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NuVitality Health

I run an traditional Internal Medicine practice but am branching out into a science based exercise/nutrition/wellness program. People want to feel more energetic and engaged. I coach people to maximize their own life story. I am developing blog content, videos, lectures and am writing a book on the subject.



We are a commercial aircraft asset management and disassembly company that manages and disassembles airplanes for customers and resells all of the parts removed from the aircraft back to airlines who need parts for their existing fleets. We provide this service to customers who own existing aircraft that have reached the end of their economic life (making the aircraft more valuable in it's individual parts rather than whole) and want to utilize us to sell the parts from their aircraft that we have disassembled. As part of the customer experience, we are creating a new online portal that gives customers access to all of their projects under our management and all the parts that we have extracted from each of the aircraft that are under our management. This customer portal is in the process of being developed and we need a name for the portal. We will be offering this portal to our existing customers and also as a selling tool to bring new customers on board and eventually will brand this as a software as a service. This is essentially an inventory and financial management software solution where our customers can see a live dashboard of the financial achievements of each project/aircraft (Month to date, quarter to date sales performance, project tracking reporting and fleet reporting). Customers can download these reports to their desktop for additional performance analysis. This system will house all project tracking and historical sales documents/reports and will allow customers to analyze the different aircraft side by side to compare performance of one project/aircraft to another project/aircraft (i.e. how did the B777 project compare to the A320 project?). We want the name of the portal to reflect trust, vision, intuitive processing, confidence and assurance. Please stay away from aviation cliches as this software could potentially be sold to other industries down the road.