1 Chosen Names


Breaking Ground

This business is a homebuilder who targets Generation Y. They are couples that are 20-35 years (female skew) who are either planning a family or have a young family under the age of 5. They are family oriented, community minded and enjoy experiences in life. These people are looking at building a home as long term investment, their home will be a place that they can enjoy experiences in life rather than an investment to sell on. This business will be different to other homebuilders in the market, they will be offering a solution which allows people to build their home on their own terms. The name should have a young vibe but still sound professional as the target market is trusting them with a large sum of money. The name should be evocative, vibrant, bold and real. It should evoke the feeling of buying and building your own home. It should not be descriptive or functional. Can consider a made up name but it shouldn't sound trendy or fad based like buildify.