3 Chosen Names



Hi. We are creating a business that sells packaging for handmade or homemade products, such as creams, oils, etc. where people use them personally or to sell later with their creations. Most of the products are glass containers in several presentations but we do not want to limit the name to only reflect glass packaging. A few pages of very similar references, would be these:


NovaGene Bioscience

Pharmaceutical company whose drugs change the structure of ApoE4, the protein product of a gene associated with a greatly enhanced risk of neurodegenrative disease including Alzheimers, to the structure of ApoE3 or ApoE2 - the benign variants of the same protein. In the scientific literature these drugs have been referred to as 'structure correctors'.


New Wave Transitions

Provides transition/succession planning consulting services to business owners, executives and professionals taking into consideration matters of the head and heart so that they are mentally and emotionally prepared to transition to a purposeful and happy new life that they look forward to.