1 Chosen Names


Pine Crest Research

We are an online business that provides financial investment advice to people who are looking to make money in crypto-currencies and stocks. Our new brand name needs to sound like a professional-sounding institution. It helps if it has something symbolic in its name to imply wealth accumulation. The brand name must be a 2 to 3 word name. Using words in our culture that have a pre-existing association to wealth is helpful. Take for instance: "Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, Palm Springs, Rothschild, Berkshire". Then try to recreate something out of those words. For instance: Beverly Heights, Rothshire Research, etc. Here's some other brainstorming ideas: Name Idea: Take a well known name of a town or district or street in England/London, and add "Research" to make a 2-word name. PS. I'm also a fan of using alliteration when possible.