10 Chosen Names


private contest - chosen name kept private


CloudPortal IT

We're a young, modern IT services company specialized in providing cloud infrastructure (taking your whole data center to the cloud, always on and secure) and consulting, making the same technology accessible to SMBs and big enterprises alike.


Continental Imports Relations

The prime focus of this company will be importing products from China to Australia. Products will be building industry resources. Products to service a wide range of building sectors, electricians, carpenter, composites. Commercial and residential builders. The company will be trades sales based and not direct to public.


QuickSale Associates

We buy apparel, shoe, and sports equipment liquidation lots in bulk from retailers/vendor reps. We quickly clear out their warehouses and puts cash in their pocket for inventory they thought would sit there forever. Needs to sound professional, reputable, convenient, and like a company with a lot of buying power (I'm thinking ____ Associates but open to anything). Thank you!



high style watch company that allows some customization, It should give off the feeling of being classy and high end quality product. A little european accent is not bad either but it has to be smooth sounding and not complicated to pronounce, It must be a single word and the domain name should be just that word, nothing else added to it



Aqueous ozone spray bottle. Green alternative to disinfectant products. Must visit website and watch animation on homepage ( Company currently uses the name T-SB100 for internal purposes but is looking for a catch consumer-friendly one word name to use going forward.


Key Foundation Bank

We are a community bank located in the midwest. We are approximately a $100 million dollar bank looking to rebrand our organization with a new name and logo.



Website's name. The mission is "Make your life better". It provides articles to inspire your like such as "How to work overseas", "Interviews with professionals" and "Do you know Zen?" so on. In shor, that's a web magazine like "TED".


Divine Rubies

red grape tomatoes grown in greenhouse, high end, high flavor product


Nuvision Benefits

Industry: Financial Services/Insurance This company has divisions that operate in business insurance including employee benefits, professional consulting, and wealth management/ financial planning. The firm engages clients in a needs analysis and provides recommendations based on its proprietary processes. A client will engage through technology driven interactions, like web conferences & demonstrations. feel of a traditional financial firm combined with "new world" tech driven company