8 Chosen Names



We are looking for a good budget hotel brand name to put on our budget hotel that is going to get developed in Maldives and then take the brand to other countries and following are key features. 1. It should be modern and not ultra modern. 2.Comfortable 3 Affordable.


The Urban Hamper

This is who we are We are adding this to our services. We need to name this service.The new service name should be able to compliment the established PRESS brand, but should not be an identical twin.Based on the name and look of PRESS brand,we will want to try and cultivate a stylish, classic look, also adding shades of an urban/city feel.Service not limited to lockers. Think lifestyle, ease of use, etc.


The Collision Crew

Auto collision repair. We offer more than just the car being repaired right. We want to offer a concierge type experience where we eliminate the hassles and inconveniences of a repair. Specializing in working with insurance companies. Offer a boutique style service.


Fifi and Fido's Fabulous Water

Develop a NAME for a bottled water brand w/ added vitamins & minerals for pets that makes the target core user (66% female, age 35-64, 85% caucasian, 62% married, 40% w/ HHI $35-75K) feel as though they are buying the best for their pet. There is a growing concern among owners about the overall health & well-being of their pets. The NAME should tap into that concern. Owners consider their pets as being true members of the family. The water will benefit both dogs & cats - will be sold at retail.


The Creative Consort

Porcelain pottery products and jewellery



A Face Painting business mostly aimed, but not limited toward children.


A Creative SIDE (SIDE = Service for Innovative Design Elements)

Graphic Design business for freelance artist, specializing in creative digital artwork, design services and photo restoration - Wisconsin


private contest - chosen name kept private