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Great Lakes Financial & Insurance Services Ltd

I am a small Financial Services and Insurance Company. Based close to Toronto Ontario, Canada. I like the idea of my company name including the words "Financial & Insurance Services Ltd" as I want people to know what my company does in the name. But I need a catchy name in front of those words. If there are other words to describe my company other than what I used above I am open to this idea but like to keep it simple so the name describes the service. I find words like "Estate Planning" or "Wealth Management" to be less inviting in the name. I do not have many young clients so being hip or cool to appeal to the younger generation is less important. The name should be catchy, strong and/or easy to remember. Even to abbreviate the name in the future "example "Widget Financial" as that might be used on email signatures instead of the full "Widget Financial & Insurance Services" The name should be generic enough so people of different backgrounds will not be offended by the name. Men or women should be comfortable with the name. One Syllable or two seems to make sense. One syllable perhaps is stronger but two syllables could also work. I am from the East Coast of Canada, perhaps a few catchy or strong names to do with the Coast would be of interest as well