3 Chosen Names


The Delectable Donut

Small town donut store located in northern Michigan. Selling donuts, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and eventually expanding to include deli sandwiches. Located in area with heavy recreational visitors; people come here to camp, fish, hunt, snowmobile, etc.


Precise Design Machining

We are a machining and engineering firm; we specialize in large format casting and weldment machining and also hard to machine components. We use milling machines exclusively. We also are venturing into the engineering, simulation, gage / fixture design and building arenas. Current name is CADCAM Services and we want a new name that plays off the old; recognizable to customers but far enough away from the old tarnished image. We are new owners. May also keep it business like!



We are a real estate photography and image processing technology company. We produce imagery that is designed specifically to market real estate. Our clientelle includes real estate brokers and property managers in residential, commercial, and vacation rental spaces. We also serve photographers by providing them use of our technology to empower their business efficiency. Name needs to have appropriate url and TM availability.Think intelligent, high-tech, vibrant,web 2.0. One word preferred.