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Zero in 90

This product is a FDA cleared medical device that is used for the treatment of Head Lice. yuck! Head Lice are a major problem in our country. 1 out of 20 elementary children have head lice. Over the counter products are filled with pesticides and lice mutate around them. Our product has been clinically proven to kill lice and eggs. We do this through the process of dehydration. the current device for clinic use can be seen in action at the new product will be a smaller that the professionall version sold direct to consumers for in home use. The new consumer device is about the size of a blow dryer. We use a precise airflow and temperature, not to hot to burn the head and yet hot enough to kill the lice and egg. It is an easy treatment and kills lice and eggs in a single 90 minute treatment. It is based off of the medical device our professional use. the name needs to mean something to a freaked out mom who just wants the nightmare over and she wants a one and done solution. the space for over the counter head lice treatment and nit picker comb out services make it hard to come up with a name. We need good ideas for a name and tagline Think of it as an in home lice device. although it can't be named lice device this is already taken.