10 Chosen Names



Plastic Point of Purchase ("POP") Display Aid - we've updated an existing product ( and are looking for a name for the new version. The new version is still plastic and functions similarly but the wheel is not as wide and the part that connects the wheel to the corrugated display is improved yet functionally similar to the existing product linked to above.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but our word is worth a thousand bucks!

The business name and domain is "ThatMerchantServicesGuy"- we do Credit Card Processing.... it's a shady industry with shady sales people We eliminate the BS with no contracts, no equipment cost, and $1000 guarantee to actually say the clients money. We're the top 1% and are keeping the garbage/junk out of our business model



GS1 ( is the organisation behind the barcodes used on products in most supermarkets across the world. We're a standards organisation: we provide companies with unique identification numbers for their products. The number you see under the product barcode is managed by GS1 and helps companies to do business more efficiently. As more consumers buy online, we've developed a new standard to help products be found more easily on the web.... and we need your help to give it an attractive and meaningful name for companies that will use it! The new GS1 standard allows companies to embed the barcode number and other product information (such as ingredients and allergens) into their web pages. As a result, search engines can better index the products and present them more prominently in search results. Companies benefit because their products are more visible to consumers, ultimately leading to more sales. Consumers also benefit because they can more easily find the products and product information they are looking for. Thanks in advance for your help.


Pass The Past

Our app empowers older people by helping them to preserve their memories and wisdom for future generations. It is simple, friendly, and accessible, designed to help the user produce short audio recordings about specific experiences. Topics include 'first love', 'war memories', 'motor cars' etc. We hope to capture hundreds of thousands of stories which can be shared with families and used educationally to help people learn more about the past. Simple names preferred, must have a .com domain.


private contest - chosen name kept private



We are looking for a product name and domain representing our hypnosis site. We are retailing a series of 1-week, intensive hypnosis MP3 audio programs, focused on the Law of Attraction, weight loss, and wealth. We are looking for a generic hypnosis related name that efficiently describes what we're offering, without being too "cheesy" (ie, Two words MAXIMUM with compound names.


Life Options

A national, nonprofit technical assistance training intervention for health centers to ensure that women get access to the new, most effective methods of contraception. Half the pregnancies in the US are accidental, and most occur because the pill has a high failure rate if not taken perfectly. There are new methods of contraception that are safe, 45 times more effective, and endorsed by physician groups. We want to train health centers to offer all methods so women can achieve their own goals.


Pivotal Media

We are an Online Media company that creates, develops, and hosts high quality content based web properties. Many of our web properties are in diverse niches that gives our company an advantage of broad experience in web properties. We also have a specialty in eCommerce web store properties. The name will be our company name and domain name. Domain should be two words. You make up the first word and the second word must be "" For example, Shorter is better. Be creative


The Inside Track

Financial planning business that focusses on estate, retirement and transition planning and works in a collaborative way with other professionals providing the best outcomes for our clients. The business is called Everblue Consulting. We need a name for our blog that emphasises staying on track to achieve your goals, not taking too many risks, enjoying the latter years of your life and leaving a legacy for your children which is a lot more than money.


Home Suite Homes

Real Estate Company we manage,sell,buys and rehabs properties.We work with buyers and sellers to help them solve their Real Estate challenges.We also work with a World Wide network of Investors who are interested in Buying and Selling in the Denver Mile High area and around the World.We invest in Single Family Homes.Mobile Homes and Commercial investments.My large network allows us to close fast with the large pool of Sellers and Buyers.