2009 Winners


Shape Up PE

by IndigoNameIt

A company that provides physical education (gym) classes to elementary and middle schools.


by lucky

Minimalist Golf Shoe Company - We need a brand name for our line of shoes. Hopefully it will be a succinct, single word


by IndigoNameIt

Company that will produce Identity Management, Access Management, or Application Access software. We want something short and catchy with domain avail

Winz International Spirits Exchange (WISE)

by monaco251

Is a distilled spirits company- brings liquors like no others to market, imports, brands and sells. been trying to work w/ 'Winz' (is a family name)

Balloon Rescue Marker

by IndigoNameIt

A Bright colored Helium Balloon that is deployed and rises to 200 feet to help search and rescue teams locate people who have become lost or injured.

Nord Pointe

by somethingcatchy

A small photography (mainly landscapes) and design company, also offering project mgmt of creative projects. One idea is having a number in the name..

Life Matters

by somethingcatchy

Helping professional coaching and counseling clients who want to experience personal empowerment and relationship development/enrichment


by somethingcatchy

Handyman Services Company - provides residential repairs, renovations, odd jobs, tile, plumbing, painting, etc. green oriented

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