A training course on delegation skills - why delegate, reasons people are scared of delegating, 8 levels of delegation (how much autonomy & authority is delegated), 5 stage process for training a new task, what should be delegated, a delegation plan. Target audience - corporate and govt clients

Product Names

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Letting Go; The Art (and Science) of Effective Delegation

Team Power: Effective Delegation
Delegating Successfully (Guide to the art of smart delegation)
Leader's Handbook on Effective Delegation Skills
Secrets to Effective Delegation
Just Delegate (a very simple name to convey what you offer)
Effective Delegating
Rules of Engagement: In this "Do More With Less" world, learn effective methods of delegation
X Smart Ways to Delegate (X could be 5,7,etc...like 7 smart ways to delegate)
The Effective Delegator
Task Share
Delegation Empowered
Daunting Task
Effective Leadership: Engaging others to take ownership in the process
Strategic Productivity Systems
Train, Trust, Delegate!
Delegating For Success
Staff Power
No Silo Delegation
Delegation: THEY can do it!
Pass It On
Simply Delegate (Achieving productivity and minimizing risk through effective delegation)
Hand Over Hand
Empower Your Staff
The Power to Delegate
Delegation Nation
Working Smarter Not Harder: Delegation Strategies for Leaders
Balanced Delegation
You Do It
Delegation Relegation
The Skilled Delegate
Micro Manage
The art of letting go
Five Ways to Delegate Effectively (The art of setting the right expectations)
Letting Go and Loving It
Delegation: A learned skill
Give and Take, The Art of Delegation
The 5 Steps to Effective Delegation
Delegation: Environment not genetics
Staff Empowerment
Disaster free delegation
Empowering Decisions
Delegating for Greater Success!
Empowering U(niversity): The "Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How" of Delegation
Empowerment through Effective Delegation
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