1 Chosen Names


LifeCare Health Partners

This business is a not-for-profit umbrella company that oversees multiple affiliate agencies. All are health and human services based, but have varied clients and target markets. Services across the board include primary care, mental health services, education, residential programs, autism services, therapies, recreation and art programs, supported employment, supported housing, substance abuse assistance, chronic conditions, child care, community services, support groups, etc. Our audience includes all ages from any socio-economic background, from homeless individuals to wealthy families with a child with special needs. Quality of life resonates throughout and each affiliate provides opportunities for individuals to reach their fullest potential. The name needs to reflect that this umbrella company is a center or family of services throughout our region in upstate New York. The name should preferably be no more than three words that professionally convey a sense of caring and commitment to the people serves by all our partner agencies.