The business name and domain is "ThatMerchantServicesGuy"- we do Credit Card Processing.... it's a shady industry with shady sales people

We eliminate the BS with no contracts, no equipment cost, and $1000 guarantee to actually say the clients money.

We're the top 1% and are keeping the garbage/junk out of our business model


A picture is worth a thousand words, but our word is worth a thousand bucks!

by Solidroque
Cash Cow, No Bull
No Contracts. No Equipment Charge. No BS.
We have a 1000 reasons to earn your trust!
We Make Credit Card Processing Look Good.
We See the Grande Scheme of Things
Zero BS, Our Guarantee is Grand
BS free, with a 1k guarantee!
No Junk In Our Trunks
No junk in our trunk, 1000.00 guarantee
Home of The No BS Attitude.
They deal in garbage, we deal in cash!
The Stress of No BS.
Processing with a Promise
Garbage No. Grand Guarantee Yes.
We're the Top of the Heap!
No B.S. Credit Card Processing. Guaranteed!
Voted PayMate of the Year
Transparency with a 1000 dollar guarantee
Fast, Fair, and Guaranteed!
We're your GRAND Finale Processor
PS, no BS!
We bet you a grand that we'll save you money!
Show Me The Money!
Your Partner in Payment Processing
If you're looking for BS, you've come to the wrong place!
Run and Done!
No bull allowed here, only a 1K guarantee
No BS Credit Process
Painless, Fast and Easy credit when you need it.
Honest People. Honest Processing.
Guaranteed. No bull.
Get more cash and less trash, guaranteed
Get your money for certain and your gear for free
No B.S. or Your Money Back
Straightforward, No B.S. That's our Process.
Hooray Credit with no Crap
With us B. S. means bigger savings.
The Guy with a Guaranteed Ton of no B.S.
On Top, Guaranteed
No hidden cost, guaranteed !
Honest processing in a shady business
No Frazzles, No Hassles Payment Processing
No contracts, no equipment costs, NO BULL!!
Best in Class Service & Soultions for all your processig needs!
Mother Merchant
We'll save you money honey
Top rated, on the up and up !
We kick BS in the butt
Top of the line processing with no contract.
No BS Attitude. Guaranteed.
If it aint broke , we'll fix it till it is
It's your money so we'll help you save more of it.
No contract.No added Fees. No BS.
That MS guy is no BS
Process with no mess or a grand on us!
A Grand of Guaranteed No BS
Take Me To The Merch!
Serving Merchants with a Guarantee
Come to the light side of Credit!
We'll take the credit for being the best, guaranteed!
Put a grand in my hand!!
Changing the game so you make more
Save the garbage for your trash
We are That Merchants Sevices Guy. No BS. No garbage. Save on card processing as your customers buy.
Trustworthy Payment Processing , no Bull
1000 Bucks says we are it!
All Business No BS
Be Safe, Be Secure, Be Sure
We're not just good, we're Great!
All the frills and none of the bills. Guaranteed!
Merchant Secure
Credit card processing made simple
We save you money. No extra costs, no baloney.
No BS. No garbage. Just a clean sweep of cash!
That 1,000 dollar guarantee!
Bet you 1000 we're the best processor
ThatMerchantServicesGuy, for secure payments on which you can rely
If you like contracts and BS, we are not for you.
Cash in excess and no BS
Let Us Make Your Credit Card Processsing A GRAND Experience!
No Contracts, No Hassles, We Give You a Grand to Keep You on Track
Better than that Other Merchant Services Guy
Pain Free Payment Processing
Home of honest values and good sense
We take the bs outta life
Trust the top 1 percent for no bull Processing
Don't settle for BS. Give us a call.
Guaranteed payment processing, and that's no bull.
Credibility in credit card processing is our earnest mission.
No BS Payment Processing, 1K Guarantee!
Earn our trust and a Grand!
One Thousand Reasons to Trust Us!
When you swipe, I swipe, we swipe
No Bull Shenanigans!
Guaranteed we r the best at what we do!
No Shady Business Here !
Quality Yields Growth
The BS stops here
Home of the no bull guarantee, and for a 1000 you to can agree!
Home of the top 1 percent, junk free, 1k guarantee.
No risk. No bull.
You Save or We Pay
Join the Bullring without the Bulll
Best at card processing, No equipment coats, No B.S. 1000 guarantee
BS. We Don't Have Time For it. Why Should You.
Win Win credit card processing
MerchantGuy. The no BS buy.
Home of BSless Credit
No bs processing!
The one with integrity who'll save you money.
He gets it done
A GRAND says we CAN!
credit capers
Top Brass In Credit Card Processing
Impeccable service, not lip service.
We SaLOOT you with a Grandd Guarantee
"Swipe the B.S."
Who eliminates the bull? That merchant servicesguy thats who
No More Hassle.No More Contracts.Cash Guarantee!
We Put 1,000 where Our Mouth Is, guaranteed
The no BS guy !
No. BS. Ever.
1000 Reasons To Call
A grand on the line, no BS this time
Have a grand today. Keep it cool tomorrow.
We don't process BS here.
A Grand Opportunity
1000 bucks. No bull.
We give you 1000 reasons you'll want That Guy this time
No contracts. No bull. No worries.
With That Crazy Guarantee!
Honestly the best in card processing, and that's no bull.
No mucks, or we'll give you a thousand bucks!
Here to free you from nefarious deals
We are here to step up when other services drag you down.
Simpler process, better processing
No need to stress, we guarantee no mess
Junk Free Processing, Guaranteed
The only fine print you'll find is on the cash in your hand
B.S. or 1K? Your choice.
For Clientworthy Payment Processing
Trust the Toupee
Home Of The One G Guarantee!
no contracts, no nonsense
A Guaranteed Choice in Satisfaction.
No hassle swipes
No Junk No Bull All 1000 Guarantee
No contracts. No risk. No bull.
New Day New YOU
Zero Percent BS, 100 percent garantee and 1000 to start
Like to be on Top? You'll stay there with us.
Keeping the junk out of a junky industry
Paid, not Played
We'll give you 1,000 reasons to love us.
Guaranteed, or it's on us.
Score a Grand While Processing
A business to believe in, guaranteed!
Guaranteed. Junk free!
Keep the garbage out and the 1000 in
Call ThatMerchantServicesGuy! Not the other guys!
We take the garbage out
Grand Stand Processing
we are hassle free! 1000 guarantee!
Credit. Cash. Wow.
Take out the Garbage
A grand says I save you money. No bull.
You lead the charge. We'll handle the Bull. Guaranteed.
Home Of The BS Free Guarantee!
No contract, no bull, and 1000 dollar guarantee No worry
Home Of The No B.S. Guarantee
0 Junk. 0 Shade.1000 Percent Guaranteed!
1K Backed. 0 Contracts.
1K and no BS? Try processing that!
B.S. free and a grand guarantee!
Home of the junk free business.
Card Guards. Guaranteed.
No Nonsense Merchant Svcs!
Maximize your income with no bull, no contract and no equipment credit card processing.
Cutting edge solutions from the best in the business. Just ask our customers.
Home of That Guy credit card processing
A grand deal!
Let us take out your trash!
Your cash cow with no bull.
We're the real 1 percent
Simplified Credit Card Processing without the hassle!
No contracts, No problem!
Completely uppercrust, with trust.
Home of the 1K guarantee. And THAT'S no BS!
Processed with Certainty
Business Services Without the Other Kind of B.S.
credit rising
Sit down with us and save
Betting a grand, you'll be satisfied!!
A thousand bucks that there is no bull!
No Bull Merchant Services
Secure Innovative Card Processing
Land of No Bull and Home of the 1K Guarantee
Dump the Garbage
No Bull Honkey! We're the best!
Payment Processing Hassle Free 1000 Dollar Guarantee
Top 1 Percent Merchant Services, No Question No Quarrel
Trustworthy people, guaranteed services, no bs.
Works like debit. Rewards like cash.
Honest processing by honest people
We Keep Payment Processing Simple
Payment Processing Specialists with No BS or contracts
Highly rated payment processing, the easy way.
All Good, in Cognito
Top Merchant Guaranteed
Preferred Payment Processing
No Oscar the Grouches here, 1000.00 guarantee
1000 reasons why you'll get no BS from us
A Grand way to go!
You Sell We Process
Kick the garbage to the curb and pick the best, no BS!
Simply, straightforward savings GUARANTEED!!
1000 dollars and you're good to go. Guaranteed!
We'll take charge and you'll take credit
Your credit. No catch.
No Garbage No B.S. No Contract Money Saver
Our Guarantee Is No Bull
Noble, No bull.
Thousand Dollars says we're better than that.
A No B.S. Service for Your No B.S. Business
Save the trash for the dump, 1000 percent guaranteed Credit processing.
We take out the BS and Garbage. You get Relief.
We Can Fund You Now
The buck stops here, so you save your bucks.
Backed by A grand, Guaranteed we'll stand
Have you forgotten how good 1000 tastes?
We got your back when the others slack
Their garbage is our grand guaranteed!
Trust not Tricks
Top 1 percent in merchant Services, No bs
Great Service, StraightUp
We're on a mission to save the BS for the competition.
Payment Processing Guru with No Contracts, and No BS, Period!
Don't worry about the BS, Just charge It!
Safe and Secure
It's Your Money, Guaranteed!
Credit card processing that's worth a try
The GRAND Masters Of Credit Card Processing!
Money Hungry Saves
We talk loans not BS
No Contract, No Out of Pocket, 10 Ben Franklin's Guaranteed!
We are the best because of no BS.
No contracts. No risk. No kidding.
"Service with a firm handshake!"
1000 buckaroo guarentee
better rates, better service, nothing hidden
Home Of The Honest Merchant Service Guy!
No fuss gauranteed processing
No shade with our service
Your shady industry without the shady horns.
Just like we say,no bull, betcha a grand
A merchants dream
No need to be nervous about our service, 1000 dollar guarantee
Guaranteed accurate transactions.
Bull Proof Payment Processing
Credit card processing that won't set off your BS detector.
No B.S. from the Best
Kudos to Upstanding Honest CC company with Guts
No fees, just a better credit processing service
No Nonsense Business
The Buck Starts Here
We have 1000 reasons for you to choose us
You swipe it, we type it
Trustworthy Processing, no Bull. We guarantee it!
We 'charged' our way to the Top 1Percent with our NO BS attitude.
Cut out the bull.
We do the Credit card process, we do it best, with no B.s.
Like contracts? We don't use them.
We guarantee transparency, we don't throw shade!
No junks, just cash!
Service in, garbage out.
We Talk BS You'll Enjoy Smelling.
Credit without the crap
A clean swipe, guaranteed
A no BS process!
No grandstanding just a grand!
A Thousand Reasons to Switch
Home of the No BS Merchant Services
We Eliminate the BS
No BS just a grand guarantee 2 save your clients money
No BS Payment Processing
If you want something shady, go find a tree, you won't find it with our guarantee!
BS and hassle free! Guaranteed!
Our Clients Jump Over The Moon. No BS
BS Eliminators
Never stress about BS!
Welcome to the new norm
Just Process It
Your trusted way to pay
We promise you no bs
We keep the junk out of your trunk!
Rise above the BS
Obtain a Grand Transaction Processing
Made in the shade
Tossin' a grand without the garbage
Hassle Free, We Guarantee!
A grand promise!
Too Good to Be False
No BS, no contract, payment processing. we guarantee it!
Grand Slammed Guarantee
The no BS promise
Taking the Garbage Out and Leaving the Money Guarantee With You
We'll leave the BS to those other guys.
1000 Reasons We Are the Best
Let the numbers speak
A company that cares, without hassles
The guys with the grand guarantee
No bull, All bullseye
Low fee, 1000 guarantee, ditch the big guys, go B FREE
BS Free Processing
The best of the 1 percent
All the way to the bank, no jokes!
We Stay Focused!
We Take the Headache out of Processing Payments
No bull, just process.
Quick & Clean Credit Card Processing
We Outperform All Competition By Eliminating the BS!
We process, you save
We take a stand with a guaranteed Grand!
No Contracts, No Cost, 1 Grand Guaranteed!
Guarantee and junk free!
Free BS Removal. We bet a Grand on it!
Dare to Compare
Tomorrow's payment processing done today
We take out the garbage, so you don't have to!
Plastic Money
Professional payment processing, no BS needed.
We Bet A Grand On It
We took out the trash to save you cash
Zero BS!
Saving money speaks louder than a thousand competitors!
Dont Mess With BS, Put Our Processing to the Test,"No Contracts, Equipment Costs,1000 Guarantee" on me "Name Here"
Got Your Back
Credit card processing without the baloney.
Be Safe, Be Sure, Be Secure
All Business and No BS.
No mess, business.
We get you money. Guarateed.
Never BS, Just Payment Success
Home of Upfront Processing
We've taken the Garbage out of the Processing
Give us the credit and give yourself peace of mind
No B.S. We get it done
We're contract, cost and BS free. Payment Process Guarantee!
Honestly the best in payment processing.
Cut the crap out of business
You are the reason we are the 1 percent
Just your Dead Prezez No B's or S's!!
No Contract, No Cost, 10 Ben Franklin's Guaranteed!
A THOUSAND reasons why!
credit edit
Premium payment processing, BS not included.
It's you're money. That Simple. Guaranteed.
EZ Breezy with NO RISK
Know profit with no garbage!
Cut the bull. Call us now.
We'll save you money, guaranteed
The Best with No BS.
Who's That Guy? The no BS guy, 1000.00 guarantee
Sterling Payment Processing
For honest services with a guarantee, we gotta guy!
Contracts with less shade than a desert
We Save You Money and Back It with a 1K Guarantee, No BS!
1000 Ways to Process
Redefining Payment Processing
Take no garbage leave no bs with our 1000 guarantee
Isn't No BS Grand?
No BS. Secure Transactions.
Swipe No Hipe
Home of the No Garbage Guarantee
No bull GRANDteed
No BS for your card swipe finesse
Grand Slam Guarantee Merchant
Save the games for kids not your money
The service that saves!!
Save the Trash for the Dump.
Home of Garbage Free Guarantee
We've Got This!
We're the app for that.
Keeping it Real with No BS
Best in Class Payment Procesing and no hidden fees!
We get to the point.
Saving money, not trash
No BS just shade
1K Giveaway!! Say Yes with No BS!
"Honest. Guaranteed."
Take the Bull, Leave the S
We'll Give You 1,000 Reasons to Stay
MerchantGuy. Say goodbye to BS.
No Stinkin' BS, Guaranteed!
The very best, with no BS.
No contracts. Keep your soul.
Simple. Guaranteed. From The Top Guys.
Time to Take Out the Trash
No If's, And's or BS!
Our Grand is where our mouth is!
We won't give you BS but we will give you USD
No Contracts and No BS, Guaranteed.
Shade Company
We don't do shady. So leave that BS and get your payments processed with us.
One Guy. Top One Percent. One thousand Guarenteed.
BS? Bucks!
Process your business transaction without the strings!
Ranked In The Top 1 Percent Of Merchant Processors
We process, no BS, guaranteed
Feel smart without the BS.
We help your business thrive without all the jive. 1000 guarantee to keep you satisfied.
Your Trust, Our Goal
1000 reasons we can save you money on merchant services
Get the contract outta here.
Priority Payment Processing
Keep more of your cash and forget the trash
No Bull Shenanigans. Call That Merchant Services Guy.
What will you do with how much we save you?
All the processing. None of the BS.
Guaranteed, garbage free!
Fast. Simple. Guaranteed.
They hand out junk, we hand out cash!
Best of The Best, No BS
A Grand Prize if we don't shine
Legit processing or a Grand on us!
Payment Processing. The Revolution.
Taking the BS out of merchant services
Oh, oh, oh, we put a grand on it
No contracts. No fuss. We guarantee it!
We Take the Trash Out
Processing Your Success, Guaranteed
"No BS in your CC's"
We're on the up and upper!
We flushed the BS. Guaranteed.
A Grand on us
No sham. No scam. One Grand. Bam.
True blue merchant service
unadulterated processing
Switch over to us. Zero Cost, Zero Contracts, ZERO BS! Guaranteed!
That merchant services guy guarantees no bs! Which merchants services guy? That merchant services guy
Pay & SAVE Guaranteed!
No BS, Greatness Guaranteed
No. BS. Period.
Save money or you get money
Elevated Payment Processing On The Up&Up
A grand in the hand is worth it!
One Guarantee, Zero BS
We can attest, no BS
No mess, No BS, just the Best
Secure For Sure
Your money, without all the BS.
Partner with the top 1 percent
Everything but the bs.
If we don't make payment processing stress free You make 1K
We are the real thing no garbage
Take our grand opportunity!
All Business Without BS!
Beleive Better than Best
Thousand Reasons to Chose Us
We got a GRAND that says we CAN
King of the Castle Payment Processing
Straight to a G, guaranteed.
If you want B.S., go to college. If you want to save money, give us a call.
No commitment. Only results! No bs.
Go with the Best, Avoid the BS
Fraud Can Only Be Found Elsewhere
Money saved credit card processing !
No Garbage, just B.S! Best Service that is!
there are 1000 reasons why we are the top choice for payment processing
Nonsense proof Credit Process !
Keeping the garbage out and putting the money in
Simple processing without the madness.
BS is for the Pasture, we get you set faster.
Just Processing, No BS
Principled Processing Promised
ccprocess 4u
Make a stand, we stake a grand!
"No garbage garantee, Credit processing for you and me"
We're Giving You One Grand for Our Guaranteed Brand
Anti Slimey
For CASH, get "that merchant services guy"
This Guy is Your Guy for credit card processing
Leave It To Us
For OnTheMoney Payment Processing
1000 Dollars Guaranteed,1000 Percent Trustworthy
Bet you a grand you will like it.
Make Grands, no Garbage
For A No Garbage Guarantee !
Saving You Money Without The Risk.
Where transparency is king
We don't want you to have a grand experience!
Home of the no contract 1k guarantee
We are contract free. Guaranteed!
We Put Our Money Where The Chip Is!
Home Of The Happy Merchant!
One Grand says we're that good.
BS Begone!
Making the Pay Process Easy for You
Leave the contracts, equipment fees, and BS to the other guys.
Takin' out the trash.
We offer a guarantee, you get a grand if your not satisfied
Start at the Top
Why pay more when you're guaranteed to save with us?
Bang & Bucks
Take their card, leave the hard.
Kiss Shady BS Goodbye, Get With The T.M.S. Guy!
1K Dollar Guarantee were contract, cost and BS free!
No Shade, Just Paid
Gain the cash, lose the trash.
The One Percent that Pays its Fair Share!
Straightforward & Entrustable
With our zero B.S. credo, you'll get a merchant service amigo.
Service deluxe or a thousand bucks!
We process credit, not bull.
On YOUR terms
"Serving The One Percent With One Hundred Percent Satisfaction!"
When you're tired of the BS see us
"Where we eliminate all question Marks"
At the top for a reason.
Real Pros, Real Fast, No B.S.
No doubts, no BS, just results!
Home of the No Stress Process
Grand Guarantee. No Garbage Gained.
No BS, only the best with "Name Here"!
We do credit, not crap.
We're the best for a thousand reasons.
Home of the 1000 Guarantee
For fuss free payment processing, I'm your guy!
Keeping out trash while processing cash!
Transact With No Contract!
The Grand Guarantee Guy
No this, no that, nor this or that, we're just a grand merchant service.
Contracts,Hassle, Equipment Cost. Yeah we don't do that.
1000 reasons to let That Merchant Services Guy process your cards, today!
Business Without Shade or you'll be paid!
Swipe Right to no hassle credit card processing
We'll process the BS, You process the payments!
No Bull, Guaranteed
A grand says you'll save.
Pay It Straight. Pay It Clean.
No extra fees, no bull, just service.
We're the best, guaranteed!
The BEST at keeping out the MESS!
No trash, we protect your cash !
Take it from us, hassle free payment processing or 1K
Home Of Payment Processing
a grand guarantee
No Shades Required
You give us your plastic we give you your cash
The better way to swipe!
We are the 1 percenters.
Join the top one percent
No contract, no BS, no worries
No Garbage. Guaranteed!
Nothing to hide, We're on your side!
Your way without the contract
Home Of Integrity, No Garbage Here
No BS, No Garbage, Guaranteed.
No Interest here.
999 Problems! But Credit card proccessing aint 1
Home of the GRANDest Guarantee
Try our brand, we stake a grand, we are the best in the land!
Throw the garbage out with the garbage, 1000.00 guarantee
Results, minus the BS!
Taking out The Garbage,Bringing Back the Guarantee
We Bet 1000 on your Satisfaction.
The best You will find no bs
BS Free, EZ Merchant Services
Save Yourself the Hassle
Payment Processing You Can Trust
No Bully Here Processing
The pinnacle of professionalism
We knock out the BS
Your cash and none of the trash.
No Tricks! No Trim! Guaranteed!
We're the Guy's unlike the typical Merchant Services BS'er!
A thousand bucks says you'll love our No BS policy.
We put garbage in it's place
A grand show of effort
The Paragon Of Payment Processing
A Step Above
Leave the B.S. for the S.O.Bs
Take The Money. Leave The Risk.
No B.S.! Save money with us or we'll pay you a grand!
No strings, plus pay! Processing the smart way!
Superior Merchant Services
Liberty and Credit for All
No Shady Stuff Here, Only Brilliant Transparency
No Bull Honkey at Grand Central Station
No shade is our trade
1000 Guarantee Zero Shade
b.s free credit card processing
We'll show You the Money!
Processing Your Success, The Right Way
Eliminate the BS and climb to the top!
Cash on the Barrelhead
We give your junk the boot
Because you deserve the best in payment processing.
The secret to success? No BS!
Thousand dollars say your transactions are hassle free!
Your money, no contracts, no BS.
1000 times better, 1000 dollars guaranteed
Cypher Out The Ugly System
No shadiness here
Get paid.
Being trustworthy pays off.
In a business full of shadiness step into the sun with us
No more BS.
The GoldStandard Of Payment Processing
We'll Put up 1k and Keep the BS Away!
We do what others can't
We cut contracts, BS, and a check to you!
We mean business, no bull, no garbage, with a grand promise.
We Don't BS So You Don't Have To!
no BS guarantee that's why
Grand Credit, No BS
Real to Real Processing
No B.S. No Garbage. No Kidding.
Stash the trash. Get the cash.
We the Best
Transparent payment processing
The Grand Guarantee is No BS
The truth shall save you money.
1,000 Guarantee is Just Part of our Process
All Business Aimed At You
Take more money to the bank or take us for a grand. Bull not included.
Payment Process without the mess or the BS
More pay, no bull. Accept payments without the contracts or equipment cost. Guaranteed.
Home of No Contracts. No Costs. No Crap.
Just Swipe It
We put Money where your cards are
A grand says we'll save you money!
Swipe without wipe
No more junk in that trunk
Credit card processing, hold the baloney.
bs free merchant services guarantee
We're the service you need
The Home of Legit Payment Processing
Zero Bull, Paid in Full
No B.S. and won't bleed you dry
Putting our Money where our Model is
Brighten the Shade
Payments processed without the garbage.
1000 ways to save
No Junk, Just the Trunk
No BS Proof Processing
No Garbage Process! A Grand Guaranteed!
A grand way to elimate BS.
Count on us to count on your money.
The upright, the sketchy and then there's me.
Integrity In Merchant Services
Money Mojo Made Here
No bologna merchant services, because who actually likes bologna?
The Cadillac of Credit Card Procssing. And No BS!
Stay out of the shade 1000 dollar guarantee.
Our Grand Guarantee is No BS
Come And Get Skewed!
No Bulls Here.
Zero B.S. and Plenty of Zeros in our Guarantee
Merchant Guys Have Grand Services Guaranteed!
because you won't get a 1000 dollar guarantee with those other guys.
Transparent & Professional processing across all platforms. No contracts, no hidden fees, guaranteed!
Can you pay me now?
No Moneygrubbing Here, Just Honest Offers
No Contract . Trusted Service. No BS.
Reach a Grand When Transaction Processing
Cash Out of Plastic
Card processing you can trust, guaranteed!
The best in the biz, no BS!
No fuss, just relax with us
No Hype, No gripe
Say Hello To Payment Processing & So Long To BS!
No Nonsense served here !
Guaranteed grand today and a better perspective for tomorrow.
Better Than The Rest
Trustworthy Payment Processing & That's No Bull!
We Process to Save You Money!
BS Free, Gaurantee!
You get what was paid to you or we pay you 1000 dollars
Trusted Not Busted
Straight up EZ with a GRAND guarantee
Grand In Pocket Honest
Ditch the bull. We guarantee your savings.
No Nonsense Credit Process
Payment Processing Done Right
Bull Free Credit Card Processing
One Grand Without the Scam
A Grand in Hand Merchant Services
I'll wager a GRAND that the other guy is sketchier than me.
No BS & Unlike The Rest!
Serving our customers, no BS required.
The Home of No BS Payment Processing
The Bull Stops Here.
1K guarantee, for real.
Home of BS Terminators
A grand for a scam!
Debunking the bunk.
No trash for your cash, or a grand in your hand!
BS free 1k guarantee
The most cash in hand or guaranteed a grand!
We out perform 99 percent of our competition!
Processed! Or you get a stack.
No contract. Hi impact. 1K backed. Time to act!
We Try Harder
Streamlined processing without the hassle.
Giving you a Guarantee Today and Every Day!
No B.S. No Contracts. Yes Guaranteed!
Greatness achieved through a no BS policy
Money Talks, BS Walks
Home of the Processing Champions
GrandBang No BS
No Garbage, No BS, Save money
Business as it should be, honestly
Alway clean money
Reliable processing you can take to the bank. Really.
No garbage payment processing
The Processing Bull
Top 1 Percent. Zero Percent B.S. Guaranteed
We'll give you 1,000 reasons why we are the best!
We keep our fees out of your business.
love us or leave us
We don't stink!
Processing cash while keeping out the trash.
Pure processing
1 Percent for Merchants, 100 Percent for Certain
All cash, no trash
1K Guaranteed! You won't have to sell your soul.
Home of Guaranteed Credit Card Processing
EZMerchant Services
A Thousand guarantees, No Bull!
We guarantee 1k for forthright pay
Walkout with a grand!
No trash, Just Cash
Let Us Work For You
Payment Processing That's A Credit To The Industry & That's No BS!
B.S. free guranteed!
1K says you'll save.
No Play Just Pay
We deal with the BS and Garbage, leaving you with Freedom.
Fast and furious credit, no strings attached.
Service without the BS
Less Bull, More Payment Processing
if its broke we'll fix it
We let you worry about your business. Not the Credit Card BS.
The Right Features and Services For You!
Better contract happy customer guaranteed no b.s.
Get 1 rack without the wack!
No Bull, All Results
The No BS Process
Keeping it 100, or you get 1000
Get It, Credit!
Skip the money tree with our GUARANTEE!
Eliminating The Excess For Your Success
Grow steady, not shady
No Nonsense, will make Sense here!
Taking the BS out of the business
Stressless credit card processing, no bull, no contract, no equipment.
We do FREE with a GRAND guarantee, that's means NO B.S.!
The Bull Card Shop
We WILL Save You Money!
B.S. free guarantee
The guy with the guarantee.
A Guarantee you CANT afford to pass up!
Straight Up Processing
The Credit Club
There's no junk in our trunk!
C. C. Gurus, 1K Guarantee!
Bet you we're that good!
Keep The Money. Forget The BS
On Point Payment Processing
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