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FANTASTIC CRAFT BEER BAR COPENHAGEN We are opening a fantastic craft beer bar in Copenhagen very soon. And we are looking for a name for the bar. The bar is a conceptual bar with different beers from all over the world. More than 100 different types can be bought and great experts in beer will be serving behind the bar. We have digital boards to show the selection of beer and the amount in the barrels. A dynamic concept so you can follow the selection of beer and that it changes all the time. The bar serves primarily beer and secondary bistro food. The bar is young at heart full of cosiness, plays happy music and is open until 4am. For a reference to the type of bar please see,, The name can be either free and humorous (Brewdog, Delirium), it can be explaining the concept (BeerHouse, TapHouse) or a great salutation of beer (Cheers, Skaal, Thirst) or other creative solution. The name must be easy to spell and pronounce. Looking forward to seeing your names. Please give us the best you have got!