2 Chosen Names


Urban Edge Development

We are a real estate developing company that takes land and develops high-end condos and luxury single family homes. Our properties are modern, edgy, and unique. Our customers are located in major metropolitan cities, they are wealthy and influential, they tend to be lawyers, lobbyists, politicians, business people, ivy league grads, and value the community. We want a name that is cool, edgy, and modern. Shortness of the name is important as well as website availability.


Brook Ivy Estates

Hello we are a leading real estate developer in Bangalore,India. we are launching a high end Villa project and would like to name it based on a very rich sounding name , it should have aspirational value and sound really a class above . since our company name is Bloom, we would like the project name to begin with B . it may be of more than one or two words as well but not more than 5 words.