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StitchWood Leathers

We make leather products in a new way, With a combination of wood and leather... I imagine a collection of male to begin with and eventually some female / unisex travel products from passport and document holders to laptop bags with wooden panels etc.... The business feels like to me like a mixture of "hipster" for lack of better words organic, raw, etc... in a corporate environment. The uni student who loved to party, is all grown up in his/her mid to late 30's and proudly wears their leather and wooden bag that smells like cedar, linseed oil and leather in a concrete jungle of glass and steel... Here is an example of a bag I make...


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GetIt Unlocked

I'm launching an online mobile phone unlocking business so customers can unlock their mobile/cell phones in order to use any sim card and carrier they wish going forward. Customers no longer have to go to a shop on the high street to do this, they can do it from the comfort of their own home or anywhere with internet access by visiting my site. Customers just need to fill in a form, pay, receive an email with the unlock code and enter this code into their phone giving them the ability to use sim cards from any carrier going forward. They'd benefit by being able to choose cheaper tariffs whilst keeping the same phone and not having to buy a new one. Most of the good business and domain names have been taken hence why I'm struggling to come up with one that's catchy, not too lengthy with a domain name that's available for purchase. Domain name must be available for and end in .com please.Here are links to a few competitors if you need any ideas: