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EnergyWise Meter

Setra's Power Meter measures and analyses the electricity consumption and power quality of multiple electrical loads. The meter can measure the power usage/consumption/quality of an entire building, one or more tenants within a building, one or many pieces of machinery or equipment, and any combination of the above. The meter will be sold in 3 load, 12 load or 48 load configurations. This means the meters can measure anywhere from one complex load up to 48 simple electrical loads, allowing flexibility for the user and their applications. Some of the unique properties of the meter are: - relatively compact form factor - ability to rotate with a modular display - built-in safety enclosure - safe access to the meter without wearing cumbersome safety gear - configuration via a web portal on the unit - trending data that is logged on the meter and subsequently accessed by customer - interfaces with and receives relevant information with adjacent equipment - has the ability to generate alarms based on criteria such as equipment failure, energy usage, incorrect setup