5 Chosen Names


Blue Smoke Catering

A wedding/catering service that uses a smoker as the main cooking equipment. Doesn't necessarily need to include the word "smoke" in the title. Operating out of a mobile food truck. Here's an example of what it would resemble Thanks!


CrispFresh Greens

Hi, we are building a green house that would produce micro greens and other vegetables, we want a simple name that would communicate the fact that the product is 'fresh' 'clean' 'pure' etc



PRODUCT NAME NEEDED: Complete premium massage roller kit which includes two interchangeable rollers attachments, a device to secure rollers, and handle attachments. Think of it as a self-massage kit for athletes which takes the best of available products (foam rollers, balls, massage tools) and wraps it into one, compact, kit. Adjectives: premium, complete, better, compact, better by design, unique, no peers. Used for injury prevention, self-massage, muscle recovery.


Leeland Decker

I am an author wanting to create a pen name. This name should be original--but can be a combination of known names--but be able to stand out on the bookshelf. The books will be both literary and non-fiction. They will not be pop-fiction, thrillers, pulp fiction, supermarket paperbacks. They should convey, if possible, sophistication and be a on-of-a-kind---I know, completely impossible. Need more women names


Earth Valley Produce

We grow and sell fresh fruits and vegetables. Mainly citrus (Oranges, limes and lemons), and mainly Organic. Name will be printed in our product boxes, fruit bags, labels, distribution trucks, etc. Use imagination. We are based in California, but our sales are nationwide as well as international. Thank you