The partnership of Thrivent Financial (a not-for-profit membership organization of Christians that provides insurance and financial services) and Habitat for Humanity (a global nonprofit housing organization) is developing a new program. The program provides funding for locally created and executed annual event(s) that are intended to have community impact through volunteer participation of Thrivent members and Christian churches. This program will be launched in communities across the United States.

The program will engage Thrivent members (customers) and churches in an activity that makes an impact on the community in which they live. Activities may be family friendly or adult focused. Examples of events:

- Habitat for Humanity home build or repair activities
- Community clean-up project
- Fund raising event that benefits local Habitat affiliate

The new program name will be used along-side "Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Partnership", however should be able to stand alone for easy use and identification.

Product Names


by PitBullMom
Flourish with Faith
Community HIMpact
Generous Act4Community
BeneFaith In Action
Be His Hands
Faith In Action
Project Community Grace
Faith Humanity Community
Faith Act Impact
Faith Through Deeds
Activities of Faith
Faith Communities in Action
Community Embrace
Unity In Faith
Faith By Works
Healing Hands in Action
All Gods People
Faithful Hearts Community
Faith In Communities Works
Mountain Movers
Peace Valley Faithworks
United By Faith
Community Activities of Faith
FaithActive Community Group
Power prince
Faith Works 4 Communities
Faithing It Up Community Group
HandsFeet Alive
Paired in Faith
Genial Unity
Capital for Community
Ye Faithful Community
Local Focal
Active Faith Journey
Community Acts with Faith
Living Your Faith
Community Creed
2gether We Thrive
From His Hands of Grace
Angel's Advocates
Spirit Of Giving
Graced with Faith
Embracing Community
Expect Miracles FaithWorks
Worx of Angels
Project Servitude
Places Of Faith
Cross and Nails
Help the Peoples
Living Streets
Community Impact Amen
Peace Valley Praiseworks
Putting Our Faith 2 Work
Faith Alive and Thrive
Loving Others through Service
Active Faith Communities
Agape Action Team
ReAct of Faith
Unite For A Cause
Faith Has Hands
In Unison
Active Faith in the Community
Dream Funding Partnership Program
Faith In The Neighborhood
Leap of Faith Community
Faith for All
Communities Choosing Faith
Faith & Local Community
Faith's ImpACT
Hearts and Homes United
What would Jesus Do
Global Greatness
Love Thy Neighbor
Charis Communities
Community with Faith Builders
Faith Focused Functions
Communities Impacted by Faith
Belief Plus Action
Thrive'N Communities
United We Move
Founding Neighbors
Kindred Spirits of Kindness
Faithful Helping Hands
Community Of Christians
Unity into Action
Life Aloud Community Work
Foundations Ministry
Churches Impacting Communities
Calls for Community Action
Restore Faith
Meritor Common
Prayers and Projects
Regional Meritship
KIngdom Communities
Kingdom Changers
Humans Caring for Humans
Community Revival
In his hands
Heaven Sent Community
GeneroCity United
God Cares Community
informal gang
Founding Faith
Civicare humanity
Church Beyond The Walls
Hope Momentum
Souls Support
Do Unto Others
All 4 Him
Fruitful Service
Towering Faith
Community Builder
Faith community ministration
Community Salt
Community Goodwill
Lord in Action
United Battle
Lofty Communities
Provision People
Active Faith Helpers
Deeds of the Spirit
Acts Of Worship
House Of Dreams
Faith Community's Edgenda
Field Halo
Faithful Neighbors helping Neighbors
His Hands and Feet
Alpha Omega Community Programs
Gotta Have Faith
Strength In Communities
United Faith in Communities
Devout Route
Banding Together for Community
By Belief, We Give
Leading Community Faith
Faith Plus Community
USA church activities and Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Partnership
Love 4 All
Galvanic Faith Hive
Time, Talent, Treasure Network
Faith Blueprint
Body Worx
Brighter Future Faith Project
Moving 4ward In Faith
Pray Back Society
Anointing Communites OnebyOne
Acts of Devotion
Hearth Helper
The 'Hood Samaritan
Gatherings of Grace
Trinity Community Event Funding
Answering the Action Call
Together Today. Better Tomorrow.
Habitat To Thrive Community
Christian Community Liberality
Christian Faith Core
Unite the All
Community Generosity
I Have Faith
Blessing to You Center
LifeCare Work4All
The Generosity Project
Christian Volunteers At Work
Born to save foundaton
Structured Neighbor
Arms Wide Endeavors
Love Christian in act
Christ The Carpenter
Christian Connect
Friends, Faith, and Freedom
Capital Changing Communities
Holy Chaos Outrageous Love
Christian Liberality
Walk In Faith
Movers Of The Earthly
Holy Heros
Great God Progress Center
Angels For Families
Faith in Tandem
Community Faith That Moves
Faith By Giving
Working Grace Together
Hearths Homes and Hands
Faith In The Community
Jimmy's Rangers
Serving Samaritans
Faith Commune Forth
Create Share and Care
Community 360
Unison Strong
Working Together Works Wonders
Kindred Christian Community
Faith Response Group
FaithEdge Partners
Crossing community barriers
Christian Community Development
Help Care christian Deed
Care Filled Worx
FaithShare in Community Works
New Events LLC
Community of Great Faith
Under Heaven
Hands & Feet
Praiseworthy Progress
In the Name of Philia
Cross Our Hearts
Blessed Communities
Feet to Faith
Our Faith My Hands
Care Works
Dedicated workshop community
Way to faith
Caring Actions for our Communities
Janus Community Project
Activeness Next to Godliness
Daily Community Verse
Action, We Answer the Call
Joint Humanity Merger
Paul's Tentmakers
Community Godsend
Faith Injection 360
Carter's Crew
Delivering Christian Values & Assistance
ComAge Partners
Benevolent Faith Communal Group
Hearts of Help
Compassionate Connections
Faithful Actions
Faith For Communities
Actions In Faith
Open Arms For Community
Faith Communities Alliance
Hope Helping Humanity
Heartreach Ministries
Connect with Faith
Beliefs In Actions
Citizens for Community Improvement
One Vision United
Caring Hands in Faith
Walk by Faith Community Care
Christian Hands Outreach
Communities of Caring
Our Father's Hand
All For One Community
Hands for Faith
Faithful Impact
Tender Mercy Missions
Faith Powered Communities
Open Arms Community Works
Christian Community Outreach
Footprints in Faith
Embracing Humanity
Faithfilled Hands
Christians Communicate Care
Community Faith Works
FaithFlow Alliance
Faith Driven Community
Faith Thrives in Action
Sacred Hearts Community Works
Faith, Love and Community
From Faith to Action
Fellowship In Action
Faith Works Locally
Communities of Faith
Community Uplift
My Neighbor My World
Torch of Faith
Impact Christian Alliance
Community Faith Project
Faith Communities For Change
Community Projects of Faith
Community Faith Effect
Thriving in Faith
Sowing Seeds Community
Faith Impacts Works
TrueFaith Humanity Services
Community Action by Faith
Faith Community Plan
True Faith Works
Faithways Connection
Faith For Humanity
Faithworks Community
Moved By Faith Communities
Compassion In Action
The Good Faith Project
Active Faith United
Acts of Grace United
United In Action
Christian Communities in Action
Guided Path Community Works
Salvation Nation
Communities Reborn Through Faith
Faithful Community
Team Samaritan
Faith Helps Communites
Faith Works for Community
Work By Faith
Community Faith Movement
Community Faith Impact
Community Works By Faith
Community With A Purpose
Faith Impacting People
Hands On Community
Hands of Faith Project
Faithful Friends Community
Generosity At Work
Local Faith Warriors
Faith inFocus
Heart Hands and Help
Faith Working Wonders
Community Active Faith
Faith Across the Community
Give Back to Impact
Goodworx Team
Faithful Foundations
GraceWork InProgress
Hearts, Hands, Home
Make it happen, Faith is Everything
Faith Founded Communities
Global Faith Partnership
Faith On A Mission
Faith communities Impact
KindFaith Communities
Hope Works Initiative
Faith & Future
Christian Community Project
Mission of Grace
Community Impact in Action
Acts of love
Good Samaritan Team
Communities Coming Together In Faith
Christian Generosity Community Works
Guiding Faith Communities
Structured By Faith
Faith Communities Impact Program
Strive To Thrive Program
A HelpingHand4Community
Faith For Futures
Faith Community Services
Community Faithful Impact
Faithful Working Hands
Faithful Hands
Caring Hearts
Faith Communities n Action
Faith Communities at Work
Neighbors for Neighbors
Faith In Our Community
Faith For Community Action
Community Impact Project
Lord's Labor League
Guardians of Grace
Acts Of Kindness Community
Faith Communities Action Network
Force of Faith
Living the Light In Action
Spiritual Communities for Action
Embrace Humanity
Faith and Family Alliance
Faith Community United
Faithforce Action Group
Faith Works Abound
Works of Faith
Growing Faith
Generous Community Works
Faith, Strive & Thrive
Healing Humanity
United in Community
Uplifted Actions
Faith Impacts Communities
Faith, Connecting Communities
Faith Forward
Serving Through Faith
Community and Grace
Faith Partnership
Trinity Community Engagement
Safe Haven Community
Faith & Families Initiative
Faith Family
Faith, Hope, Love & Action
Compassion for the Community
Dreams To Reality
Communities for Christ
Faith by Community
Community Activity Impact
Community Circle
Hearts To Hands
Putting Love Into Action
Faith Community Concepts
Partners In Faith
Faith Village
Faith Fully Works
Faith in Caring
Faith Impacting Communities
Faith Impacting Community
Living Faith Project
Full Hearts Open Hands
Good Neighbor Care
Community Boost
Christian Community Coalition
Faith Action Team
Thrive for Community Progress
Faith Partners In Action
Unity Faith Partners
CommunityFocus Christian Group
Heart Action Benefits
Community Caring Partners
Faith Cares Locally
Trusting Hands
Faith Community Impact
Good Faith Community Projects
Christian Humanitarian Assistance Association
Faith Forces
Community Awareness
Christian Community Support
Faith Moving Forward
Heart For Community
FaithLink Community
Acting with Faith
Local Acts of Compassion
TrueFaith Community Helpers
Community Allegiance
United Faith
Impacts of Faith
Faith Community Builders
Walking in Faith
Help through Hope
Thrive and Grow CarePartners
Thrivent Humanity
Faith Reaches Community
All In Faith Community
Embrace Community With Care
Keeping the Faith Alive
Guiding Grace
Community Impact of faith
Hope for a Better Tomorrow
Friends in Faith
Acts in Faith Communities
Inspiring Community Togetherness
Communities By Faith
Community Inspiration Program
Action With Faith
Impact Community
Divine Conventions
First faith project
Faith Active Community Team
Living FaithWorks
Faith InSight
New Hope Community
Faith in Community First
Christian Community Service
Common Ground Cares
Healing Hands of Hope
Community Action in Faith
Faith InDeed
Faith Communal In Action
Communities Through Faith
My Community My World
Community Cares
Faith Community Action Project
Extreme Faith Works
Faith Works Here
Fruits Of Our Labor
Faithful Companions
Faith Acting for Families
Working Miracles
Faithful Belief in Action
Caring for Communities
Organized Faith
Communities That Care
Built By Belief
Acts Of Generosity
Ready Faith Missions
Belief in Relief
Tree of life Services
Faith Community Activities
Communities Reborn
Human Love
Community Impact
Caring Is Sharing
WWJD Community Action
Thrive with Faith
Community Rise
Actual Faith
Faithful Communities Movement
Giving in Faith Communities
Charitable Bridges
Love Serves Community
Many Hands in Faith
Hearts & Hands Together
Faith Makes A Difference
Faith Movers
Restoring Faith and Communities
Thrive in Faith Communities
Christians Giving Generously
Faith Abound
Communities Coming Together
The World's In Our Hands
Faith Devoted to Community
Faith to Change
A Hand Up
Faith Communities That Impact
For Love of Humanity
Faith Rising
Compelling Christian Organization
CoreFaith Communities
Journey in Faith
Good Giving
Faithful Actions in the Community
Intent to Impact
Build Communities in Faith
FaithUp Community
Lightpath Partners
Miracle Makers
Communities Acting In Faith
Christian Humanitarian Assistance League
Devotion to Action
Angels Nextdoor
Faith Seeds for Success
Futures in Faith
Community Unity Work
Hands and Hearts
Inspired Impact for Communities
Faith Love and Mankind
Christian Community Partners
Local Community impacts
Coming Together in Faith
Heavenly Hearts
Thrivent Communities in Action
Generous Hearts And Hands
Action Matters
Community Cache
Faith In Helping
Christian Endeavor
Noble Neighbors
Faithful Service
Extending a Helping Hand
Faith Works Together
Faith in Humanity
World's Society Builders
Golden hearts
Serving Stewards
Faith Impacts
Hand In Hand Communities
KindHands For Communities
Community Faith in Motion
Common Faithworks
Lifted Up by Love
Community Faith and Action
Faith Works Wonders
Faith Moves Communities
Faith Everlasting Community
Christian Community Impact
United Through Faith
Full Hearts Working Hands
Lights of Love
Generosity through Community
Faith It Forward
Faith Action Collaborative
My Faith In Motion
Abundant Action
Neighboring Partners
Life time Generosity
Faith Kindred Domain
Angel Wings Faith Works
Faith Helps Care Works
LoveWorks Community
Faith Communities for Good
Faith Stars
Community Actions In Faith
Thrivent Dream Funder
Faith Manifesting Kindness
Annointed Hands
Community Acts In Faith
Faith That Works
Faith Neighbors in Action
Active Faith Partnership
Community Faith and Work
Humble helper
Faith Funding
We Serve Together
Faith Communities In Deeds
UpWard Faith Communities
Open Hearts Community Care
Love of Humankind
Faith and Community Entwined
Locally Rooted in Faith
Framing Fellowship
Souls of Service
Humanity Thrives Together
Raise Us All Up
Working Faithfully
Faith with Works
Caring about Community
Communities for Progress
Faith First Financial
Communities Rising
Built Upon Belief
Praying Hands Community Work
OpenHands Faith Gesture
Faith and Favor
Faithful Actions for Communities
Faith impacts momentum
Local Impact Coalition
Faithful Hearts Community Care
Communities Common In Faith
Care Compass
Community Bee
Generous Heart Community Engagement
Humanity In Action
1st Step Community Action
Fellowship Community Care
Faithfully Project
Love Light Faith Communities
Kind Act for Community
All Action Faith
Community Service Program
Devout Communities for Action
TriUnity Community
Christlike Communities
Divine Deeds
Community Faith impacts action
Trinity Event Funding
Loving Hand
Community Centered Faith Activities
Faith Focused Community Services
Have Faith. Make Wonders
Community Partnership
Community Action Foundations
Graced by Community
Thrive in Faith
Faith Communities for Action
Good And Faithful Servants
Active Faith Community
Project Faith Team
Serving With Faith
Faith Give Thrive
Faith Sprint
Agape in Action
Ever Faithful
Community Faith Touching Lives
Community Aid
Generous Hands
Impact Matters
Friendly Faithful
Community Impacts
Faith Community Projects
Works In Good Faith
Grace in Place
Habitats Of Faith Communities
Faith First Community Help
Faith First Works
Impact for Community Support
Lend a Hand & Hearts
C. A. R. E. Caring Action Really Easy
Anointed Endeavors
Faithbound Community
Ark Community Care
Fellowship Through Action
Crossroads Care
Community, Faith & Family Cooperative
My Kind Of Community
Faith In Charity
Together we stand
Partners in Local Giving
Christ & Community
Our Faith Works
We Are Called
Savior Supporters
Fit For Faith Community Care
Caring Across the Communities
People Caring For People
Life Connection Impact
Communities Together
Faith Partners making an Impact
Faith Community Engagement Partnership
Helping Communities Thrive
Impact Communities, Act with Faith
Faith Cares For Community
Human Faith Works
Work of Faith Community Group
Lives Of Light
Share And Care
Angels Among Us Program
FinestKind Action Community
Give Hope
Golden Rule Deeds
Community Faith Proclamation
Faith impacts Community Acts
Good Deeds Partnership
Community Enterprise Project
Treasured Heart
Collaboration in Community Caring
United Under Faith
Grace Corps
Kind Neighbor
Thriving Though Christ
Faith Impactz
Community Unity at Work
Nurturing Christian Communities
Neighborly Love
Faith Opens Doors
Causes for Christians
Fairhope community works
Illuminating Faith
Faith & Community Wealth Builders
Show Your Faith
Inherit the Earth Community
Kinder Community
Faith Spreads Love
Faith's Foundations
Expansions of Faith
Care Between Communities
His Love My Hands
Trunity Community Works
Faith Works In Motion
Faith at home Communities
Called by Christ
Christian Faith United
Constructive Community Crafts
Faith Based Community Services
Community Initiative
Community Connextion
Promoting Christian Values & Assistance
Care Partners
Christian Image Shapers
Faith Kinship Community
Virtuous Volunteers
Community Impact Partners
FaithShaped Generosity
Community Thrive
Care Community
Create Your Community
Faith Fueled Action Communities
Community Action Point
Community Handiworx
Motivation Planet
Faith Multiplied through Action
CommUNITY Agape C.U.A
Care Collective
Faith In Unison
Generous Givings
Future Of Faith
Expanding Horizons
Mustard Seed Community
Reverent Communities in Action
Faith the way
Thriving Communities
Neighbors In Need
Christian Dream Team
Christianity Together
Faithway Syndicate
Loving hearts
Tandem Community Works
Answered Prayers
Urban Uplift
Uplifted Communities
Care crest
Faithway Community Works
The Work of Angels
United in Faith
Strangers to Neighbors
Christian Tender Menders
Sweet Charity
Light Capstone
Christian Helpers
Help In Faith
FaithKneads Communities
Community Shine
Covenant Community Care
Caring Crew
Neighborhood 360
Wealth Of Hope Builders
Caring Neighbor
Humane Care Volunteers
FaithHolds Community
Faith Ventures
A Gentle Hand
Faith in our Communities
Christians for Humanity
CareEver Friends
Hand of the Giving