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We are developing a software for doing the following: 1- Asset Management. 2- Spare Parts Management 3- Service & Maintenance 4- Preventive Maintenance Management 5- Work Order Ticket Management 6- Multi-Site Capability 7- Cloud Based as well as in-house options 8- Built in messaging and chatting 9- Advanced easy to use interface 10- User customizable main page Our main competitor is MAXIMO (


TerraVista Vacations

A new way to vacation. Seasoned Timeshare Developer has a new "Club" experience to offer. Focus is on quality vacations with ease. Positive experiences for the whole family. Inspiring families and couples to become members.



Name for a new invention. Item replaces travel pillows, the horseshoe shaped pillows sold in airports and luggage stores to help passengers sleep while sitting up in an airline seat. Chiropractor designed device that keeps the traveler's head from falling forward, or left and right, while they are trying to go to sleep and after they have dozed off. It's more like a collar made of soft resilient foam that molds to the back of the neck . If possible, the name would suggest the purpose of the item


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