We are a small non profit in Australia promoting a campaign called "Inspiring the Future", based on a very successful model in the UK. We can't use the sub campaign name "Inspiring Women" as a business womens group already has the name in use. Instead we registered Inspiring Futures for Young Women, (IFYW) but doesn't role off the tongue as easily.
Our other brands are "Inspiring Apprentices" and "Primary Futures". Inspiring Futures for Young Women aims to inspire female students in schools, with the help of volunteer female role models from business and the broader community.

ideally the new name would relate to the main campaign name "Inspiring the Future" through the creative use of either Inspiring or Future or close variations... Thank you.

Business Names

Inspiring Young Women

by moose

Inspiring Women Forward

by Catboots
From Girls to Future Leaders
Future Female Philanthropist
A Better Female Future
Inspiring Girls Lives
NextGen Girls Inspired
New Frontiers For Females
Her Story Her Future
Inspiring Her Vision
Building Her Future Foundation
Embracing The Future
Female Aspirations
Inspiring Her Ambitions
Inspired YungGirls
Womens destiny inspired
NextGen Women Inspired
Inspire Then Hire
Maidens of Merit
Triafemme Futures
Women's Weight
Intelligent Miss
Femme Lead Futures
Best future best woman
Creating Inspiring Futures
Women owning the Future
Spark Women
Success Options
Her Influence
Brite Futures
Gendher Mentors
Sisterhood of The Traveling Pantsuit
Gals Inspired
Glass Ceiling Crash Inspiration
Female Future Brainchild
Infusing Her Spirit
Ambition IgniteHers
Brave Beauties
TopFloor Women
Touchstones For Girls
Model HERoes Blooming
Inspiring of Venus
Scholars of Artemis
Girl's Imagination Destinations
Fyrefly Futures
Lady Spark
HerSpective Futures
No Glass Ceilings
Growing Girl's Dreams.
Inspired & Uplifted
Women Aglow
Her Prospective
Peculiar Female Future Girls
Growth through Inspiration
Her Future
Galvanizing Girls
Young Ladies Future Inspirations
Woman Up
Spiritd Youths
Infinite Inspiration4Women
F Brightworks
The Inspirationists
Inspiring Passion for Young Women
Empowering Girls
Girls Passionate Futures
Broaden Herizons
Ladies To The Next Level
Heart Persuasion Futures
Girls rocking the World
illumine life
Milady Inspired
Females Future Paths
Girls Going Up
Future Australian Fempreneurs
Girls Making Trails
Inspiring Promotion
Inspiring Girls' Goals
Empowerment for Her
Carpe Inspiration4Girls
aXXa Apprentices
Here After Stars
FemMorrow Inspired
Inspirata Gals
inspiring mademoiselle
World of Women
Inspired Spirits Equity
Future HERizons Today
Future of Femin
FutureFX for Females
Womening Future Girls
Fierce Females United
Raise the Future
Power Blossoms
Glass Rooftop
Building Beauty At it's Best
Fostering Females' Futures
Womanly Futures Inspired
Inspiring a Limitless Future
Spontaneous YugGirls
Girls of Growth
Growing Our Girls
Becoming Matrons
Why Not Women
Change Seekers
Young Women Radiant
Witty Chick
Perennial Women
Creative Futures
Spira Femme
Inspiring Female Students
Inspiring Women for Future Success
Future For Females
Mentor Her Future
Women's Inspired Visions
Inspiring Her Journey
Inspiring Women Now
Inspiring and Aspiring Women
Inspire to Aspire
Future Young Women
Leaders of Change
Future Women of the World
Empowering Young Women
Elevating Girl's Futures
Women Who Wonder
Female Futures Inspired
Women UpLifted
Inspiring Women Higher
Moving Women Forward
Inspiring Girls Achievements
Leadership of Women
Inspiration Female Representation
Future Frontier Women
Future Inspired by Females
Inspiring Future Female Leaders
Illuminating Female Minds
Greatness Inspired
Inspiring Futures 4 Women
Future Girl, Inspired
Females Inspiring Infinite Possibilities
Leading Young Women
Inspiring Girls Dreams
Inspiring and Uniting Women
Women of the Future
Females of Our Future
Inspired Female Futures
Inspiring Her Passion
Her inspired future
Females Shaping the Future
Encouraging Futures
Inspiring Prospering Women
Females Inspired
Inspiring our Female Students
Future Wonder Women
Inspiring Her Success
Yes She Can
Powered by Women
An Inspiration Station for Women
Inspire Your Tomorrow
Empower Your Future
Future Of Female
Furthering Female Futures
Inspired Girls, Future Women
Inspiring Her Next Chapter
Female Future Inspirations
Inspiring Us All
Inspiring Aspirations
Inspiring Women's Visions
Inspiring Together
Sisters Inspiring Sisters
Women's Future Accomplished
Inspire to Achieve
Inspiring Her Decisions
Emboldening Young Women
Inspirational future of women
Inspiring The Future Females
Women's Future Focus
Future female minds
The Female Influence
Female Future Reimagined
Inspired by Women
Female Inspired Futures
Inspiring Women Group
Inspiring Her Fire
Young Women's Impowerment
Blazing the Female Trail
Female Future Focus
Futures Inspired by Females
Female Leaders in Training
Next Era Girls
Inspiration Delivered
Inspired Ladies Circle
Inspiring ways for women
Young Women Unite
Inspiring Girls Beyond Barriers
Female Horizons
Future Females Inspired
The Sisterhood Network
Tomorrow's Women Empowered
Focusing on Female Future
Footsteps To Her Future
Her Inspired Path
Inspiring Her Voice
Her Futrure NSpired
Young Women Inspired
Aspiring Females Futures
Inspiring Brilliant Women
Empowering Tomorrow's Female Leaders
Female's Future in Focus
Women's Future Impact
Endless Futures
Foreseeing Future Females
Generation of Female Power
Inspiring New Generations
Female Futures Unfold
Young Ladies Leading
Inspirational Voices
In Promotion Of Women
The Future's Females
Inspiring Female Excellence
Forging Female Futures
Females Creating The Future
Promoting Her Future
Inspired By Her
Inspiring Women For Tomorrow
This Girl is Inspired
Future Women Trendsetters
The Sisterhood Program
Inspiring Female Advancement
Women on the Rise
Inspiring Girls to Dream
Future Force for Girls
Her Future Ambitions
Inspiring Today's Female
New HERizon Inspired
Inspire Her Higher
Future Women Success
Her Future Inspired
Her Future Looks Bright
Every Woman's Future
Female Inspired Future
Women Revitalized
Inspiring Female Leaders
Inspiring Female Futurpreneurs
Women and Girls being Inspired
Legends in the Making
Women Inspirational Futures
Females Empowered Infinitely
Inspiration Possible
Shaping Her Stars
Unifying Female Representation
Her High Aspirations
Inspiring Progressive Women
The Future by Women
Female Future Force
Future Inspirational Females
The Future Inspired
Women Determined 2 Succeed
Women's Future Factor
Worldly Wisdom For Girls
Women Who Inspire
Cheering leaders in women
Inspiring Future Girlpreneurs
Female Futures Ignited
Womens' Connections
The Future of Female Power
Female Focus Inspired
Inspiring Her Aspirations
Women Rising Above
Woman Encouragment Force
Inspiring Girls Through Mentoring
Tomorrow"s Woman Today
Inspiring Life To Come
Forever Inspired
Future Women Together
Feminine Future
Inspiring Women's Dreams
The Future is She
Building Brilliant Women
Propel Your World
Creating Female's Futures
Girl, Be Inspired
Female Winspiration
Inspired Herizons
Inspiring Womens Futures Today
Aspiring Future Women
Inspire Her Future
Future Entrepreneurs
Women Inspiring Girls to LevelUp
The Woman's Inspiration
Women Undaunted
Modeling A Future
Realm of Inspiration
Women Create the Future
Inspire Her to Aspire
Flawless Female Futures
Her Found Inspiration
Empowered Path
Girls Step Up
Women Visionaries
League of Exceptional Women
Today Starts Tomorrow's Woman
She's Our Future
Females in Front
Girls Upward
Female Futures Refined
Readying Her Future
LiveWell Inspired
Women's Inspired Future
Inspired Women Rise
Women for the Future
Women in League
Expanding Herizons
Hope inspired futures
Inspiring Her
Future Heroines Inspired
Inspiring Her Future Plans
Inspiring Her Choices
Female is the Future
Securing Better Female Futures
Girls Who Inspire
Girls Go Big
Girls for the Future
Future Fearless Females
Inspiring our Future Females
Soaring Heights Sisters
Women Shine Future
Future Inspired by Women
She Shares Inspiration
Equal futures inspired
Future Embraced
Inspiring Through Mentoring
Future Female Philanthropy
Bright Pathway
Motivating Her Mission
Inspiration She Needs
Females Forward
Inspiring the Women of Today
Inspired Gals
Inspiring women's destiny
Forward Females
Women Are Our Future
Inspiring Females Further
Women's Future Inspirations
Inspired Girls Lead
Female Future Foundation
Nurturing Opportunity for Women
Women Inspiration Now WIN
Inspiration Flower
the divine inspiration
Girls Go Forth
Inspired For The Future
NewWorld Women
Sparking the Future
Women's Academic coalition
Women Pioneers of the Future
Forward Focused Females
Enhancing The Future
Inspiring Women Through Mentoring
OVA Apprentices
Future is Female
Inspiring Girls To Soar
Future Now Females
women of valor
Girls Embracing Future
Guiding Our Girls
Future Women Inspired
Her Bright Future
Inspire the Great
Chosen Women of Inspiration
Future Innovations
Future Women Influencers
Bright Female's Future
Women Inspiring Wins
Inspiration Gem
Rise of Women's Success
Fostering the Future
She Inspire
Young Women Emboldened
Girls Inspired, Woman Created
Women's Inspiration
Inspire Female Genrations
We Can Do It!
Inspired Girls Unfurled
Female Focused Futures
Female Empowerment
Inspiring Her Future Direction
Future InspiHER
Inspiring Young Gals
Females for Favorable Futures
Muse Motivation Inspiration
Inspiring Her To Strive
InspiHer Future
Fulture Destination Inspiration
Encouraging Women
Woman. Boss. Leader.
Inspiring Shelias
Step Into Your Future
Inspire ShEquilibrium
Encourage Change
Girls Globe
Blossoming Matilda
Women's Visionary Ventures
Her Creative Future
Inspiring Women in Contemporary Culture
She Succeeds
Inspired Women CREATE.
Gutsy Girls
Fascinating Females
Project Girl Power
Future Through Females
Sunny Futures
Inspiring Our Next Women
The World Awaits Young Woman
Inspirata Sorority
Inspiring Female Trailblazers
Future Women Today
quest to success inspired
Venus Inspire
Inspiring Herstory
Redefining Her Future
Future Boss Ladies
Future of Women
Inspiring Girls Destinies
Inspiring Legends
Foremost Futures
Uplifting Our Future Women
Inspiring Girls to Shine
Bright Hopes
Femphasis On The Future
Inspiring Savvy Women
Inspiring Her Progression
Inspiring Bright HERizons
Inspiring Her Future Course
Watching Futuristic Women
Inspiring Fempowerment
Inspiring Her Purpose
Womens Station of Inspiration
A Woman Inspired
Pandora's Women
Smart, exceptional Women
Inspiration Calling, Girls!
Fems Inspire the Future
Girls with Bright Futures
Clearing Her Path
Fueling Female Futures
Igniting Bright Futures
Her Opinion Counts
Strengthen the Sisterhood
Radiance of Women
Roar Out The Future
Inspiring Her Next Steps
Female Guide Club
Girls Illuminated
Inspiring Women's Minds
Inspiring Warrior Women
Future Inspired Women
Imagining Her Future
Making a Boss Lady
Inspiring Daughters
WINspiring Women
GIRL Girls Inspiring Real Ladies
Inspiration for Girls
Inspiring Her Education
She Sparks
She Shares Success
Ingenuity & Inspiration
Upraised Female Futures
Future Women in Business
Shes Influencing the future
Girls Dreams Achieved
Her Inspiring Journey
Miss inspired
Female minds of the future
Inspiring School Girls
More Power 2Her
Future Muse
Women to Follow
Women Roar Your Way
Inspiring Future Femillennials
Females Future Forward
Inspiring NextGen Girls
Girls Women and the Future
Beyond She
Women Inspiring Other Women
Women Step Up
Trailblazing women
Inspiring Girls To Excel
Girls Reaching Our World
Sparking Her Dreams
Femmes de Future
Future Businesswomen Of Australia
Women Empowering Women
Women to Women Inspired
Ablazing Women
Chosen To Inspire
Mentor of Women
Glass Ceilings Begone
Inspiration For Her Future
The Inspired Girl
Breathe INspiration
Girls Ensured
Inspiring Women, Building Futures
Aspire Youth 4 Tomorrow
Future Sheroes
Goddess Inspiration
Shattering Glass Ceilings
Women with a Vision
Her Inspiration
Girlpreneurs Rising
Emerge & Surge
Schoolgirls Future Success
Unlimited Boundaries
Elevated Futures
EmpowHERed Future
Stepping Stones
A Woman's World
Women Ever After
Future Women Energized
Inspired By Venus
Inspired Futures 4Young Women
Girl Inspiration
Inspiring Icons In Women
Inspiring Today's Woman
Sparking Sheila
Inspiring Female Minds
Inspirational Futures for Women
Inspiring Her Goals
Future Proofing Females
Her Way Up
BizGirls Rising
She Empowers Her
Limitless ladies
Future, from Her On
No Future Limits
She Looks Forward
Inspire Women Anew
Her Prime Inspiration
She Influential
HERitage Inspired
Future Female CEOs
Femiway Forward
Girls Inspyre
Foster Chic
Girls Disruptive
Woman Tested, Future Approved
Nspirited & Nfluential Females
Young Woman Visionary
Female United
Female's Future Embraced
Ambitious woman
Youthful Inspirations
Fems For Future
Steppin' Ahead
Women Trending
She's Got Next
Rising Female
Reinventing Herstory
Uniform Women Inspiring Girls
She's Future Ready
Destiny inspired
Smashing Stereotypes
Inspiriting Women
A Sister's Hand
Power to Her
Inspiring Womankind
FutureSpired Women
Inspiring LadyBugs
We Women the Future
Powerful female futures
Waves of the Future
Impress for Success
Inspired Ellevation
Women Scout
Inspired Ladies League
The Future is Female
Business Women of the Future
She Will Be
Coming Up Female
Strong Her Generations
Inspired Destinies
Training Girls For Successful Futures
Budding Business Heroines
Females Fighting for their Future
Futurist Females
Inspire Her Fire
Girls future inspired
Inspiring in Schools
Future for Her
Exciting the Future Females
Muse Girls
Fempowered by Women
Future World Changers
Raising Females
Becoming Women
Brave She
Clear Paths Ahead
Female Fortitude
Victory Chics
Venus Venture
Women Making Successful Strides
Future Ladies
Women for Change
She Dreams Big
Her Being Inspired
Prosperity Princesses
Little Women, Big Dreams
Create Future Women
Female Future Path
Whim In Inspire
Kindle Futures
Stimulating Futures for Females
Revolutionize Women's Future
Femme Venture
A Girl's Step Up
Femtastic Futures
Female CEO Trainees
Lift Girls Up
The Female Collective
Unparalleled Female Futures
Inspiring Successful Girls
Girls Inspired Futures
Her Future Ignited
Females Foward!
Inspiring Gifted Girls
Advancing Women's Futures
Rousing the Inner You
Women Awaken Eternity
She Soars
Best tomorrow inspired
Inspire Her 2Dream
Out Of This Girl
Girl Power Unleashed
Inspiring Promise
Beyond Glass Ceilings
Future Aspirations
Timeless Women
Female Futures Fulfilled
New Era Girls
Totally Inspired
Inspiring Vistas
Flourish Friends Squad
Female Potential
Girls Inspired to Lead
Females Go Forth
Ahead of the future
Female Owned Futures
Girl's Path to Success
Women Looking Ahead
Bright Belles
Young Women Trending
Females Fight 4 Future
Firing Up Females
Shattered Ceilings
Heroine starts with Her
Goaden Girls
Ladies' Inspirational Launchpad
Inspire Her Mind
Her Time to Shine