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Business Name Contesttemporary dental staffing software: Temporary replacement labor scheduling software specific to the dental industry. Dental hygienists and dental assistants will use the software to find replacements when they have planned and unplanned absences. 1) Dental hygienist and assistant specific temporary job software platform 2) Combine the immediacy of Uber with the rich history of Linkedin 3) Provide more jobs, less missed shifts 4) Everyone makes more money 5) Simple, innovative, seamless Ideally I'd like the name to be phoetically accuracte, simple and short. Word play would be great. Dental specific would be great but not required. I'm basically open to anything at this point. I would consider and completely nonsense word like Google or Bing at this point if you have some good ones. Here are the names we've come up with so far: Agendi BostonTeethParty BrushHour brushrush coverbliss Dent-Assist dentaldam DentalFlow DentalHi DentalHop DentalSwap dentemp DentistDen dentistthemenace dently Fill-ins Flossary FlossBoss Flossy GumGarden Hire-a-gienest hourbliss hourme hygienisthaven HyreNow MolarExpress PicNpolish quick smiles. Rent-a-gienist schedulebliss schedulesmooth shiftmanager skillfill slotswap staffme subhaven subliss (substitute) switchme TeethSaver/ToothSaver temp-ins Temp2Go TempEasy TemperEasy TempSwitch temptool TempTrade WhiteCoat

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Product Name Kuria - Japanese clear - barley water beverage, providing stress relief: When I have a pressure to preform at work, whether its giving a presentation, meeting a deadline or hitting a target, it can create stress. I know stress at work is a constant in my life , but it doesn't seem like there is a great way for me to solve this. Introducing (insert name here) : a simple, healthy, all natural beverage with only two ingredients: Whole grain barley infused in pure, spring water. This ancient beverage release the natural proteins and B vitamins found in barley that help my mind calmly focus, giving me the clarity that I need to tackle tasks ahead of me and eliminate my sources of stress without the unhealthy stimulant energy of caffeine or sugar. (product name ) is a beverage that continues the rich tradition of barley infused water, a drink consumed for thousands of years in East Asia to promote health, focus, clarity, and well-being. The simplicity of whole grain barley steeped and infused in water creates a beverage that is low in carbs but high in nutrients your brain needs to focus. (product name) affords your brain a natural and sustained state of focus through barley's abundance of B-Vitamins, soluble proteins, electrolytes and magnesium. Using only the bare minimum of ingredient, (Product name) was created from the belief that less and clarity comes from the simple act of focusing on the tasks ahead of you. In our present stressful age too many drinks fill you with artificial ingredients and sugars, spiking energy and causing the mind to become scattered; (product name) unleashes all these ancient and natural benefits allowing us to think clearly, and tackle deadlines and targets at the office.
Business Name Natural Healthworks - name re-brand for chiropractic clinic: I am looking to re-brand my Chiropractic wellness clinic. Services currently offered include chiropractic, massage therapy, energy therapy, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, exercise therapy and orthotics. Each client (age range from 1 day old to 98 years of age) receives individualized attention in a non-hurried, harmonious environment. The professional staff and front desk assistants desire to bring to the clinic like minded individuals who prefer to transform to wellness from sickness. These are the clients willing to do their part for their own wellbeing but also do their part in the creation of a community with proactive and engaged health advocates who speak highly of the clinic, practitioners and staff members. There is a blend together in the art and the science of the therapies used for the patient wellness experience. The attention that they receive, and care that is provided, makes sense to them on an intellectual and on an emotional level. They most likely have seen their parents suffer from debilitating conditions or physical challenges and want to maximize their own health, mobility, and agility thereby avoiding their parents' health fate. With all ages of patients, whether the client is elderly, or an infant, we strive to provide them a safe, healthy, welcoming place to attend for care. The moment they walk through the door, we want to ensure their dignity at all times, and for them to feel loved, honoured and respected for their health care choices. We love them and they love us. This vision plus the result of their ongoing care allows them to experience clarity in mind, body and spirit and to be the best that they can be in all aspects and phases of their life. I would like a re-branded name and looking for something clean, up to 3-4 words, timeless and classy, striking, but a name that when you read it and the tag line (which will be done later), you know immediately what to expect the moment you open the clinic doors. Thanking you in advance for your efforts.
Product Name Synphony - unified communications platform: The Kotter Group has been providing business IT services for more than 20 years. This year we combing several of our core strengths into one awesome product offering. We call it ....... INSERT NAME HERE. So yeah, we have a problem coming up with a label for our new, top shelf phone service. We are combining the best of cloud services, traditionally phone companies and call centers to create an easy to use web page that will become the core of all your business communications. At its heart it's a phone system, but at its heart Godzilla is just a simple lizard. Imagine every feature of your high end phone systems in one place. Then add in messaging, texting, robo calling, faxing and much more. Do you need to train a new employee? A supervisor can listen in on calls, talk to the new employee so that the caller can't hear or just take over a call. Need to tie remote locations together? We're completely web based so your phone follows you were ever you go. Need to know if Suzy is available or on a call? Just check her status or message her. Or perhaps you're an owner who wants to know how things are going? With both real time status boards and comprehensive logs, you can track calls, listen to recorded calls, and be armed with the information you need to manage your business no matter where you or your employees are. Now here's the fun part. You can get all this and more, including unlimited local and long distance for just $25/month per line. This is just a brief description of the service. We are unified communications at its best. We've been calling the service "One Screen", since it's everything in one place, but that name is kinda lame. What do you think it should be called?