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Legacy Journal

I need a product name for a daily planner. The planner is for everyday use. Our daily planner is focused on achieving success. It is your best friend for achieving your goals. The idea is that if you use our planner it is guaranteed that you will make great progress towards your goals. The planner has the following features: - planning of long-term and short-term goals - planning of your vision (of your dream life) - Morning ritual part for every day (so that you can start your day in the best possible state) - Tod do list - Habit tracking - Reflecting on the day part (this helps maximize everyday progress) - Weekly Review - planning of the following week - life balance tracking Our customers will be mainly business people and people who proactively plan their day and strive for success. The product will be for both women and men. The product name (name of the planner) will be printed on the cover of the planner/book. The design of the planner will be very elegant, and clean. We aim for a luxurious look, something of very high quality. For the cover material of the planner, we will probably use some really nice leather. I need a name for the product that fits (or supports) our "luxurious" or "high class" standard. The name/title should represent the planners content and the premium design.



We are building an online platform that offers a smart set of services to connect, equip and develop freelance professionals and talent-minded businesses. The platform will facilitate community interaction, utilise its own currency with a game-ified edge to incentivise and reward good engagement with the online community, and a set of tools that not only help freelance professionals and hirers network and mind their business pipelines + projects, but also benefit from the data gathered on the platform to make informed decisions about their career and business. Think: Sims for freelancers and their clients!