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Tagline Contestfresh hummus dip: Hello Tag-liners, Our business name is Yafa Hummus, we package the best hummus and distribute it all over the US. We are looking for a tagline that will match the greatness of our hummus. Our recipe is over 66 years old and we believe it is unmatched in the American market. We are looking for a tagline that is sharp, creative, catchy, unique, and justifies the goodness of our hummus. Our background: Our grandpa was born in Ramallah, Palestine in the year of 1934. He was in charge of taking care of his family at the age of 14 which forced him to Travel to Yafa to work and earn money. His first job was at a restaurant as a bus boy, handy man, dish washer, cook, all of the above. He wore all the hats that business can offer. The restaurant owner liked him so much he put him in charge, my grandpa excelled and turned the business around. During his time he created his own Hummus recipe & saved enough money to move his family to Amman, Jordan where he opened up his own restaurant there. The Restaurant was open from 1951 to 2004, providing downtown Amman with the best Hummus anyone can find. Our grandpa has shared his recipe and taught us how to perfect it & now we are driven to share it with the world. OUR TAGLINE: we are looking for a modernized, something we can use now and in the next 10 years. Related to hummus and the authenticity of our hummus. It can be real words, a phrase, compounds, acronyms, as well as misspelled. We are looking for a relatively short tagline about 4-8 words. We are looking for something creative, out of the box, something freely thought out and can be remembered easily. Our target consumer: All ages. Hummus is a friendly snack for everyone in the family. We want the tagline to attract anyone from the age of 14 and up. Our top competitors are: Abraham's Traditional Style Hummus, Cedar's Classic Original Hummus, & Sabra Classic Hummus.

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Product Name Orbella - fragrant moss: Fragrant Moss is a strain of moss which has been genetically engineered to produce a calming fragrance in your home using only sunlight, CO2 and water. No more of solvents or toxic chemicals found in other air fresheners, just fragrance made the natural way. When you are done with it, the moss is biodegradable and can be composted. The moss will be sold in a box made from compostable materials, including a glass terrarium and decorative stones for the moss to grow on. The first scent is patchouli, but we also have lemon, pine and geraniol (which is mosquito repelling) in the pipeline plus more citrus/floral flavors later. We want the name to convey eco-consiousness, luxury, and to embrace science and the future. You can see an image of the terrarium, minus moss, here: Our fragrant moss isn't just a home air freshener. It's a symbol of the future, a symbol of sustainability, a symbol to inspire others to engineer new living things. Imagination and innovation are the forces which have advanced our civilization thoughout history. Our generations frontier is synthetic biology, our guide nature itself, the potential is limited only by our greatest imagination. At TAXA Biotechnology our companies aim is to usher in this new era of consumer biotechnology products. We are futuristically minded and believe that in a few years people will engineer biological apps like fragrant moss just as easily as they engineer mobile apps today. What makes this possible is the tremendous acceleration in technology in the field of synthetic biology. We hope that our products change the discourse and perceptions of GMOs amongst the public, and educate and inspire a new generation of bioengineers. Our long term vision is that by embracing biotechnology the world can move to a more sustainable future, with a circular economy. A circular economy is one in which the waste from one generation of products provides the input resources for making the next generation so there is no resource extraction from the planet, and no trash to fill landfill or the oceans. Biology is the technology through which we can realize that dream. We already own the following domains related to the product:
Business Name Chotu - indoor theme park: We have planned an Indoor Theme Park for Kids aged 4-14 and are looking for a very attractive name. It should be a cartoon name as we are planning to have a cartoon image as the logo. We don't want names like Fun Factory, Fun land or Play Land etc. One example of a very famous indoor theme park having a cartoon name is Sindbad in Pakistan which has its own cartoon image. We are looking for a similar name like that. It should be like a standalone cartoon name which represents an indoor play area or theme park. A good slogan with the name is also preferred, but the name is foremost important. We can put wonderland or land with the name but the first name is most important. Like Sindbad is the main name and it has wonderland attached to it.Please note that the cartoon name should not be any name which prevails now like Disney characters or Cartoon Network or any other name it should be our own name which can be registered by our company.Our target market is the common public which is not very high profile and thus a public name which easily attracts kids and parents is preferred. It can be a name mixed with English and Urdu Language also as it relates to our target market segment. Kids should visualise our indoor play area in mind whenever they hear the name just like they visualise burgers when they see the M McDonald's sign. Please note that it Should be a standalone cartoon name representing an Indoor Play Area, a cartoon image will be developed as the name is finalised.
Product Name Ask Everwell - independant pharmacy, wellness consultant: We are an independent pharmacy located in Pensacola, Florida called Everwell Specialty Pharmacy. Outside of prescriptions we are very involved with preventative wellness, fitness and have a retail area that features products that support this lifestyle including professional grade supplements, essential oils, fitness products and even top notch coconut oil. The program we would like to re-name is currently called "Expert Advice". This program is intended to give anyone who walks in our pharmacy the opportunity to speak to one of our experts to help them put together a plan for better wellness. We have Pharmacists available all the times but we are unique in that we have an on-staff nurse who is an expert on nutrient depletion and a personal trainer who can help put together a diet and workout plan for those who are interested in fitness. Our patients can come in and meet with one of these experts on a wide range of topics from nutrient depletion, to weight loss, to fitness or even have our pharmacists review their medication. We do an immediate quick consultation and can schedule a free half hour consultation. While we liked that is simple and straightforward, we have found that Expert Advice is being used in display materials at larger chain pharmacies and is a little too generic. We would like something that conveys the idea to someone that they could come to speak to a knowledgeable healthcare professional. We are looking for something that is original and inviting. Examples of some similar programs whose names/marketing we like are Apple's Genius Bar and the Best Buy Geek Squad (However we don't want to refer to our pharmacists as geeks or nerds).
Business Name Vitali-T Boost - natural testosterone enhancer: It is no wonder that Dr. Moshe Shifrine, MS, PhD discovered the unique, one of a kind truffle that has the power to naturally increase your body's own ability to produce testosterone. Dr. Shifrine was born in Manchuria and was raised in Israel. His pioneering spirit and inquisitive, innovative mind inspired his education and life-long research work in microbiology and mycology. During his tenure as Professor of Microbiology at the University of California, he published 155 scientific papers and co-authored 3 books. Dr. Shifrine began growing truffle cultures in 1987 utilizing hydroponic technology. Prior to developing this process, truffles were not able to be cultivated at a commercial scale. As Dr. Shifrine refined his process of creating high quality truffle harvests, he discovered a unique, one of a kind strain of the Black Diamond Truffle that contained the property to stimulate natural testosterone production. He discovered that pigs who smelled the unique truffle in their feed would significantly increase muscle mass. Upon further research, he found that the smell of the unique truffle initiates the hormone process which leads to natural testosterone production in humans too. Clinical test results indicated all test subjects showed a marked increase of free testosterone after daily use. By smelling the truffle extract, several things happen for an individual. Due to the increased testosterone levels, mood, sexual libido drive and performance, lean body mass and muscle, immunity, bone mass and repair, platelet aggregation, cognition, blood pressure, HDL cholesterol levels, and sleep quality are all improved. With regards to homeostasis, by increasing testosterone levels, abdominal fat is reduced (fat suppresses LH action and therefore testosterone production) and incidents of diabetes and cardiovascular disease are reduced. This amazing discovery led to a US Patent #8679507 and product development of a proprietary Black Diamond Truffle infused spray for individuals interested in increasing and regulating their testosterone production. What makes our product UNIQUE is the patented application of daily aromatherapy smelling of our proprietary formulation. A spritz on the wrist and a few inhales is all that is needed. This 100% safe dosage method is highly effective because smell is the most direct sense for chemo-reception. Aromatherapy smelling is a fast and targeted delivery system, and it works. By simply smelling the proprietary truffle spray, the brain is naturally activated to initiate the hormone production process specific to your own body's needs. You can never "overdose" because our proprietary truffle spray stimulates your own hormone production of testosterone and does not add any testosterone to your body. Our proprietary Black Diamond Truffle spray supports your own hormone system to operate at an optimum level. Benefits: Improve Heart Health Increase Muscle and Reduce Fat Maintain Bone Density Increase Strength an