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Rodeo & Juliet

A dominant inspirational lifestyle brand celebrating the Cowgirl Lifestyle. The name can embody the word "Cowgirl" or not. Our vision is to convey a "cowgirl" lifestyle in a hip, current yet classic and clear way. Words that describe "Cowgirl" : Independent, Adventurous, Genuine, Fun, Fearless and Courageous. Our customer profile is both the "true" cowgirl (competitor/rodeo cowgirl, horse owner) as well as the girl who may not own a horse but likes the cowgirl lifestyle. She still likes to put on her designer jeans and boots and likes her country music. Again, a lifestyle brand that is strong yet feminine that identifies with our target market. Graphic tees, tanks, hoodies, caps and active wear. With plans to expand into jewelry, custom belts and belt buckles. All branded with our specific name and logo....very recognizable. We want to convey high quality by choosing quality fabrics and styles preferably American/Canadian Made. Teens to Active Adults (women) our target. We do not want to be another "Me Too" company...we want to stand out, be recognized as a major brand.

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Stash money, ID, n any "personal" items. A must have for all clubbers,ravers,festival n party goers. These small, easy to access, ziplock bags are sticky, meaning your stash can be stuck safely to you. Aimed towards young adults for clubs raves etc. A hip name for it would be nice. But I'm open to all ideas. I'm leaning towards "Stash Stickeez" contributed from another website. If you can find a better name I will choose you as the winner