5 Chosen Names


Summa Solutions- means elite in Latin

Education , coaching and mediation company. Looking for a name that will indicate what who we are but is simple for the consumer. Would like to exude confidence, trust, and stability to our consumer. Also looking to exude that our services are elite in nature for an exclusive group. Our motto is educate. Empower. Excellence.


Shirikon- silicon in Japanese

We have a flexable ducting that fireproof and rodent proof and is used for domestic rangehoods and gas central heating systems.(We have already named the product as Steelflex). Are customers often ask us what it is made off. As we do not want to give away trade secrets we are looking for a made up word that sounds crediable. The material feels like silicone simular to the silicone used to make heat resistant oven trays. There is also a metal wire twisted around to give it extra strength.


private contest - chosen name kept private


private contest - chosen name kept private



Jaguar Network (French Telecom operator and IT hosting data specialist) launched in 2015 "Project J" in Marseilles (2nd city in France). "Project J" is a 5 000 sqm building linked to a data center that has three functions : 1. To respond to the company's growth (40 % to 50 % per year) ; 2. To integrate a startups accelerator ; 3. To provide a destination for digital companies. The main goal is to create emulation and collaboration between the employees of Jaguar Network and the accelerated startups, to share experiences between digital companies and to create partnerships. "Project J" has the ambition to create a digital hub. "Project J" is a smart and environmental friendly building. The inner spaces have an industrial design with the use of raw materials. "Project J" aims at developing new working and thinking methods by fair share, wellness and creativity in a high tech & fun atmosphere (outdoor meeting rooms, rooftop, patios, outdoor amphitheater, sea views, restaurant, gym, art ...) driven by performance. We are looking for a name for "Project J".