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Liveability Report

This Australian based business is about providing a comprehensive sustainability and liveability design, development and performance assessment/rating of property's (land, house and buildings) and the surrounding community services, amenities (e.g. parks) and transport links. This product is to address a market need for an easy to understand performance/rating system which addresses the key liveability and sustainability features and attributes of new and existing property's and surrounding services and amenities. The system rates the property's performance against seven core categories: Energy, Water, Liveability, Resources, Nature, Community and Transport. The main business offering is a suite of web-based rating tools, design services and resources for industry and consumers. The core of the system is a web-based interactive software program that assesses and rates residential property's. It is unique in that it integrates in one system the key elements and criteria which combined provide a quantifiable measure of the social, economic and environmental sustainability of property's and applies an assessment score based on the optimal performance which can be achieved in each criteria. The strength of this system is how it rates, displays and reports the performance achievement of property's, and recommendations for improvement. The system incorporates, addresses and speaks to contemporary social, ecological, and health and quality-of-life issues and concerns, and provides information and recommendations about how a 'high-performance' property can be achieved that is thermally comfortable, accessible, energy, water and resource efficient, linked to community services and transport infrastructure, is cheaper to run and will be a smarter investment into the future. This system is focussed on the fixed constants when assessing a subject property, the house and the community in which it is located. It does not look at lifestyle, behaviours or consumption habits as these vary on a case-by-case basis. It is a valuable tool for consumers, selling agents and property developers who typically do not have the language of sustainability or a methodology to benchmark a property's performance. Background: The business has been operating in development phase for a number of years, however due to changes a new brand and marketing name, look and feel are required. Significant design development has already been done for logos, icons and star ratings used for each of the categories and which preferably would be retained or only have minor adaptations to align with the new business/product name and brand. (Not: the logos, icon and star-ratings for each category can be made available). The clients and sectors the product is targeting are: Discerning green property buyers and sellers focussing on the mid-20's " mid-40's demography; selling agents and small-mid scale developers.