Very Funny Names for Christmas Candles.

Think of funny things Christmas related and scents associated with Christmas. The name of the candle must be super funny or quirky to work.

We are a Candle Company, "The Candle Daddy ( We strive to make candles that have funny names and even better high quality scents. Funny names are great but when the funny name relates to a scent or color of the candle then you have a potential winner. One could type in a web search for candle scents or fragrances to get ideas.

Here are some examples of our current candles (non-Christmas ones for the most part) that our internal team has come up with and are currently selling well on line and in stores:
Deez Nutz (banana nut bread-hazelnut vanilla scented candle)
Bofa Deez Nutz (banana nut bread-hazelnut vanilla scented candle)
Morning Wood (cedarwood vanilla scented candle)
Basic Bitch (pumpkin spice latte scented candle)
Toke Cloak (odor/smoke eliminator candle)
Blue Balls (Blueberry scented candle)
Show Me Your Melons! (watermelon/cantaloupe)
I'm Sick of Your Shit (Odor eliminator candle)
Dicken's Cider (apple cider candle)
Swamp Ass (terrible smelling candle)

...and here is a list of some candle/names in development/Christmas/among others
Santa's Sack (unsure of scent on this one at this time)
Well Hung (unsure of scent on this one at this time)

...we have a list of close to 8,000 other names that are in development or did not make the cut, so it is very likely that suggested names in this contest are already on our ideas list that we are constantly updating.

We are always looking for more funny names on candles, don't be afraid to double up on a scent or idea theme we are already working on.

We are also looking for things that people are passionate about (golf/tennis/hunting/fishing/hobbies/their dog/politicians) and coming up with funny candle related names related to these passions. We are also looking for holiday related names (CHRISTMAS RIGHT NOW/Birthdays/Valentine's Day, etc). We are also looking for good names for a motor oil scent, gasoline scent, leather scent, burnt rubber scent, wood fire place scent, racing fuel scent, licorice scent, melons scents, nuts scents, beef, bacon, coffee, beer, whiskey, dirt or mud and smelly candles. Any normal candle scents with a good funny name is great too. Keep in mind we are a unique candle company so we have unique names and unique scents. BUT WE ARE MOST LOOKING RIGHT NOW FOR FUNNY CHRISTMAS CANDLE NAMES.

Good Luck and remember, please, the more the funny name relates in some way to the scent or the color the better.

Thank you,

The Candle Daddy

Product Names

Elf'd Up

by SteffieRae
Santa's Ass
Mings Dings
Sugar Daddy
Kiss My Ash
Ring My Bell
Balls Of Holly
Hairy Chestnuts
Jolly Old St. Licorice
St. Nicks Nasty Knickers
Roasting your Chestnuts
Christmas Creamin
Selfie Elfie
But wait, there's myrrh
Snowballs to the Wall
Camel ye faithful
Holiday PineyWoods Pecker
Mama's Jewelry
Santa stops at 3 ho's
Loving Scents
Christmas Carousel
Kissnsanta cherry cookie scented
Figgy pud it right here
Good for Santa
Jack Frost nipping at your nips
Fudge Bar Up In This Bytch
Ho Made EggNog
Fried Bananas
Raunchy Reindeer Rear
only christmas candle can prevent forest fire
Up in this b!tchimney
Christmas Tree and Reindeer Pee
Banana Republican Flambe
moist putain candy
Scratch Your Chestnuts
Fart Smart Odor Eliminator Holiday Edition
Merry Jingle Toe
Ralf on a Shelf
Flock'n Kids up in this b.i.t.c.h
Clove Glow
Cringy Candles
Rudolf brown butt
Helly Jollly Time
Comets courtesy flush order eliminator
SpruceUp For Christmas
Soccer Mom
Red Nose Jizz
Santa's downy
Stop elfin up
BerryBomb NoseSplode
Angel Sex
Donkey Punch
Choke A Doke
Candle Elysian
ImaHotty SaysPineKnotty
Hot Flamer Boy
Chocolate rich up in this b!tch
Bows and Hoes
It's A Wonderful Light
Hello Dolly
Ho Claus
Le Tits Now
Scent of Heather
Pear tree
Vixen's Cinnabum
One Bad Apple
Elf on a Shelf
Dashing As We Glow
mint me in the back
Buy Buy Love
PipSqueek Candles
Burp Odor Foul Rotten Egg Smell
Three Wise Guys and Some Herbs
Wax on Wack Off
Christmas Crackhead
Mrs. Clause's Undies
Kris Kandle
Fart Ridge
Chestknobs Roasting
Dead Presidents
Carrot Nose
Will Farrell's Birches and Hoes!
Get you mandle
Camel Toe
Kiddie Table
Oh yeah, right there deer.
Santa's Yuletide "Log"
Cotton Candy Confusion
chesnut dream bulge
Holidazed Relaxation Candle
Eid Lights
Cold as a Witches Titty
Rain Nosed Red Deer
Schweddy Balls
Ra pum pa pum pummeling plum
Fromunda Santa's Bag
Evergreen Peen
Let's both be naughty this year and save Santa the trip
Silver and Gold Digger
Sugar Plum and Peppermint Vomit
Leather Jesus Sandals
Chestnut Litties
Who let the dogs out
Santa's Biatch scented to enhance your mood
Pine cone
Jingle Bish, Please
Thors jammer
Scrooge Splooge
HunnyComb Bunny Slope
Balsam Bloom
Nazareth Drift
Walk of Shame
Nappy Dugout
I'm a Jew
Unruley Horny Reindeers
Color Blind
Ho Joy Jolly
Ug Lee Candles
Hot Damn
Fruit Tart Fart
candy nut cunt
Jiggle balls
Ginger Twearks
Puppydog Tails & Candied Snails
Butter Not Pout
Plastic Crappiness
Fresh Holly
Oh Hoely Night
Xmas Tree With No Balls
Prancers Penis
Smile candle
Why The Duck You Lighting
ButterScotch Candles with the smell of brown sugar and butter
Sugar nips
Shove the PineCone Up Your Ass
Yule Brew
Simple As ApplePie
Vixens Vapor
Cock and balls
Whiskey Me
Punch bowl
humping scrooge cider
Hola birch
Happy Hohoholidays
moist cockbell surprise
Santa Boobies
100 percent that Birch !
Just Gettin' Along
secret dildo
Merry CatPiss!
Hoes Hoes Hoes
Results 100 percent that Birch !
Put some pepper in my mint
Smell'n Saint Nicz
Dasher Hardly Know Her
Offroader Odor
Ligma Candy Cane
Childhood Souvenir
Ewe Brew
Elfing yummy at the Y
Five Manage A Tois 5th Day of Christmas
One Frosty Beyotch
Rudolfs Rash
Funky Gift Rap
Whet Treem
Elf Sharts
Shouldn't you be on top of the tree, Angel?
It's That Time of Year
it's not gonna lick itself!
It better to Recieve Lol
Deck your Halls
Not a Gift
Tenniz Sentz
Very Merry Elves
Slutty Ho
Kush Kringle
Vegan Wrapping Paper! Any vegan scent as long as it's vegan!
Lube Wickies
Dear Santa
Potted Plant
Eggplant Peach
Off Her Rocker
It Makes Scents
Sausage Party
Vanilla Beans
Big ReindeerWick
Birch and I
Daddies Candle
Sweaty wood
Stank Ho Ho Ho
Two Elves One Candy Cane peppermint scent
Sassy Spice
Cream Puff and Pass
Mrs. Claus on Santa's p!pe
Elf Sweat
Cow Skin
Merry xmas
Morning breath
Fresh Finds
Spicy Beyotch
Rise & Grind
Mam'a Grahams Ginger Bread Delight
Glogg Smog
I Saw My Mommy Pissing Santa Claus
Elf You Two
Santa's a Snack
Bare Tree
Snifty Snowman
Open Fire
joy to the world blah blah blah!
Sleigh Me
Eggnog Gobblin
Rudolph is Lit
Secret Santa. don't tell the scent of the candle
Christmas Nookie
Staggering Apple Betty
Randy Rudolph
Grab your Elf
TopShelf Elf. Cannibus scent or odor eliminator
Toasted Nutz
Bah Humbug Eggnog Grog
Such a HoHoHo
santa's cookies
Crispy Cringle
Hung with Care
Ugly Christmas Sweater
Stocking Stuffer
Festive Floozy
Icy Hoe down
deer droppings
Big Peppermint Stick
Nutmeg On My Face
Pines & Needles
Insane Candy cane
Mommies Little Mistake
Booze and Cookies
Crisp Krinkle
Elf Snot
Sugar my cookies
The North Hole
Tinsel Teaser
I Touch My Elf
Stick it Up Your Chimney
Grandmas Freaking Fruitcake
Ho ho mofo
Roasted Nutz
Santa's Sweaty Sack
Reindeer Tracks
Loose Moose
Merry Kissmyass
Pickle In The Tree
Hard North Pole
Deck Your Balls
Silver Ballz
Grannies Christmas Cardigan
Rudolph's Rack
Elf off the shelf
Yule Be Sorry
Elf's Secret Stash
Stuffed Stockings
Santa's Hoe Down
I Got A Woodie! fireplace scent
Gangster Wrapper
Wintertime Woody
Lump of Coal
We Don't Need No Stinking Grinches!
Kitten in a Mitten
We Three Dingalings
Nut Ugly
Merry Martini
Toasty Chestnuts
Don't be a Flake
Scrooge You!
Whiskey Santa
Do You Smell What I Smell?
Elf on Yourself
The Maids A Milkin'
Nuttin in my Stocking!
Smell my Sugar Plums
Gingerbread Man Cave
Shut the Stuffing Up
I'll be drunk for Christmas
Roast your chestnuts
Sugar Baby
Nut'n But Pricks
Nuttin but Stockings
Gotcha by the Snowballs
Jingle Ballsy
Tangled Tinsel
North Pole Dancer
Nuts in a Twist
Up Your Tinsel
Trumps toots
Elf Wisdom
Frosty Nuts
Elfing Around
Santa's Surprise
Grinch stench
Unicorn Farts
Jack Off Frost
Blazing Pinery
Wifey Claus Whaletail
Christmas "Package"
Deer Beer
Elf This!
Yuleturd Log
Whiskey DickEns
Come Pine Me
Stinky Stockings
Santa's Got A Brand New Bag
Swiggy Pudding
Nuttin' Nutcraker
HoHo Holly
Roast These Nuts
Yellow Snow! Oder eliminater with sparkles.
Tipsy Christmas
Schweaty Balls
Shelf Elf Fudge
3 Ho's for Santa
Gingerbread Gangstas
It's the most wonderful time for a beer
Fleece Navidad
Ghost of Christmas Ass
Festive Fart
Mrs. Claus's Red Snapper
Funky Frosty
Nice to be Naughty
Tinsel licker
Nutty Meg & Sinamon
Rebel Without a Claus
Sleigh all day
Great Balsam Fire!
Love You Alatte
Egg Noggin
Pass the Regrets, Please
Santa's Socks
Busted Chestnuts
Snicker Poodles
Santa's Hairy Coconut Balls
Ho's Birches
Deck The Balls
I'm grinch rich up in this b!tch
Santa's favorite ho
Warm Cockles
Kandy Kane in my pocket
This Candle is Lit!
Mistletoe Makeout
Santas Smelly Sacks
smells of holly
Elf's Maid
Tide one over
Cream filled buns
Spoiled Sugarplums
Festivus Funk
BlackBoot Bomb
Merry Litmas
Twigs and Berries
Naughty Nuts
Unwanted Guest Repellant
Lit Up Rudolph
Lick my candy cane
Santa's Milk and Cookies up in this b
frosted buns
Spoiled Eggnog
Snowman's Carrot
Santa's Beer Belly
I'm sexy and I snow it
Ho made gingerbread
Raindeer Dropping
Ima Ho Ho Ho
Ain't that a birch!
Holly Jolly Hussy
Santa's Lil Helper
Pimptown Peppermint
Waxed chestnuts
Christmas Bush
Eau d'Elf
Ginger Farts
Mandarin Mistletoe
Ginger minge
Reindeer Magic Dust
Santa Manthra
Kinky Grinch
Mincemeat pie
Elf Who Smelt It Dealt It
Smells like snowballs
Holy fluck
Naughty and Proud
Lit AF
Effin Elfs
Sleigh Away
Holly sh!t evergreen and wood scent
Garbage on 34th Street
Holiday Spirits
my nuts roasting on an open fire. chestnut scent
Peppermint Hurl
Wisemen Crack
Birches n Hoes
Stone Coaled
Schnappin Around The Christmas Tree
One Fruitcake for All
Vanilla Spice Girl
Bust A Nutmeg
Santa's Hot Breath
Fizzle shizzle
Soot & Tie
Cracked candy
ELFIE on Fleek
Crazy Nut Cranberry
Island of Misfit Sex Toys. Cherry or Tropical Scents
Kranky Santa
Santa's Big Sack
Special Snowflakes
Bowels Of Holly
Santa's Snosberries
Ballsac Balsam
Let's get Blitzened
Bawdy Pine
Sleigh my Name
Party Pooper
All Elfed Up With Nowhere To Go
Naughty and Nice
Bad Reindeers
Such a Pumpkin Prick
What The Elf?
Dysfunctional Christmas Dinner
Jingle Smells
Merry Jane
Don't Go Bacon My Heart
Crack Your Nuts
Grinch Ass
I'll Be Boned for Christmas
Yule Hurt Your Elf
The Grinch
The Naughty List
Twisted Spice
Hang Low Miseltoe
Tinkle All The Way
Yule Hole
Squeeze my Melonballs
santas jollies
Let It Glow
yippee ki yay
WoodBerry Christmas
Mince Pie Magi
Carol of The Smells
Christmas Thyme
Stank Goodness
GingerBread Housing
Jolly Balls
Naked Snowman
Scents of humor
Cold as Balls
Santa's Secret Stash
Rum Drunk Elf
Broken little ginger house
Don't Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle
Deck My Balls
Robin Layed An Eggnog
The HollyJolly Lites
Joy to the wood
Santa likes my cookies
Snow Job
Santa's Smelly Socks
Elf EarWax Caramel scent
Reindeer Games
Shiver Bells
Holly Pricks
Drunk on Eggnog
Pop This Cherry
12 days of regret
Overworked Elf Sweat
Nuttin' for Christmas
Roast deez nutz
missile toes
Hippy Holidaze
Jingle Bell Jizz
Santa's South Pole
Snow Me the Money
Here cums Santa
Get Lit by the Fire
Dingleberry Rock
Holly Jollies
Vanilla Icicle
Oh Deer
Better SeXmas
Yuletide Slime
I put out for Santa Claus
Christmas Brandy
Holly Bally
Hot N Baked cookie scent
Jingle All the Way
Santa's snot
Elves hung like mistletoe
Night BeForest
Keg Nog
A Coal Day in Hell
Nutty Noel
Santa coconuts
Hugh Jass Candles
Santa's Twig & Berries
Nutty Mind
Green snot pine
Mike NutsLong
Santa's Spicy Nuts
Baby its cold outCider
rude off
Upon A Midnight clear
Sleigh 'Em Red
Jolly AF Up In This B""""
Ginger Snapped
Candy Cane
Chained Reindeer
A Jewish Noel
Santas merry banana
Santas Sac
Rum and Eggnog
Holly's Berries
Coal in my Stocking
Snow Crusher
O Holy Night
She's a Cougar
Santa's Hoe Hoe
cane game
6 Dirty Sluts
nippy titty noel
Mary Jane and Joseph
Too much Elfin' Tinsel
RandyCane. peppermint and whisky mix
Mint Condition
Can't Candle The Truth
Pining for You
Grandma Got Runover
Vanilla Spice Twinklers
A Vulture in A PearTree
Yellow Snow
Burns my ass
It's Lit
Hot HoHo
Red Pant Party
9 Reindeers & Some Ho Ho Ho's
Prick Up Pine
Hohoho Pour the Merlot
Pricks & Britches
No Assembly Required
Party Puke
The Jingleheimerschmidt Stick Sunlight Candle?
Smelly Balls of Holly
Comets Crotch
st nick peppermint
Jingle my bells
Santas Balls
Granny's Ass
Fir Baby
Elf Balls
Santa's Ho's Cinnamon Britches
Christmas Candles Never Sleeps
Jurrasic Nutz
Yule Sparks
Bring ur fine Elf Home
Chaps my ass
Taking Elfies
Sweaty Xmas
Hairy Leggnog
Burnt Turkey
Penis Colada
Christmas & Chill
Santa's Cranberries
Hot Cocoa Mojo
Expired Milk & Cookies
Log and Egg Nog
Hot Cocoa Harlot
Christmas Carol
A little nutty
Skinned Reindeer . Leather Scent
Good at being Naughty
Sugar Momma
A North Pole Stripper
Bootleg Pumpkin Pie
Dancer candles
I saw Daddy Porking Santa Claus. Bacon scent
Fir Goodness Sake
A Pineful Slow Burn
Are you Elfing Kidding me
Fir ball
cinnaman you fine
Singed Butt Hairs
Grapes Of Wreath
Santa Stud
Elf Nog
Aromatic Armpit
Yuletide Countryside
Nasty Nog
Snowballs on Snowmen
Yule be Tide Up in dis
Reindeeer Crap
Merry xposed
Logs on the Fire
Noel Backwards Is Leon
Elf Weed
Got Pine Pricks all up in this b itch
YuleLog Dawg
Holiday Hoes
Life gives you Lemons
Scrouge booze
Flakey Date Night
Jolly Saint Prick
Jingle his balsam
Mad Mistletoe
Kiss Kris Kringle
Pine Nutz
Elf on The Milf
Chimeny Peep
Merry Chrysanthemum
Tinsel the Season
He's Hot Cocoa
Clinton's Cigar
GingerBread,Man Up In This B!tch
Oh deer!
Candy Cane Cure
Holly Jollys
Kandy On My Cane
Show me your latte
Under The Mistle Toe
Cupid's Pits
Merry Elfin Christmas
Birch, Please
Mulled Wine
Winter blows up in this b
Deck The Halls With Bowls Of Holly
Mistle Toe Affair
Sugar Mama
Squat and Gobble
Kris Kringle Krisp
Romeo and Birch
The Flake went CocoNuts
Eggnog Melts
Flock the Tree
Elf off
Snobby Eggnog
Naughty Elfin Elves
Crabby Grandpa
Eggnog on your face
Clauses Cookie Ho
Balls O Coal
Santa balls
Saint Dick
The Weather Outside is Frightful, Because, Climate Change.
Deer Rear
On the North Pole
Bulging Sack
Rudolph's Craic
Nut Lover
The Morning After
Cheap Chinese Crap
Coming down the Chimney
Hoof on the Roof
Deck Them Balls
Jolly Old Saint Prick
Santas Goodies
American Cream Pie
Elf B.O.
elf dung
Santa sleeping
Deer Dump
Frank N. Cents
Hoe Hoe Holiday
Naughty Claus
Brandy Apples
Pumpin Pie
Cinnamas Day
Dingle Bells
Snow and Sleighbells
Christmas Bun in the Oven
Santa and his dirty hos
Christmas Crapper
Little Cummer Boy
Its Fir Christmas!!
Ho ho hoes
Yuletide Wine
Jolly Golly Gin
Slay Balls
raindeer nut
Elf UrSelf
Candle Cuties
Santa's Belt Leather Scent
Holly Shi!
kumquat pudding
Knotty Hotty
Blitzen Bombs for chocholate poops
Kiss my pie hole
Old Man Scrooge's Ass Gas
Santa's Winkie and Wassail
Twat Waffle
Dick in a box
Get a brewcandle
Frosty Funk
Rudolph's Shid
Somethin for Nuttin
Comets Brown Eye Whiskey
Santa's Gas
Angels we have heard are high. cannibus scent or odor eliminator
Moose knuckles
Show Your Silver Jingles
Holiday Hootenanny
Drop a Yule Log
Ewe Stink
Witches Tit
Holiday Queef
Deer Dung
Head Lights
Snow Bored
Xmiss Candles
Grungy Grinch
Tinkle Smells Rock
fairy fart
Tinsel Town
Unpleasant Plum Pudding
XMAS Chest NutButter
Jingle Balls and huge packages
Nut Cracking
Coal Sack
Shtty Gift
Angel Candy
Kandle Klaus
Fa ra ra ra ra
Merry Mistmas cinnamon evergreen scent
Santas Stache sugar cookies
Egg Grog
The Cat's Ass
Christmas Romp In The Sleigh
Oh, Fudge!
Hold my Nuts
Red & Green Light District
jolly dongle balls
Gingerbread Spice It Up
Yuletide Pie
Have A TREEmendous Holiday!
Saint Prick
Orgasm wonderland
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Hot Chocolate Log Hut
Give Me Some Sugar
Son of a birch
Pull my finger
Robin Laid An Egg
GINgle Belles
Grinch's Evergreen
Resting Grinch Face
Rainbeer Nuts
Elfing Ugly Candle
I've been naughty so what!
Lucky Under da Mistletoe
Jingle poop
Elf Drip
cummi bears
Mrs Clause Helper
Mazel Tov
Bah Rumbug
Merry Christmas ya filthy animal
Elf Gel
Santa Ass
Never worry about the size of your tree
Redneck Christmas
HotTime Cocoa
Silent Bright
Roll up snowballs
Krampus Kitch
Very Hot Chocolate
Dreams of Sugar Plumbs
Holy Wax
Batteries Not Included
santas candy stick
Merry berry
Juggling Elves
Glow Clove
Rudy Tooty
I'm Creaming Of A White Christmas
Old Brown Suitcase
Past Gas
Mrs Claws
Elf Shenannigans
I got Nuttin for Xmas
Elf Farts Christmas Sugar Cookies
Nutting For Christmas
Dasher's Downdraft
Only Naughty
Say it ain't snow
French Kisses
stiffy peppermint
Let me take an elfie
Get a whiff of these chestnuts
Cloves & Hoofs
Let it Ho, Let it Ho, Let it Ho
Holly Humps
Donner Dumps
Dang it Rudolph, I said The Schmidt House
Crazy Cranberry
Horrid Holly
Nut Tap
Santa's Farts sugar cookie scent
Holla dazed
Santa's Fat Ass Candle
Donner dung
Burning Nutz
Cinnamon Trolls
Chet's Nuts Roasting
North Stripper Pole
Fresh pumpkin coochie spice
Sno Kinda Holiday
Jingle Ballz
Stench of Santa
handle my candle
Oops! SANTA is so CLAUSE
Rudolph's Red Tip
Elf Of A Day
Candle Dove
Santa's Farts
Blow Santa Blow
B1tch better have my honey
Christmas Ark
you can stuff my stocking anytime!
who you calling a Ho!
B""" Better Have My Cookies
Blue Spruce Juice
poop shoot chocolate
Chimney Ass
Minty Christmas
The Snow flake Americans
Kissing Santa Claus
Deez Nutz roasting on an open fire
Misfit Island Breeze
hog nog
Shaken not stirred
Hoe Hoe Hoe
That's Mint to Happen
Walkin' Round in Women's Underwear
Down&Dirty! Woodfire or Dirt Scent
Arrest These Scary Gentlemen. Bacon scent
Cookie Cat
Dirty Dawg
Santa Spice
Merry Christmas my ass!
Best Scents
Attilas buns
pricky penile nut pine
eggnog kumbang
Frosty the Blowman
Elves' peppermint Bells
Kissmeclaus cherry cookie scent
Xmas Deer Jerky
Candle Trim
trippin' on egg nog
Where My Ho's At?
Butt n' Nutcraker
Candy Came
Scentsy Candles
Naughty Listed
Arm Candy Canes
Crackling Fireplace
egg nuts
Five Golden Showers
Charred Santa Whiskers
KissinRudy Brown sugar and cherry scent
Candy Ass
Bent Needle Pricks. Pine Scent
Pump Kin Pie
I'm gingerbread rich up in this b!tch
HangTen Christmas Balls
Some Balls Balsam
Show Your Jingles
Snow Dick
Snow Dreaming
Merry Funkin Christmas
Cuckoo 4 Candycanes
Jolly Holly
Shots of Fruitcake rum scented
Santa'S hit
Candle MistleToe Jam
Let Her Blow, Let Her Blow, Let Her Blow
Scrooge is the Christmas Spirit
CBD Potted Plant
Rock & CinnamonRoll
Bum Blizzrd
Snow Bunny
Turd Hole Doves
Cookie Crumz
Berry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!
U cut pricks & sticks up in this bitc h
Santa's "Package"
Baby's Daddy Santa
Bastard Child of Mine
Let it Blow, Let it blow, Let it blow! gasoline scent
Alls In, Balls In
Forbidden Fruitcake is the Sweetest
Fart that smells like eggs candles
Elf Rules
Grandpa's Whisky Whiff
I Don't Believe In You Either. Love, Santa
Under the Kiss a Ho. mistletoe scent
Rudolph's Poop
OPA! for liquorice scented candle because it smells like Ouzo, Greek liquor
Don't be elfish
Santas leather boot
Grinchy Poopourri
Santa's Burp
Angel Poop
Birches and Ho Ho Ho
Cinnamon Shady
Santa's Lap
SugarSmooching Santa
Magical SleighRide
Elf Spit