1 Chosen Names



We are a lifestyle brand in the cannabis dispensary market with a vision to redefine retail cannabis. We are taking the head shop on height street and replacing it with a Starbuck's class operation. We're creating a new paradigm in retail cannabis with warm, modern shopping environments, modeled after our country's top retailers. We are delivering a current and relevant brand to the industry. Our brand attributes are: style, visionary, smart, clever, fun, approachable, professional, consistent, high quality, humble, sensible, community Our Core values: intergrity, honesty, transparency, connection, empowerment, contribution, discipline and profitability. We want a unique name, that extends beyond typical cannabis connotations/associations. A name connecting us to the industry would have to be very clever. No's include: green, 420, canna____, 420 ____, etc. We were formally Harvest, but the name is too common and therefor we are changing directions. We suggest a name outside of the common cannabis associations. It has to be easy to pronounce, e.g., our parent company is cosecha (harvest in Spanish), great name. no one can pronounce it.