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- preserving personal histories: No one has ever lived a boring life - Mark Twain Every single one of us has a treasure box full of stories. Stories about the little and the big things that have happened to us throughout our lives. The longer we live, the more stories we collect. The stories of our mothers, fathers, grandparents, and great grandparents are often passed down through the years in conversation, really this is one of the last oral traditions that we have left. The art of story telling has either been replaced by story writing, or the more complicated story told with pictures (movies). What I do is to capture a persons story, or collection of story's, told in their own voice, preserved for the next generation. My customers are usually the adult children of men and women who are in their golden years. My customers hire me to interview their parents (usually) in order to preserve the stories of their lives, in their own voice, the way that they remember them. Everyone's stories are their own, and no one can tell them as well as the person who lived it. In a series of up to 4 interviews, I have a process that helps my client navigate through the stories of their lives, guiding them with questions, and helping them to create a cohesive, engaging, chronicle of the highlights of their lives, preserved for future generations to enjoy, and know more about where they came from. My service is the interview, and at the end they are presented with audio digital recording that is anywhere from 1-4 hours long. I'm looking for a name that is professional, with a heart warming feel, something that conveys the idea of preserving personal stories from their own perspective, their own voice. Something associated with genealogies, history, archives, legacy ect. One or two words, my title is Personal Historian, so don't include that in the name. Thanks!