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9 Chosen Names

Leading manufacturer of air conditioners & other home products looking for brand name for our PTAC units. A packaged terminal air conditioner(PTAC)is a type of self-contained heating & AC system commonly found in hotels & apartments. Our PTACs excel at offering the highest overall value coupled with the lowest overall cost of ownership. The Top5 Attributes of our PTACs are:Reliable, Efficient,Durable,Quiet,&User-friendly. Name should reflect value proposition. We prefer 2 words or less/Max 3.
we are a youth mentoring organization that uses adventure activities such as rock climbing to connect with youth and teach character.
Please help me create the next best-selling book (for which I am willing to give credit) by coming up with the most creative, original story premise you can think of. A premise is a fairly short once sentence idea as in "Breaking Bad." Ie., man diagnosed with fatal lung cancer becomes a meth dealer to support family. Please offer specific ideas, not generic ones. If you would like to elaborate on the story line further, please write me by email. There will be a bonus if the idea is outstanding!!
Online education website or institution providing online courses, videos and tutoring at any educational level and different subjects, interactive classes using an online platform. Students will have the option to receive a live class online or face to face. Learn anytime from anywhere. Online retail store services featuring textbooks and materials. We require a name whose .com is not taken yet. Looking for a short domain and one word. Portmanteau word, ex.Coursera, Microsoft, KhanAcademy, Udemy
PLEASE HELP NAME MY FUTURE FIRST-BORN SON. This is a little bit of a different challenge, let's see how it goes! I am looking for male, caucasian-sounding, relatively traditional first and middle names that go well with the last name Gow (like "cow" with a G). Best of luck! The winning name will be the one given to my first-born son!

private contest - chosen name kept private

private contest - chosen name kept private

Our business is a hassle free way for tailgaters to order their food online and have it ready for them when they arrive at the stadium. Customers place their order via our app or website, park their car at the stadium, bring up the app to locate the distribution point for their food, pick up the box and start grilling!
NEW bottled water aimed at ALL who want success, who work hard and play hard. My mother bottled this water in 1950. This water is Americana. We will be a green plant and bottled it in Texas. It's quality represents America. The feelng is strong, bold, truthful, gutsy, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, QUALITY, SUCCESS and integrity. Drinking this water is like driving a Ferrari or a great Ford pick up. It represents health and success. J Paul Getty originally