2 Chosen Names


Harmony Hand Towels

Product is disposable hand towels. Looking for a name that promotes warmth and welcome guests. One that is none specific (ie joes towels). More focused toward names like (Home sense, soap & bubbles, rinse dry hand towels). Looking to limit the word count to 2-4



INDUSTRY Retail ABOUT YOUR COMPANY We are a Cannabis Dispensary in Seattle, WA TARGET AUDIENCE Cannabis users with $50 - $200 to spend COMPETITORS 502data.com/retailers Click 'total retail sales' on right side of screen to sort by sales starbucks.com/ Starbucks is a great example. Approachable yet professional. shop.lululemon.com/ Lululemon is another great company. Higher end. Women focused. thrillist.com/travel/los-ang... Top dispensaries in california hightimes.com/dispensaries/best-... Top dispensaries in the state of Oregon CREATIVE SHOULD NOT USE Do not use the word 'Green' or 'Smoke' or 'Smoker' or 'Weed'. Dont use silly or goofy names. TONE/VOICE Professional place that ppl want to work, cool, a company to partner with and co-brand, approachable, easy to pronounce. * Reliable* Efficient* Approachable and friendly, yet serious about getting the job done* African * Casual, but not sloppy * Honest* Simplicity and focus * Growth and success in business* Women* Being in control* Efficiency* Quality and stability * Speed TOP 3 THINGS open ADDITIONAL INFO 'Insert Name' Cannabis Dispensary