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private contest - chosen name kept private


SilverLining Speech

Speech Pathology private practice working with children. Work with children with speech, language and reading/spelling difficulties. Main client group aged 2 - 10 yrs. Prefer name that sounds professional but evokes happy/warm/fun/caring feeling. Prefer name with one or two words. I can tag on 'speech pathology for children' if needed. Prefer name not to start with the word 'speech'(ok as second word). Australian business. Open to generic name but not sounding too young. No misspellings



What We Do: We configure and run automated marketing programs for franchise networks. Target Audience: Franchise networks. Specifically - we sell the marketing system to the franchisors, but after the system is configured and set up the franchisees become the customer as they are the ones that fund the specific marketing campaigns for their locations. Read our info-graphic about what we do here:



The product is a new kind of fashion accessory, which we call "decollete (cleavage)jewellery". We are looking for a crisp brand name that can be used as company name as well. The target group are women between the age of 20-50 who are self-confidant, body conscious, consider themselves as sexy and are fashionable. The brand name should either be descriptive or evocative. Ideally it has a sexy but still classy connotation. To see the product check out this video:


Relax. We've Got This.

Miller's Heating And Air is a HVAC, heating and air conditioning company located in Vancouver Washington also serving Portland Oregon. We specialize in residential Installations and service on heat pumps, Air conditioners, furnaces, thermostats. We have been in business since 1947. We focus on being a one-source solutions for our customers' heating and cooling needs. Our focus is taking care of our customers and providing exceptional service and buying experience. We have certified technicians.