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CNY Canine Coaching

Dog Training- group classes, basic obedience, agility for fun, and private training. I currently have a name but I need to change it for a couple reasons. It's too similar to another business and there is an LLC by the same name (eek!). They don't actively use the name because they use a franchise name. Thus far I haven't received a cease & desist but I want to avoid it. Anyway the type of dog training I do is directed to the average dog owner/family dog. I teach basic to more advanced obedience, tricks, nose work, agility for fun/exercise. I do NOT do dog training for competitive events like dog shows. My classes and training programs are more fun, less stuffy, etc. I use positive reinforcement based methods (no harsh physical punishments, no shock collars, prong collars, choke chains, etc) I work with mild aggression. I work with separation anxiety, manners, etc. I want the name to compliment my business personality. Directed at the average dog owner/family dog. Currently I'm using CNY Dog Training (CNY = Central NY). Our area is also called the "Mohawk Valley", and "Utica-Rome". So feel free to use "CNY", "Utica-Rome", or "Mohawk Valley". Just a warning, there is a place called "Mohawk Valley Dog Training Club". I really don't want to use my last name - it's hard to spell (Serianni). I could use my first name - Karen but prefer not to in case I ever want to sell my business.