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Flosana - in Latin, healing flower

Hi All! We are a CBD company focused on providing the cleanest and most effective CBD vape products in the most eco-friendly means possible. Our flagship product is a CBD vape cartridge that aims to provide relief from anxiety, depression, nicotine/THC addiction, PTSD, etc. We aim to eliminate 5 major problem points in the CBD/Vape market: - Eliminate solvents & diluted products - Use clean hardware - Heavy metal tested cartridges to ensure no metal leakage into vape oil - Flavor with popular cannabis-derived terpenes instead of synthetic flavorings - Provide eco-friendly & minimal packaging - Provide effective products We are looking for a unique, quirky name with branding potential to set us apart in a saturated and immature marketplace. Our target consumers are men and women 18-35. Example names of similar businesses are: Recess Old Pal Provisions Lowell Herb Co. Juul Beboe Dosist Olio VYBES



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