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Strategic Benefits Design provides professional management services to organizations in the form of HR & Broker services. Under the Broker umbrella, we are an industry leading benefits design, consulting, and Communication Company offering web-based insurance information with proven products and services throughout the United States to individuals, families and companies. SBD's outsourced benefit programs and administration eliminate time-consuming research, multiple vendor contracts and the high cost of in-house administration. Employees get the benefits they want and need, while employers reduce turnover, costs and time spent researching and maintaining multiple vendor contracts. The Benefits Administration aspect will simplify open enrollment by allowing employees to select their own elections online. Update rates with a single click and data will automatically update to payroll. Under the HR umbrella, we provide Human Resource Management, Benefits Administration, Payroll Administration, Risk Management, Compliance Audits, Governmental regulations guidance etc. We are positioned as an HRO. HRO stands for Human Resources Outsourcers. An HRO is a third-party provider of common HR services. As I listed above our services will address all or only a few of businesses' various HR needs, including payroll, benefits administration, training, risk management and recruitment. We will offer services à la carte so that clients can pick and choose which HR responsibilities they want to outsource. The clearest advantage of HROs as compared to PEOs is flexibility. Companies can choose which services to outsource and which to manage in-house all while maintain their own EIN and employees. Many SMBs (small- to medium-size businesses) turn to HRO companies so they can focus on business objectives, save time and cut costs. We will be re-selling this "service" to other Hardware Store operators throughout the country and any other small-large size company needing assistance in these ways. Currently, the Hardware Industry has over 36,000 Independent Retailers in the marketplace comprised of hardware stores, home centers and lumberyards that are not a Big-box center; i.e. Home Depot or Lowe's. I need a name for this product we are going to be "re-selling" that someone could read and "get" what it our solution is. There are some companies out there that are giving their software it's own brand or identity if their company does many things.. not just hr, or payroll etc.. Example: ADP's software is branded as "myworkforce". Since ultimately we will be showcasing many solutions to employers needs in the marketplace ¦ (Marketing, H/R, Broker Services, payroll, compliance¦ etc everything I listed out previously) I am looking for something that will showcase the holistic and robust solution we will be providing beyond just the "technology". Be as creative as you want.