We are going to open a guesthouse/hotel in one of the island in Maldives. Our hotel is located on inhabited island. We have all facilities and services including water sports, diving, snorkeling, excursions, spa and other activities like night fishing.

Maldives Tourism is Sea, Sand and Sun, Maldives tourism attracts throughout the year as the dream destination. Our hotel has 20 rooms and hotel is located in a beach front.

Business Name + Domain Names

Bluenova Island

by CleverBrands

Breezy Beach Hotel

by Leyakat
Cloud Ten
Enrapture Island
BluPeak Resort
Blu Xanadu
Invara Beach
Oceanside Memories
BeachOasis Hotel
Colors Resort
NovaPeak Island
Indigo Isle
Splendid Sands
Dreamscape Island
Island Life Hotel
Mango Beach Hotel
BlueVista Island
Blue Caprice
Avalon Oasis
beach sport resort
DryftAway Island
OhmPresent Luxor
Aquatia Hotel
Hidden Gem Beach Hotel
Felicity Maldive
Island Front Hotel
Giovva Destinations
Koimala Beach Hotel
Paradise Oasis
Maldive's Magical Memories
Hotel Lobai
Maldives Moments
Revive Island
Conch Island
Le Aquasphere Hotel
Tourists Turnkey
Blu Skyscape Hotel
MalDivine Hotel
BeachJoy Hotel
Ocean Play
Island Garland Resort
Beach Questination
Sandy Pebble Beach Hotel
Atlantis Alive! Island Retreat
Siren's Song Resort
Cordistae Breeze Hotel
Terrapin Hotel
Chelonia House
Nafua Hotel
Cloud9 Island
Beach Paradiso
Holiday Hut
TripleStitch Hotel
Las Noches Island
Reefspin's Hotel
Ocean's Twenty
Hotel Zenova
Xenadu Hotel
Felis Hotel
Isolation Beach Maldives
Waving Moon
Breath of bliss hotel
Funscape Island
Cyan Cove
Island Beat Resort
Maldives Hidden Treasure Hotel
Sandy Guestplace
The Blue Egret
Krystal Beach
Beaches & Atolls
cocoloca beach
BluFin Oasis
Sand And Joy Getaway
Maldives Escapades
Oasis Twenty Blue
La Tropica Lagoon
Stratus Island
Maldives Shoreline Hotel
The Anemone
CatchyCoral Hotel
Slice of Heaven Island Resort
A Small Hotel
Beachfront Opulence
Cordistae Hotel
Chelonia Hotel
Cleareef Island
BeachLife Resort
Isle Maldivian
Maldives Greatest Escape
Glassfish Resort
Dream Island Home
Dolphin Shore
Cloud 9 Oasis
Edens Grounds
MagicMoon Resort
Conchshell Hotel
Heavens Oasis Hotel
Exodus Beach
ExoticDestiny Hotel
BlueLuxe Hotel
Harbor Beach Hotel
Oceanic Oasis
Saorsa Island
Shangridiva Island
Blue Muraka
My Island Home
Bliss haven cove
WaveJoy Hotel
Comana Beach
Vacay Vibes
El Maravilloso Paradiso
ZenJoy Island
Liberation Island
Islandom Hotel
Clearwater Resort
Blue Salt Resort
Jellyfish Hotel
BeachHaven Hotel
Island Time Hotel
The MalDives
AquaParadise Hostel
TropicIsle Hotel
Playana Hotel
Blue Dive Isle
Beach Beauty
Maldives Alive
Lagoon Oasis
Sandywel Hotel
The Staghorn Beach Hotel
Morning Glory Beach
Aquamarine Turtle
Cherry Beach
Primo Spot
inhabited extreme hotel
Impulse Island Adventures
Vazara Island
Coral Crush
Resting Aim
Maldives Paradise hotel
Theevu Hotel
Hotel Artrice
Blububble Beach Hotel
Hospitality House Hotel
BluPeak Beach
Hotel TwentyBlue
Divehi Dreams
South Island Hotel
WaveRave Hotel
Landaway Hotel
Island Hangers
Pink Rose Beach Motel
Maldives Manor
TruBliss Island
Conch Oasis
Castaway Beach Hotel
Island Dreams Maldives
Crystal Sands
Blue Dunes Beach
Oceanside Oasis
Estrellas Escape
Sapphire Island
maldives millenium resort
Sparkling Sands
Island Dreams Hotel
Reef Island Resort
BluHaven Oasis
Island Harmonies Resort
Quartz Resorts
Blue Harbors Hotel
Azure Beach Resort
Sand Jewels Beach Hotel
Ocean Song Oasis
Moonflower Harbor
Beauty Sands Hotel
Sandpebble Beach
Anchor Breeze
Reefscape Hotel
Island Paradise Resort
Serenity Cove
Azure Skies Resort
Majestic Blue
Crystal Hideaway
White Clouds Resort
Island of Eden Resort
SilkySands Resort
CoralBlue Hotel
Serenity Isle
Sugar Sands
maldives mystic beach and hotel
Starlight Surf Resort
SaphireBreeze Hotel
Cozy Sands
BalmyBreeze Hotel
Sapphire Beach
Blue Horizons Hotel
Beachside Dreaming
Zenvana Beach
Tropic Oasis Beachfront
Rainbow Coral Island
Coral Reef Oasis
Reefs & Rays Island
Shimmering Sands
SandWave Island
Turquoise Beaches
BluHaven Hotel
Splendor Beach
Waves N ripples hotel
Island Imaginations Resort
Beach Serenity
Diva Beach House
Sandy Toes Hotel
Exotica Island
Azure Isle Adventures
Beach Treasure Resort
Island Revelations Resort
BlueMoon Island
BlueOasis Resort
Island Vibes Hotel
Sandy Feet Island
Blue Skies Island
Water's Edge Resort
Island Waves Hotel
Utopia Sands
MoonDance Island
Amethyst Island Resort
Heavens Creation
VistaBlue Resort
Island Shores Hotel
Beauty Beach Hotel
Celadon Dreams
Maldives Island Elysium
Aqualuna Resort
Ivory Sands Resort
Topaz Skies Resort
Tranquility Holiday
Coral Garden Hotel
Neptune Resort
Pleasant Isles
Palm Sands Oasis
Clear Reef Resort
Solaris beach hotel
Saltspray Beach Hotel
Viridian Beach
Dream Oasis Beachfront Hotel
Tranquility Island
Tango Paradise
Edens Ocean Resort
Mezzaluna Island
ImperialSand Resort
Coral Breezes
Blue Hammock Hotel
Ocean Dreams
AquaMarine Resort Hotel
sanctuary beach
Blue Haven Beach
Serenity Sands Hotel
Dreamers Isle
Maldives Island Vacations
Island Ecstasy Hotel
Carefree Island
Diamond Dreams
Heavens Crystal Hotel
Beachfront Retreat
Intimate Sands
Changing Tides Resort
Silk Sand Beach
Aquatic Dream
CeruleanOcean Hotel
Isle of Enchanment
SereniBeach Hotel
Mystic Indigo Island
The Harborage Hotel
Pleasure Isle
Elated islands
Salty Breeze Resort
Blue Spirit Island
Maldives Hideaway Hotel
Prisms island hotel
MarbleSands Resort
Aura Beach Resort
Beachside Adventures
Hushwater Hideaway
Exquisite Delite Resort
Spyglass Beach Hotel
Ocean Haven Resort
Blackcrown Hotel
Beach Beckons Hotel
SandyJewel Isle
Beachcombers Getaway
OceanView Oasis
Enchanted Palms Resort
Happy Vibes Hotel
BluDream Hotel
Ivory Isle
PeakBreeeze Resort
Blue Eden Resort
Reef Resort
White Shutters Beach
Jade Resort
Sand Pearl Island Hotel
Breezy & Bliss
Angelfish Hotel
Ocean Blues Resort
Islands Escape Resort
BlissWave Resort
Eden Escape
Hotel Marina
Repose Resort
Shipwreck Cove Cabin
Heavens Sand Resort
Glimmering Waves
Bijou Lagoon Hotel
Villa Maldives
White Caps Hotel
Island Dreams
Ocean Voyager Oasis
Sandscape Resort
Prestine Island Retreate
Eden's Oasis
Coconut Ridge Resort
CrimsonCoral Hotel
Maldives Magnificence
Le Tropicabloom Hotel
The Sandaway
Blue Lagoon Resort
Maldives Treasure Trove
Star of the Beach
Blue Ray Hotel
Buoy Harbor
Island Sound
Coral Grove Resort
Necklace Islands Resort
Beach n' Breezes Hotel
Magic Dragon Island
Realities Escape
Morning Star Beach Hotel
Beacon Bay
Whispering Waters Island Hideaway
TideSide Island
Pura Island
Reef Life Maldive
Bliss Resort
Paradise Islands hotel
Haven Cove Resort
Clear Reef Beach
Island Respite
Coral Ridge Resort
Brightwater Island Resort
Island Song
Beach Cottage Island
Inviting Island
Isle Paradiso
Blissful Beach Island Retreat
Mermaids Resort
Island Dream Hotel
Crystal Serenity
Blanca Shores
Aqua Resort
Maldive Pearl
Castle Island Resort
Sandreams of Maldives
Crystal Cove
Island Destination
FantasyMoon Hotel
Coastal Dreams
Arcadian Gardens Resort
Indigo Paradise
BlueSky Island
WarmSands Hotel
Luna Lagoon
Dreamer's Island
Solace Resort
Salty Vibes Resort
Sandy Shores Hotel
Surf & Sky Maldives
RoyalOceanic Isle
Big Blue Resort
Allure Isle
Island Interlude
Heavens Creation Beach
PureView Resort
Diamond Island Excursion
Coral Cay
Crystal Blue Hotel
Crystal Island Encounters
Sandcastle Shore Sport and Spa Hotel
OceanNotion Escapes
Clear Destiny Beach
Paradise Awaits Resort
Blue FLute
Escapes at Maldives
BlueGem Oasis
Crest Island
BlissBay Waves
Splendid Breeze Resort
That Life Hotel
DreamWaters Island Retreat
Blue Jasmine Adventures
Hotel Blue Bamboo
Dream Pipers Beach
Exotic Destiny Beach
CoralPortal Hotel
Maldives Great Escape Hotel
Maldives Isles Resort
Oceansity Hotel
Easy Life Island
SSS Island Retreat
Island of Maldive Excursion
Adventure Beach
Dhivehin Hotel
Play Island Hotel
Emerald Island Encounter
Maala Resort
Solace Island
Coconut Dreams Hotel
Peace Haven
Maldive Island Adventures
Hotel Horizon
Dockside Destination
The Maldivian
Bluetide Hotel
Beach Mirage
The Ocean Life Hotel
AquaEssence Escape
BeachFront Haven
The Sands of Maldive
Indigo Adventures Resort
Atoll Oasis
Island Muldive Oasis
Coral Ocean Hotel
Starfish Island
Destiny Island
Hotel HypNautic
Sandy Bottom Resort
destination fun resort
Beach Waltz
Oceanside Destination
Infinity Island
Maldive Aqua Safari
Heavens Vibe
Fyrefly Island
Proof of Heaven Hotel
Paradise Reef Resort
Dream Destination Hotel
Crystal Water Encounter
Beachside Excursions
Maldive Island Destination
Distant Journey
Azulee Hotel
Rejuvae Resort
Kingdom Beach Hotel
Beach Please Resort
Breakers Oasis
Island Majesty
Ethereal Island Hotel
Maldives Premium Tourist Hotel
Palm Island Beach Motel
Suite Oasis
Maximum Blue
Bluetopia Beach
Azure Isle Resort
CrystalBliss island
Stardust Cove
Bella Blue Island
Blue Oceans Island
BlueCoral Hotel
Island Play Holidays
Island Elation
Getaway to Maldive Island
Escape Oasis
Escape to Maldives
Dhivehin Island
Island Air Hotel
Island Dreams of Maldives
the Maldive Experience
Beach Allure
The Coral Cay
Coral Island Resort
BeachDreamer Hotel
Adventurous Spirit Hotel
Isle of Rays
Feyrun Athiri Hotel
Sand Dollar Holiday Adventures
King Siri Island Hotel
Destination Relaxation
Blue Octupus
FunTimes Island Resort
Barefoot Reef Hotel
Maldives Target of Treasures
Holiday Hotel
Eternity Beach
Dreamers' Chateau
Beacon Beach
Juxta Hotel
Coral Pearl
Jubilee Resort & Spa
Azure Allure
Azure Bliss
Hotel Maldivia
WhiteSands Hotel
The Place You Stay
Alabaster Sands
Dream Island Hotel
Baylife Cove
Blue Oceans Hotel
Ocean Anchorage
Cora Lago
Island of Dreams Hotel
VistaCoast Hotel
Aqua Hive
Destination Maldives
Ocean Breezes of Maldives
High Tide Resort
Paradis Maldives
Experience Maldive Island
Indian Ocean Harbor
Beachwick Resort
Grand Escape Isle
WilCrest Island
Juxta Vibes
Magical Maldive
Beacon Sands
Coral Splash Resort
Beguile Isle
Ocean Quest Resort
Recharge Island
Beach Kissed
Ellora Beach
Unchanted Wave
Hotel on Memory Beach
Crusoe Resort
Heavenly Atoll
Tranquil Current
Watersoire Hotel
Mal Isle Suites
Theevu Island
Magnificent Maldives
Endless Resort
Tranquil Tavern
Zenergy Island
Ahoy Landing
Beach Breeze Hotel
SandPalace Hotel
Agape island hotel
Bask Beach
The Island Dream
BlueCove Hideaway
Cozy Dreams Hotel
Sapodilla Resort
Inasphere Beach Hotel
Idyllic Island
Salty Splash Isle
Sandsol Beach
Maldives Island Magic
BlueSilk Hotel
Coral Bay GuestServices
Monaqua Hotel
Strolling Sugar
MyBlueHeaven Resort
Empyrean Island Hotel