middle Eats.
Yafa, best and authentic. Yum!
Ya Fa Real!
Hummus is so good.
Bean Love
Where Old World and The Future Collide
Must be shared over good conversation
Hummus taste first at finish line
The Yummiest Hummus You Can Eat
Loyal Licker's Love Hummus
Yafa Hummus bold and new hummatched taste yeah!
Hummus Now? Yafa Hummus Always.
Hummus Yummalicious
Grandpa doesn't have to tell me to finish my hummus!
Yafa! i Heart Hummus.
66 years of greatness. It's out of the box!
Our Family History to your New Traditions !!! Hummus
Hmm. Hum? Mmm. Us!
Family brilliant of recipe and taste that brings Middle East in your souls!
Dip in
Yafa Hummus, so Yummus!
You gotta try Yafa!
"Bringing peace from the Middle East "
Family Culture Original Taste
delicioso authentic hummus reaching for the stars
Whirled Peas & Hummus
Tiger Hummus
Yafa Hummus, Everyone Perfect Snack
Yafa, the best hunmmus in the world
Serve it, dip it and snack it!
Today's everyday snack for everyone
Hummus where you make it!
Hummus to die for
Hummm mmmus!
Yafa Hummus,Wholesome Goodness for You.
Yafa. Far from average!
So, healthy and indulgent meet on a carrot
The Friendly Snack For The Whole Family
Yafa, Obsessive Hummus Perfection
Party in a Can!
The Real Humdinger for Foodies Everywhere
From generations to nations
Yafa? Ya Bet!
The Handy Dandy Dip
So authentic, you'll garbanzo it up!
My only hummus
Is this homemade? No, it's Yafa!
The Yummiest Hummus In Town!
Experience Yafa Hummus with friends and family!
Humm For Hummus
Best Hummus of Amman !
When you have perfect hummus any dipper will do!
Yafa for my fam!
Not your daddy's humus
Family Quality Restaurant Goodness
The Legend of Amman
Hummus from the old country made new
Hummas good to the last drop
Yummy Yummy Yafa
We have taken the bean where no bean has gone before
Not just for our famaily, for yours
hummatched bold and new golden dip, Hummus!
Yum Yafa Humm
Hummus a new tune
Time to share after 66 years!
Yafa Hummus Every Tomorrow
Perfection for your taste buds!
Hummus Happiness for U and Us
Creamy that will make you Dreamy!
Our hummus makes your mouth happy!
Yafa Hummus when only the best will do!
You'LL be hungry for Hummus
Kickass Hummass KidsPlus
Eat Like a Mediterranean
Our hummus will make you hum!
To Have YaFa Hummus and Eat it Too
Two generations of Hummus Yum!
Tasty Bite Of Yafa Snack Hummus, Mmmm
We got a hummus for that!
Yummy and Homey
Never a Question of Hummus, But Rather How Many.
Hum with Us
Yafa's Greatest Famous Hummus
No Tagline Needed
Favorite Man Made Favorite Hummas
Just Hummus!
This hummus? It has changed lives.
Family's Delicasy
Yafa Hummus a queen among beans
pledge your allegiance
Yafa try this hummus!
choice heavenly snack
Dippity Do!
Yafa, where Mideast meets Best
Creamy Tahini and Garbanzo Beanie
Hurrah, it's Yafa!
Yafa Hummus it's what life is all about
Zippy with a hidden roar.
Don't Bum Us, Buy Our Hummus
YAFA now or you'll cry later!
There is nothing like yafa's hummus
Our chickpeas croon your stomach's tune
Hooray! Yummy Yafa Hummus
Hummus my Yafa!
Yafa Hummus, where hummus is from
It's a Hummus dinger!
YA'll FAll in love with YAFA
PremiYummy Authentic Hummus!
"Dip your delight in Yafa Hummus"
Historic Hummus for Hunger Satisfaction
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Hummus that'll make you want to DIP, DIP!
Hummus Mania Is Here!
You Are Freakin' Awesome!
The way a chickpea, ought to be!
A hummus for you and a spread for U.S. too.
Share Hummus With Those You Love
You haven't lived until you've tried Yafa!
Ya Can't Beat Yafa's
BuY A FAmily favorite.
Made from the source
Break bread properly, use hummus.
Taste as good now as it did 60 years ago
Honestly, the Best Hummus!
Rah! Rah! It's Yafa!
Ya, Fantastic!
Inspiring the body and spirit of generations.
Everybody dip!
Actually quite good.
You'll Hummus to a Different Tune
Genius Famous Fabulous Curious? Hummus
Hummus is our homage!
Foodie alumnus love our hummus !
Ya favorite hummus is among us!
Afeefs Hummus Heaven
YA! It's my FAvorite Hummus
A recipe brought to you from ancient times
Don't dip it hummus it.
If It's Not The Best, We'll Eat Our Words!
Yafa Hummus, the best hummus to share with YA FAmily and Ya friends.
All of us Hummus
Experience the Difference
We crave what we love! Yafa XOXO!!!
Happy Human's Hummus!
Our Hummus Snack Recipe, Simply Your Choice!
Jaddati's Life Secret
The Jack Of All Hummus
Forget the words? Yafa Hummus.
Eat Hummus Yafa
A Taste Oasis
YA FAce it, Greatest Hummus of all!
Yafa has bean making the best Hummus for years!
Hum Our Name!
Holy Moly Hummus
Amman And His Hummus
Amman's Best Hummus!
Yummiest in all of Humanity
If Grandpa could see us now
The Flavor Pit
Amman's Hummus
The Big Dipper of Our Galaxy
Superior Spreading Traditional Hummus
The Legend of Jordan
God's Chosen Hummus
Enjoy the Yafa Story
Yafa, yafantasy Hummus!
Pappy's classic magic
Eat Healthy Eat Hearty Eat Hummus
Peace Love and Yafas!
Spread the Hummus!
Grandpa's Traditional Hummus
Behold the Legacy of Goodness
The Hummus You'll Never Pass Over!
Share Hummus, Share Smiles
A Legacy of Perfection
Our hummus brings families together.
We put the yum in hummus
Full of Flavor. Full of Love. Yafa.
The Only Hummus You'll ever Need
Traditional taste for the modern table
Ready to take a dip?
For your family, from ours
Heart of Hummus
Best Tasting Hummus since 1951!
Old World Recipe, New World Delight
Yummy Flavor. Yafa.
Traditional Flavors & Modern Savors!
It's Yummus!
Family tradition in every bite
Fresh. Delicious. Hummus.
Spread the word, Spread our Hummus
From my grandpa's restaurant to your family's table.
Yafa, the hummus you've bean looking for!
Our family makes it. Yours will love it.
Grandpa's famous Hummus
Live Well, Be Happy, and Eat Yafa's Daily.
Hummus is our family tradition
Happiness in every bite
Just the way you like it
Yafa, for extraordinary snacking.
Home is Where the Hummus Is!
The taste loved for generations
Yafa Hummus, Perfection to the Last Bite
Making taste buds humm for over 6 decades!
Indulge your good taste
Original Recipe of past generations!
Hummus so good it'll make you hum
The Hummus you'll Sing about!
For Pita's Sake, Go For Yafa Hummus!
The Hummus Lovers Hummus
Heavenly, Healthy, Hummus
History. Happiness. Hummus!
Take a trip with our traditional dip
Yafa is the reason to love hummus!
Hummus that was worth the wait
Always Yafa Always Great !
The Best Hummus You've Ever Tasted
Yafa Hummus. Your happiness is our business.
Hummusly Delicious!
Still making it like Grandpa did
One bite, and you'll be humming
From our grandpa's kitchen to your mouth!
Grandpa Yafa's Original Recipe Hummus
Hummus is Happiness
Classic Recipe, Timeless Taste
Yafa Hummus, spread the joy!
A time honored tradition
Dip. Enjoy. Repeat.
Old World Receipe New Age Favorite
Yafa Makes Happy Hummus
Nobody does Hummus like Yafa!
Hummus beyond your wildest dream
Hummus, Where Our Heart is!
The best hummus you'll ever find
The Yafa Family Tradition
Real Tradition, Real Hummus
Once you go Yafa, you'll never go back!
The healthy snack that keeps you coming back.
Hummus The Way It Should Be
Made the Authentic Way!
So good, it will have you humming!
Start A New Tradition With Your Family
Real Hummus with Real History
Good. Fresh. Hummus.
Savour the flavor of hummus
A true Hummus legacy
Perfected last Century and Perfect for Today!
Dip into perfection!
Taste the love
Generations of great taste!
Because You Deserve Great Hummus
The Dip That Covers It All
Make Our Tradition Yours!
Hummus the way it was meant to be
Our legacy is too Good not to Share
Real hummus for real families.
Yafa Puts the Yum in Hummus!
Made by our family, for yours.
Hummus the right way.
Our Heritage Hummus
Spreading Hummus, Spreading Smiles
Authentic, Original, Fresh. Taste the Yafa Difference
Passionately perfected for generations
A heritage of hummus
Grandpa's Special Recipe !
It's gotta be Yafa.
Full of flavor and tradition
Our grandfather's recipe, your family's hummus.
Spread Hummus, Spread Love
The Hummus Legacy
Our Hummus is Your Hummus
The Best Hummus Anyone Can Find!
The way hummus should be
Generations of Hummus for a Lifetime of Greatness
Keep humming along with Yafa Hummus!
A Rich History With A Delicious Future
Our Hummus Is Soul Good
Grandpa Knows Hummus
Yafa puts the umm in hummus.
A Taste of Tradition
Old Age Recipe, New Age Snack.
Happiness, Harmony, and Hummus
From our kitchen, a family Tradition
Truly Traditional Hummus
Our Tradition is Hummus
Hummus, Goodness
The Best Kept Family Recipe
A Healthy Family Tradition
Yafa Hummus, A Dippers Delight
The Happiness Hummus
Taste What You've Bean Missing
Deeply Rooted in Authentic!
Authentic delight in every bite
Your tastebuds will thank you
History, Heritage, and Hummus!
From our family tradition to yours
The Taste of Authenticity
Simply the Best Tasting Hummus in the World
So good you'll hum us a tune
Happy, Healthy, Hummus
Yafa Hummus the Worlds Best!
Tradition you can trust
Generation to generation, always the Best !
Yafa's Hummus The Real Deal!
Delight in Every Bite!
Made By Grandpa, Loved By All
Hummus for the Ages
Traditional Taste for a Modern World
Yummy Smoothness in Every Dip
Yafa, we're that good
Hummus Done Right!
Legacy never tasted so good.
Delicious meets Hummus
Since 1951. Yafa the best hummus around
Hummus To The Rescue!
Bring the Yafa, Spread some Love
This is how you hummus.
As Authentic as Hummus Gets
From YA FAmily, to mine
You'll Hummus A Happy Tune
Our Hummus is the Yummus!
Decades of unmatched flavor!
Passion for perfection!
Taste Our Delicious Traditions
Today's Old World Snack
Yafa Hummus. Dip up some love.
Tradition At Its Finest
Be smart, eat smart! Get your hummus on!
Perfection is Our Legacy
Absolutely Legendary Taste
Life is delicious
Yafa, Real Authentic Hummus.
Dip To The Last Drop
Every Family has Tradition. Ours is Hummus.
Pass the Hummus, Peas!
Snack Smarter, Live Brighter
Not The Only Option, Just The Best One
Grandpa's traditional recipe full of timeless flavor.
Authentic hummus, perfected by tradition.
Hummus made delicious!
Hummus Perfection
Authentic Family Recipe!
Yafa Hummus, Taste Matters!
YAFA Hummus, only the best!
A Smile in Every Dip
From Our Hearts to Your Table
Hummus By Heart
Hummus Lovers Choice
Yafa Hummus, Simply the best!
From our family to yours
Spreading a tasteful tradition
Help yourself to our hummus
Mmm, now that's Yafa Hummus!
A Flavorite Tradition
Spread the Flavor, Share the Hummus
Love Us some Hummus!
Try Hummus Again, For The First Time
Yafa. Dip into your cravings.
Loved by Generations
Health, Happiness, Hummus!
Old World Flavor! New World Taste!
Taste the Tradition
Dip And Savor
Hummus Made with Love
We put the "Mmmmm" in hummus!
The Gold Standard of Hummus
Welcome to old world goodness
Quality. Authenticity. Taste. It's in there.
So good that it needs to be shared
After Yafa's, Nothing Else Will Do
Let's share some peace, love, and hummus!
Try It Once, Love It For Life
Hummus Happiness
Yafa, ya better believe it's the best!
Not your everyday hummus.
Always a family favorite!
flavor to savor
Taste Years of Perfection
making tastebuds sing for more!
Hummus with a Legacy
Haven't tried Yafa? Where've you bean?
Hummus with history!
Time Tasted Perfection!
Wholesome. Healthy. Hummus.
YaFavorite Hummus!
Yafa Hummus, We've Bean There.
Hummus that will have you Humming!
The greatest thing since sliced Pita.
Healthy Wholesome Goodness
Spread Yafa, Spread Joy.
Love is the First Ingredient!
Yafa, Where passion is a key ingredient
Perfection you can taste!
Perfected Over Decades. Eaten In Seconds.
It's just that good!
Smooth & Creamy, a rich tradition.
Yafa hummus equals happiness.
Send your taste buds soaring
For over 50 years, always to perfection!
Smooth & Creamy, a timeless tradition
A Healthy Heritage
Yes it's Yafa!
Hummus where the heart is!
An oasis of taste
Yafa Hummus. Now You're Dipping!
The Best Hummus From Us
Grandpa's Wisdom in a snack!
You've tasted the rest, now try the best!
Yes for Yafa!
Must Have Hummus
Not just a Delicacy, a Legacy.
Nature's Best Treat
Take a Dip on the wild side.
Full of flavor. Full of life.
Go big and go hummus
Our Grandpa's Best, Your Favorite!
Become part of the hummus family
Grandpa Approves
Hummus for the Soul
Yafa, Real is Good.
Started in Yafa, tasty everywhere!
"At Yafa,we never lose our sense of Hummus!"
What Your Family Craves
Happy and Healthy Yafa Hummus!
Yafa's Hummtastic Hummus
Hummus too tasty to keep to ourselves!
66 years of tradition in one bite
We will keep you humming
Old great taste, same perfect quality. Yafa Hummus.
Pure hummus, pure heart.
From our GrandFather to you
Yafa Hummus A Family Tradition!
You can taste the history in our hummus
When you gotta have hummus you gotta have Yafa
Authentic hummus loved by every generation.
Yafa for You.
Our Vintage Recipe Is Today's Best Hummus !
Top It With Yafa.
Just because it's good.
Classic family recipe, timeless irresistible taste.
When You Think Of Hummus. Think Of Us
Time To Do The Hummus Dip
Taste the real tradition of hummus!
Taste It Again For The First Time
This is Hummus Heaven!!
Authentically Yafa! What's In Your Hummus?
Our family tradition can be yours
Yafa! Grandpa's recipe is now yours.
We know hummus
Yafa Hummus. A Delicious and Healthy Tradition!
Yafa Hummus will keep you humming for more
Delicious Goodness Good for You!
Decades of Goodness
From our family with love
Hummus with us!
Bean the best for generations!
The Taste Speaks for itself, Yafa Hummus
You've never tasted hummus unto you've tasted Yafa
Choose Yafa, the best around
Yummus for the whole family
Our traditions become yours.
Hummus with a History of Greatness!
Yafa Hummus, loved by three generations, and counting!
Our Hummus Reflects Our History.
Our Hummus is Grandpa's Gift to your Tastebuds
A Taste of Greatness
The savory flavor of success.
Hard work dedication and love
From Our Tribe to Yours
Papa Yafa's Old country Hummus
You've never dipped like this before!
Taste So good, you won't want to share
Yaffa, historically great hummus.
Fresh Taste Of Homemade
Yafa, the hummus with history
Yafa Hummus is Spreadalicious!
Put A Little Humm In Your Heart
Making Mother Nature Proud Since 1951
The crowd pleasing hummus
Classic Hummus wrapped in tradition freshness and flavor
Hummus is Yummus
A Tradition of Goodness
Family Secret Hummus
Hummus Is The Way
That's some hummus!
Hummus so good you won't want to share!
Be a part of Grandpa Yafa's Family
Just like grandpa made
Perfected By Generations
Hummus For Your Soul!
Great Hummus Matters
Yafa, so much more than a snack!
"Hava Ya Fa!"
Authentically Delicious
Shareable, Dipable, Lovable
Start Your Own Family Tradition with Yafa Hummus!
Yafa, Where Hummus and Perfection Unite!
A Snack's Best Friend
Delightful Delicacy is Our Legacy.
Old World Hummus
Homemade Beginnings, Bold Flavor
The heart and soul of Hummus
Our Secret Family Recipe for Authentic Hummus!
Make it a hummus day!
It's Tradition.
Share the goodness
Exceedingly good hummus!
Our Tradition. Your Inspiration.
The natural snack. Served to nations. From generations
A History of Original Flavor
Spreadable Hummus and Smiles
Yafa Hummus, Here's to New Traditions
The best there is, was, and ever will be
Original Recipe, Original Taste, Original Flavor
Happily Hummus
Yummus Hummus
For Hummus sake!
Healthy Goodness for 66 years!
Delightfully Delicious !
Goodness to the last scoop, Yafa Hummas!
Trust In The Hummus
Our Hummus Dips Best
Spread the Love
No One Makes Hummus Like Grandpa Can!
Classically Dippelicious!
Hummus Like You've Never Experienced
Yafa, It's a Hummust!
Our family, Your Hummus
A testimony of love!
Authenticity you can taste!
Yum Yum Yafa Hummus!
Taste Elevated
No Other Hummus Even Comes Close!
Where Have you Bean All My Life. Yafa Hummus.
Dipped in tradition
The Happy Hummus
This Hummus is Yummus
Everyone Hummus Along
Hummus of Love
Hummus A Happy Tune
Heartisan Hummus
This spread is a hummust
Tradition perfected
Hummus Perfected
Built from scratch. Taste to last.
Please pass the Yafa Hummus
Simply the best for over 60 years
Decades of perfection, shhhh it's a family secret!
Hummus from the Heart
Hummus For Us!
Celebrating Delicious Heritage.
Grandpa's recipe, modern flavor
You've never tasted hummus like this!
Dip It, Spread It. Yummy Hummus!
Real Natural, Real Flavor, Real Good
Yafa Hummus, Perfection Among Us
You won't believe how good it is
Snack it like you mean it!
Golden Delight
More than just a snack
The Magic Bean Stuff
Grandpa's Hummus recipe stands the test of time
Papa put it to the test. Yafa Hummus is the best!
Spread the Best!
A healthier spread for your bread!
Yafa, the yummest hummus!
Hummus for every occasion!
Best hummus among us!
The best hummus on Earth
Our Hummus is Yummus
Your hummus compass points here
From Our Heart to Yours
Great hummus, we promise!
Hummus never taste this good!!
Tradition. Excellence. Hummus.
Savour the flavors.
You'll Hummus For More
Perfecting our recipe since 1950
We Work Hard for the Hummus
Yafa Hummus. One hip dip.
We bring families together.
Taste the Dream
Dip into Yafa and thrive
Second to None Since 1951
Beautiful Soul Food
Tantalizing Timeless Taste Yafa
From Grandpa to us. Try Yafa Hummus!
Old Family Recipe, Fresh Attitude
The hardest working hummus around!
Food for the whole family.
From Yafa to Ya Mouth
Bean There, Dunk That!
What All Hummus Should Be!
A Shared Family Tradition
A little dip'll do ya.
Perfection never tasted this good.
A generation to create, a moment to savor
Great Hummus! Great Life!
Don't just snack, hummus!
Yafa Hummus. Bringing families together.
Unforgettable flavor
Put Hummus in yourTummus
A fun dip you will never forget
Made from scratch. Taste to last.
The best hummus near and far!
Taste so good, it makes you Hummm
It's no mystery why it tastes so good
Yafa, standing the test of time.
Putting the yummy in hummus for decades.
Enjoy hummus, just for the health of it!
Hummus the way it was born to be
Authenticity And Great Taste Thats A Must.
Hummus of the Gods, now available on Earth
An old recipee that still surprises.
Perfection in Hummus
Original Family Recipe.
Your fresh tradition
A family that snacks together, stays together
Nothing Satisfies Like Yafa Hummus!
Not your grandfather's hummus.
Grandpa knows dips!
Our Hummus To Yours
Authentic eats. Fantastic Treat.
Grampa's Best Hummus.
Sinfully tasty, tastefully wholesome
Healthy Hummus Delites
Cloud Nine is made of Hummus!
Put a little hummus in it!
Yafa Hummus Is A Must
Grandpa's secret spread
Yafa Hummus, It's the Snackers Delight
Hummus to you
A Tasteful Experience
Traditional taste for your modern life
It's YaFa Fabulous!
Fresh is a must, in hummus from us
Yummy hummus, that, we promise!
It's Gotta be Hummus !
Yafa, an authentic healthy choice.
Add a little hummus to your life
Hold On To What's Good!
Yafa Hummus it's what dreams are made of
Hummus Me Happy!
It's the hummus among us!
Yafa Hummus, A Man's dream, A Family's Tradition
Not your average hummus
Greatness Comes in Small Packages
A dip above the rest
The other healthy snack!
Healthy Goodness For All !
Yafa is my one and only hummus!
Cool Beans!
Live Well, Live Yafa!
Chips flip for Yafa!
Yummy, Amazing, Flavorful, Adventurous
Yafa Hummus, so tasty you can't stop dipping
Spread the word Yafa Hummas
Sole heaven for Hummus
Epic & timeless. The hummus you've been waiting for.
Recipe from the old country!
The Yummest Hummus
Live Purposefully, Laugh Often and Eat Hummus!
Don't forget the Yafa!
From Our Table to Yours
The secret recipe is a family tradition
Heavenly good hummus.
A Chickpea's Dream Destination
Grandpa's Heritage , Today's Best Hummus !
You'll hum for Yafa's hummus
You Can't Beat Perfection!
Crafted by Tradition
Old World Original Hummus
Hummus Away.
Hummas that makes your tastebuds soar!
Things that make ya go Mmmmm!
There's never enough Yafa!
it's what other hummus wants to be
The hummus you crave, is the hummus we make.
Happy, Healthful, Hummus
Bring the Hummus, Bring the Taste!
Yafa The World's Best Hummus!
Hummus Together
Try humthing good.
Hummus among us!
Nutritious Delicious YAFA
Hummus Recipe For Great Taste
Can you say Hummus without a smile?
Traditional flavor for modern tastebuds. Authentic Yafa Hummus.
Trustworthy, Tried, and True for generations.
I Must have Hummus
Best Hummus On The Planet!
Yummus for your Tummus
From Our Family to Your Table
Yafa love it!
The Perfect Spread
Dip Into Yafa! Taste The Journey
Always Caring and Sharing the goodness
Authentic and Awesome!
The Humdinger of all Hummus!
Our Hummus Rules!
Have a Yafa Hummus Moment
You Can Always Buy More!
Dream, Do, Dip!
Grandpa's recipe is now yours!
Hummus it all !
A Pure Traditional Hummus
The Best, at your request!
Yafa Hummus The Myth, The Legend
You'll Be Back for More
No One Puts Love Into Their Hummus Like We Do
Hummus Heaven
Yafa, the Caviar of Hummus
The Finest Old Country Hummus
Exactly like You want it to Be.
Yafa Now and Later
Sublime Snacking! Yafa Hummus.
Creamy, beany, sesame seedy. YAFA
"Chickpeas' best kept secret"
Humming for Yafa Hummus
Brought to You By One Man's Heart and Soul
Grandpa's Oldfashion Hummus
YaFa Ya Family
Share Hummus. From Yafa to the rest of the world.
The finest hummus is from us.
Let's share the love.
Yafa lot of flavor
A tasty tradition!
The Perfect Zip Dip
Simple Ingredients, Complex Flavor
A Snack with a Story
Hummus a tune for flavor!
Perfected Over Generations Just for You!
From our family to your tummy!
Once You've Tasted Our Hummus, you'll never settle for less
My folk's Hummos
Makes Your Mouth Sing
The Golden Gift from The East
Your Healthy Choice
Incomparable Hummus
Yafa Hummus Not Just For Dipping
A Tasty Hummus
Pure Goodness, Pure Joy, Yafa Hummas!
Created for the family by Grandpa!
OldCountry Yafa
Yafa Hummus. Because Your Side Piece Deserves The Best
Rejoice at The Taste
Your Tastebuds Deserve Yafa
Yafa Hummus, food for the Gods
A treat for all your senses
Flip for our Dip
From Chickpeas, with love
The Flavor Is In The Journey Love Yafa
Perfect from the beginning
spread it dip it love it
In Hummus We Trust
Amman Tradition, American Made
From our kitchen to yours
It's a healthy addiction
Hummus your way
Hummus is a great part of your everyday meals
Yafa, For sure!
Grandpa's Passion Your Delight
More than Classic it's unforgetable
From Grandpa with love
Things that make you go Hummus
Get Your Hummus Worth
It's Hummulicious!
YaFa, Made with the Good Stuff
Hummus for Humanity!
Hummus today, gone tomorrow!
Heaven in a Hummus!
Grandpa's homemade recipe
YaFa Fresh By Far
Lifelong Recipe is the winner
Your Honest To Goodness Hummus.
Hummus Like No Other!
Healthy, Historic Hummus
We Have The Best Sense of Hummus!
Smooth & Creamy, a bit of heaven
Grandfathers Hummus for all to enjoy
Humm Yumm love me some YaFa!
Yafa for all!
So good, it makes you go "mmmm"
Hummus For Life!
Yafa Hummus, It's What We Do
Hum, Hum, Hummus!
Make it a Yafa Hummus night
Traditional Jordanian Recipe
Three generations of deliciousness!
Born in Ramallah. Perfected in Amman. Loved Worlwide.
One Hummus For All
Grandpa's hummus is the best
And Then There's Hummus!
Yippy for Yafa!
Your Secret Weapon!
Delicious and Nutritous
Hummus to come home to!
Be the best of the best, Yafa Hummus.
Yafa Hummus!Hummus with an Attitude!
Your Amazing Flavor Authority, YAFA
Historically Heavenly Hummus
You don't mess with the Hummus.
Hummus with a Human Touch
Yaffa Hummus, heavenly declicious.
Spread The Word. Spread The Best!
Famiy Traditions
Hummus Time Do You Need?
More love in just one bite!
Our family recipe loved for generations
Discover the Taste You're Craving!
Perfection, it's what Grandpa taught me
Only Question You Need To Ask is Hummus?
Smooth Authenticity
An authentic creation that tantalizes your senses
Hummus greatness 66 years and counting!
Have you Yafa Hummused today?
BeanThere and Done That!
May the Bean be with you!
Hum a happy tune with Yafa
Real Hummus Real Good
Give your tastebuds what they want
Peace, Love, Hummus!
Get delicioso authentic hummus for everyone, forget the rest
Hummus Perfected by Grandpa
YaFa, Cheer on the Hummus!
Bean there, dunked that
Tastes like intercultural magic.
66 Generations of Greatness
Decadent Creamy Goodness
Making things Hum since 1951
Taste Tradition
We're The Real Deal!
Sorry, the recipe's a secret
It's not a party until you open the Yafa Hummus
Not just your Grandpa's humus anymore
Yafa Hummus, so yummy you can't stop dipping
Perfection Has Been Grandfathered In.
Yafa's at its best! The original hummus!
Savor the Hummus
Delicious chickpeas for generations to come
Grandpa's tasty hummus for all your family tastebuds.
What the world needs is peace and Great Hummus
A healthy snack that goes with anything, anywhere.
Double dippers wanted!
My Hummus Is Your Hummus
Passionately perfected
A dip full of culture and family!
Yafa Yes!
From the Yafa family to yours.
Yafa, can I get an Amman
Yafa! Because its good fa ya!
Grandpa finest recipe
Yafa, an unmatched hummus tradition.
Great hummus made by great family tradition.
Afeef's secret is your treat
Heritage recipe. Hearty flavors. HEALTHY for you!
Grandpa's Greatest
Yafa Hummus. Its the Yummus!
Yafa Dabba Dip!
When YaFamished Hummust try Yafa's
When words can't explain, Yafa Hummus.
Hummus Extravagance
Snack it out!
Grandfathers Pride
All in a days hummus
Hummus A Must!
Perfected Over Six Decades
Authentic, Traditional & Ready To Enjoy
All Among us, love our Yafa Hummus!
Put a little HUMM in US
"The Best Place for a Chickpea"
What does the Hummus bird sing? Perfection
Chick Pea Perfection!
New Flavor from the Old World
Dip before its gone!
Celebrate the flavor
The Hummus you have been looking for
YaFa delicious!
Hummusly delighting your palate.
Recipe of generations
Invite Yafa to Your Tastebuds
The best treat to share with those closest to you
Yumtastic family Tradition
For the best dressed pita
For Hummus Lovers
If great hummus has a name it can only be Yafa.
The best hummus comes from us! Yafa Hummus
Smooth & Creamy, a rich classic.
Share the passion
A Craveable Tradition
From the YAFAmily to Yours
Humming Good Hummus
They write hymns about our hummus
Happy humans prefer our hummus!
The blissful bean dip.
Consistent Excellence is our Recipe
One taste is never enough.
YA FAmily's Favorite!
Dip Love
A snack for the whole family!
This IS your grandfather's hummus!
Family Crafted & Perfected For Over Half A Century.
Hummus that makes you Hum
We know beans about dips.
The Hummus You Dream About
Yafa, bringing the real mediterranean taste to you.
You'll go gonzo over our garbanzos!
Your new taste obsession.
A worldly divine flavor
Taste the difference
Hummus Zone
Hummus, more like Yummus
Yafa makes you humm for hummus
Our Hummus is a Treat to Eat!
Yafa hummus is tangy, tongue teasing and delicious.
Hmmmm, Love this Hummus !!!!
Succumb to flavor
the dip for chips
Your New Favorite Hummus
House of Hummus
Putting the HUM in Hummus
Ya Hafta Have Yafa
Unmatched goodness
Making Other Hummus Look Like Has Beans!
Good and Healthy Traditions
The Family Snack for Everyone!
Yafa's is everyone's Hummus
There's no humus like grandfather's!
Because Grandpa Said So