10 Chosen Names


FreightMinder - FreightFinder

Our client has developed 2 software products that they one day wish to commercialise. We need a name for both, with some logic helps them be seen as a family yet individual enough to stand on their own. They are specific to the supply chain and freight logistics industry. Current names (which are meaningless and we wish to change): Polaris and Sirius. It is important that the names give some reference (even subtle) to what the product does i.e Indesign, Hubspot (Hub for your contacts), Outlook (overview), even Zoom (digital connection). Therefore, the name should help the audience understand something about the product. We hope to use the naming logic to add more products in the future. The product names will be preceded by the company name as per endorsed branding architecture i.e [company name] - [product name] i.e Adobe Photoshop. Criteria: - unique and ownable - memorable - make reference to what the product does - the 2 names need to work as a family - easy to say - cannot be confused with other existing products About the products: SIRIUS - a supply chain design tool (current name being replaced) Sirius is a supply chain network design tool. Sirius adopts an integrated and bottom-up design approach to design large-scale, complex, automated supply chain networks. POLARIS - procurement modelling and order placing tool (current name being replaced) Polaris is a process automation software for freight procurement and assessment. Polaris maps out all possible supply chain options, considering, time, cost, risk and proposes a number of possible solutions in which to move products around the world. Once the proposed solution is selected it will allow you to secure this by placing orders with the various freight companies. This takes what is a highly tedious process of contacting all potential suppliers and modelling the various options, by automating the process.



We need a Great Exciting Brand Name for A Virtual Reality Kiosk where Individuals go inside a closed booth to see 100s of different virtual reality games and 3D. The virtual reality attractions are fun, interactive and thrilling. Bring VR experiences to life! Ideas for Names - funky - easy name - catchy - exciting


Brew Valet

We are opening a bar at a place called Peckham Levels in London, UK. Peckham Levels was once a gloomy multi-storey car park, but has undergone a magical metamorphosis. Now, it stands tall as a hub of food, music, and culture. Peckham Levels was designed as a community space that would support local people whilst drawing visitors. The first four floors are office space and studios for a diverse range of businesses, including ceramic workshops, violin makers, and magazines. Level 6 is where the bulk of the fun stuff takes place. Anyone getting peckish in Peckham will be well catered for with all the street food the Levels can offer. The place has a real rustic car park feel to it where a lot of street food vendors and music event activations take place. We will be serving mainly draught beers and spirits and are looking for a fun quirky name to go with the ambience of the space. I would recommend looking at the website or search on google to understand the vibe of the place.



**A new restaurant with an offline and online experience*** Welcome to Catering's Latest Trend: Food Stations. Mixing the most delicate parts of the buffets and the most exceptional aspects of the Sit-Down Dinner, the guests will love this alternative. A Live "Food" stations have a Buffet Deal for all the Variety of Flavors but without the Sloppy Cafeteria Look. Plus, you get the Chic Plated Dishes Presentation and the Finer Ingredient Focus that makes a Sit-Down Stand Apart. or they can grab it and go.... Our roots are anchored in the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, the green of fresh fruits and vegetables and the brown colour of the earth and the most delicate pastries. Our name must relate to this description and in the same time the web experience will be key, so the name needs to be easy to find and use as a URL In a nutshell, Grab and go/ Live food station and catering are the 3 concepts that represent our experience.


Centered Scent

We are looking for a name that will appeal to people who love candles and diffusers. These are people who enjoy being zen and relaxing with aromatic scents in the background while doing yoga or reading a book. When people see the name they can tell this is a store that deals in high end scented products. Please be very creative and come up with something that will attract people just based on the name alone. I prefer names that are two words, a made up combination word, or two words that use alliteration. Also have the total characters be 15 or under if possible.



Wood made from 100% recycled materials. Non-flammable, feels & looks like real wood. The shorter the name the better.



We are a cannabis company and we are starting chocolates. We will make 100mg chocolates for the California cannabis industry. They are small 14g chocolates that pack a very strong punch. We would like a name that is short and sweet.


private contest - chosen name kept private


Flosana - in Latin, healing flower

Hi All! We are a CBD company focused on providing the cleanest and most effective CBD vape products in the most eco-friendly means possible. Our flagship product is a CBD vape cartridge that aims to provide relief from anxiety, depression, nicotine/THC addiction, PTSD, etc. We aim to eliminate 5 major problem points in the CBD/Vape market: - Eliminate solvents & diluted products - Use clean hardware - Heavy metal tested cartridges to ensure no metal leakage into vape oil - Flavor with popular cannabis-derived terpenes instead of synthetic flavorings - Provide eco-friendly & minimal packaging - Provide effective products We are looking for a unique, quirky name with branding potential to set us apart in a saturated and immature marketplace. Our target consumers are men and women 18-35. Example names of similar businesses are: Recess Old Pal Provisions Lowell Herb Co. Juul Beboe Dosist Olio VYBES



We schedule business to business meetings with high-level executives so that our clients can win new clients. You're getting way more than a call team; you're getting knowledgeable, well-trained, and experienced sales agents. We'll do a deep dive with your team to understand your value proposition and unique selling points, and we'll emerge with a clear sense of how your product solves industry problems, what makes your product better than your competitors, and why potential clients should work with you. We then make calls and send emails on your behalf to schedule qualified sales meetings for you.