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Mindful Planet

Fighting climate change with education. We need a name ! Climate change is accelerating and the over-exploitation of planetary resources is increasing. There is urgent need for global action. We believe, that education can make a big difference. Therefore, we will develop a comprehensive climate science educational programme and provide it free of charge to all public schools globally. After climate science, we will create a curriculum about bio-diversity. Then a curriculum about the circular economy. Then a curriculum about plastic. Then... We will address the science between the problems facing the planet. The format for all the educational material will be digital educational games with a strong visual presentation. The target group is primarily children at the age of 12-15 years. Students and teachers will access the material on a "streaming platform" - and we need a name for this. So just like you can find series and movies on "Netflix" and "HBO", you can find all this educational material on "name". A good name has one or more of the following characteristics: ...- Has a good sound ...- Global impactful name ...- Is easy to pronounce and spell in most languages ...- Is rarely fully explicable for what we do, but can be a good story starter ...- Positive energy Please avoid the word "game" or "gaming" in the name. Looking forward to see all your names.