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Business Name and Domain Name Contestneighborhood design lab, incubator and workspace: Our Startup is a 3000 square foot workspace and design lab for working, making, and collaborating in the heart of urban Coolidge Corner in Brookline, Massachusetts. Our intention is to create a welcoming hub for ideas, design, innovation, and implementation. From cafe-style coworking to an outfitted high-tech workshop, from networking and social events to technical training and art education, we aim to be a center of creative energy, innovation, business development, and social interaction. We are about bringing people together from our vibrant community to think and create in a stimulating and inviting setting. What we offer * Design lab with state-of-the-art prototyping equipment and services * Experts on hand to help take ideas from concept to implementation * Workspace for collaboration, learning, mentoring, networking, workshops and social gatherings * Training, services and guidance geared toward small business development * Online board ("Kick-board") for brainstorming ideas, seeking resources, and finding collaborators A member community connecting our neighborhood to the wider innovative and artistic communities in Cambridge, Boston and the surrounding areas Our Naming Contest Goals * A name for our business * Related names for the Design Lab and the Work/Collaboration Space NOTE: We are open to names that reference our location or neighborhood features (e.g. Coolidge Corner, Brookline, Boston, etc.). However, this is in no way required for a great name.

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Business Name Resurgent - interim cfo/coo focused on change management: UPDATE: Great responses to my description below. I think I set this up a bit off. So let's dispense with the passionless description below and let me tell you what I tell my friends: I like to take the beach. When companies need someone to get -in-fix a problem- and get out, I'm their man. I don't "administer projects," I drive them to completion. What differentiates though is this: a. I develop the people I with so that when the project is over, they have the tools and process to keep things going in steady state. b. I am a very positive, authentic person. Most companies lies get into trouble because management becomes arrogant and complacent. Everywhere I go, people describe me a gust of fresh air. So back the company name. A friend calls his consultancy "Insurgent" consulting. An "insurgency" is what he does, which is place is a bit different. But I do like the single, action word name. Thanks, I hope this helps. I am leaving the corporate world to start a consultancy focused on helping companies navigate change. Below is the executive summary from my resume: Transformational Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer. Specialization in leading companies in transition by aligning strategy and execution while re-invigorating teams. Strong general business acumen with broad experience across operations, finance, technology, and talent management. Record of achievement that spans venture and private equity portfolio companies and a world class Fortune 500 Omni-Channel retailer.
Product Name Orbella - fragrant moss: Fragrant Moss is a strain of moss which has been genetically engineered to produce a calming fragrance in your home using only sunlight, CO2 and water. No more of solvents or toxic chemicals found in other air fresheners, just fragrance made the natural way. When you are done with it, the moss is biodegradable and can be composted. The moss will be sold in a box made from compostable materials, including a glass terrarium and decorative stones for the moss to grow on. The first scent is patchouli, but we also have lemon, pine and geraniol (which is mosquito repelling) in the pipeline plus more citrus/floral flavors later. We want the name to convey eco-consiousness, luxury, and to embrace science and the future. You can see an image of the terrarium, minus moss, here: Our fragrant moss isn't just a home air freshener. It's a symbol of the future, a symbol of sustainability, a symbol to inspire others to engineer new living things. Imagination and innovation are the forces which have advanced our civilization thoughout history. Our generations frontier is synthetic biology, our guide nature itself, the potential is limited only by our greatest imagination. At TAXA Biotechnology our companies aim is to usher in this new era of consumer biotechnology products. We are futuristically minded and believe that in a few years people will engineer biological apps like fragrant moss just as easily as they engineer mobile apps today. What makes this possible is the tremendous acceleration in technology in the field of synthetic biology. We hope that our products change the discourse and perceptions of GMOs amongst the public, and educate and inspire a new generation of bioengineers. Our long term vision is that by embracing biotechnology the world can move to a more sustainable future, with a circular economy. A circular economy is one in which the waste from one generation of products provides the input resources for making the next generation so there is no resource extraction from the planet, and no trash to fill landfill or the oceans. Biology is the technology through which we can realize that dream. We already own the following domains related to the product: