5 Chosen Names


private contest - chosen name kept private


FierceCore Training

Our business sells speed training equipment (speed ladder, parachutes, harnesses, etc). Our website is Our current name is Explosive Power & Speed or EPS. What we have noticed is that our customers can remember EPS but never what it stands for. It is hard to remeber and just to long. We would like a name that is masculine, sports related, short, simple, and easy to remember. Some similar companies to us are SKLZ, SPARQ, and Per4m. we would like a one word real or makeup


Events by Design

Creation, development, and organization of special events for public, corporate, and non-profit entities. Our A-Z approach to event management minimizes the tasks for the client by managing each component of the process and ensuring that an organized and streamlined approach is applied to the execution of our clients' event marketing strategies. We also promote our own public events, concerts, and festivals.


Cork and Barrel Spirit Shoppe

Private liquor store in the "Oak Bay" neighborhood of Victoria British Columbia Canada. We sell beer, wine and spirits. Oak Bay is an affluent area and Victoria has an old English feel to it. Current name is "Penny Farthing Spirit Merchants" but it needs to be changed.


The Sneaker Spa

Shoe cleaning service that steam cleans, deodorizes, and sanitizes all types of footwear! We specialize in cleaning athletic shoes and sneakers. Shoes are individually cleaned. The filth of any pair of shoes never comes in contact with any other pair. The customer experience will be driven by a mobi app. Customers can elect to drop off their soiled shoes at a myriad of locations throughout their city or schedule a home/business pick-up and delivery.