2 Chosen Names


Solutions Bank

We are a bank dealing primarily in mortgage loans, commercial loans and consumer loans Our Message: YOU MATTER. This is our bank's message to each of our customers. It also defines the relationships we enjoy at work and within our community. Our Actions: We listen first and understand fully. We do the right thing. Every time. We are passionate and strive to amaze someone each day. We make a difference and contribute to the greater good. We are gracious. We say thank you and mean it. Our Current Customers: The average age of our current bank customer is 52 years old (Baby Boomer). Our Future Customers: Our goal is to reduce the average age of our bank customer and increase the percentage of Millennial generation customers. Listed below some descriptions of what we hope to convey through our new name. We know that we can't convey all of these things, but whatever name we come up with should convey at least a couple of these ideas. These go from "most important to convey" to "least important to convey." Fun Whimsical Social Personable Friendly Inclusive Open-minded Creative Engaging Patriotic Loyal Dedicated Thoughtful Generous Altruistic Flexible Casual Simple Transparent Accurate Conscientious Attentive Trustworthy Intelligent Responsible * Note: Ideally, we would like the name to be more about the customer than it is about us.


Maverick Strategies

Greetings! I run a public relations business focused on crisis work, financial communications and other high-level strategic engagements for Fortune 500 company. My business is growing rapidly but has a terribly boring name (my last name which is so lame). I need a new name that can end in Communications, Strategies, Group, etc. I have really struggled with it and ideally the name would reflect my rural Wyoming, cattle ranching upbringing. I may live in NYC now but my heart is always out West. I am a lawyer and a former journalists and I really cannot come up with any good name ideas so please, please help!!