2 Chosen Names


Sweet Rosita

Need some ideas on naming a new type of Cherry tomato. It is slightly pink in color and has a very very sweet taste. The seed is known as Nebula. But we want to create a marketing plan around a new name. Taste. Flavor profile are the main features of this new tomato. Packaged in small convenience on the go containers or club packs for the family to enjoy over a longer period of time. Shelf life on the product is very good compared to other fresh vegetables.


Probiotic Balance

We are designing a probiotic that boosts immunity. This pill not only helps improve your digestion, it gives your body everything it needs to protect against viral and bacterial infections so that you don't get sick. Our target market is professionals who are well educated and have a lot to do in their life. These people don't have time to get sick or feel less than great. Try to convey a feeling of health, purity, strength, safety, science, and nature. Make sure the name is simple to say, easy to remember, and not very long.