2 Chosen Names


The Luminary

We are looking for a name for a new luxury property development in London. It is located in an area called the Albert Embankment and sits opposite the Houses of Parliament. The views from the apartments will be incredible - spanning parliament across to the City of London. The main market for the properties will be in the Middle East, so if the name is 'relevant' to that market it is a positive (but not essential).


Silane Shield

Using a proprietary silane technology,(PRODUCT NAME) physically controls and ruptures the target organism's cell membrane on contact. It molecularly bonds to any surface, and the coating applied is protected against bacteria, mold, fungi and algae. (PRODUCT NAME)is measured to last up to one year from a single electrostatic application. Cannot use the words Sterile or "kills"- very regulated by the EPA- going to private label this product; www.sdlabs.com