2 Chosen Names

25 award

Fly IQ

We are looking for a name for a new iPad application. The target market is General Aviation (not Commercial or Military). App gives pilots maps and charts they traditionally carry in paper form, data on U.S. airports, gps-related functions; access to aviation weather and tools to plan and file flight plans. It will connect multiple devices (PC, iPhone, iPad) through a cloud server. Name must be unique/memorable and not in use in Apple store. Do not use ibag, ebag, eflight bag, etc.

25 award

Bedrock Foods

Startup food company that sells ingredients to major food companies. We want to communicate a product brand that is mainstream + natural. Think General Mills or Whole Foods or Savage River Farms. Examples of possible names: Rockport Foods; Native Foods (my favorite); Hampton Creek Foods; Buckminster Foods; Cooper Canyon Foods; Boulder Foods. Soon-to-be launched site: http://on.fb.me/xMMM10 Our first product is a plant-based egg ingredient called, Beyond Eggs. (Note: Corny names = Loser names).