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Terra Potta

We are a Native American tribal-based recycling technology company that diverts large volumes of waste packaging foam (Styrofoam) from public landfills and processes the material into specially coated particles suitable for use in potting soil (among other uses). Use of our recycled material reduces bag weight by a full 1/3, helps retain moisture and adds significant nutrient value. But here's the fun part .. Our core potting soil product is called NATIVEMIX, but we now desire a very catchy/memorable brand name specifically targeted for the exploding legal MARIJUANA GROWERS INDUSTRY. Our ultra-light potting soil mix is very high quality, cuts water demand by 10-20% (an especially big deal in our California market) and every bag contains 1/3 volume of pure recycled waste - making this the "greenest" soil material ever made available to the billion dollar pot market. So - HAVE FUN WITH THIS! We can't wait to see what creative ideas you come up with! Thank you and good luck!