1 Chosen Names


Blue Anchor Health

We are the PARENT company of a variety of health and human services businesses committed to innovative care management tools and programs offered through a unique mix of high-tech and high-touch solutions to enhance safety and independence and improve outcomes for each individual we serve. Our care professionals work in thousands of communities across the United States " helping more than 2 million people a year. Our Connected Home model of the future is an industry-leading approach to achieving strong quality and compliance while also driving efficiency and cutting waste. The model includes the use of proprietary electronic health records (EHRs) and analytics, medication management, remote monitoring and telehealth, and behavioral health services and care management to create an outcomes-based environment that helps people live their best life. We are looking for names that DO NOT HAVE THE WORD CARE in them. It should be unique and appeal to a B2B audience of investors, government officials, state agencies. For example, The Evergreen Group or something that might include the word Blue in it.