We are UPTIME Energy. We're a different kind of energy drink. We are the only energy drink in a sleek, resealable bottle, not in a traditional 16oz can like Monster, Bang, Rockstar, etc. (see to view our packaging). Our design is minimalist and classy. We are "better-for-you" because have fewer unpronounceable ingredients than our competition. We provide a balanced, sustainable lift for mental focus and clarity. We taste refreshingly effervescent. You won't feel embarrassed or self-conscious drinking from our fashionable bottle in a business meeting.

Our Brand Story:
"All energy is not created equal. You know what we mean. That jolt, the jitters, followed by a crash. It’s a quick fix. 

UPTIME Energy is different.  Our sparkling goodness gives you a gentle boost in the right direction. You were headed there anyways. You know what’s on your agenda. You’ve got an eye on the next level.  You just need a nudge to get going. And it wouldn't hurt if it tasted great and quenched your thirst too. That’s where we come in. 

Our formula was designed to do the work with you. As you advance on your next milestone and take strides toward an audacious goal, UPTIME is there to replenish, refocus and refuel."

Our Brand Mission:
"Our mission is to redefine the energy drink category and stand out against the loud crowd of cans with something better—Better ingredients, Better Design, Better taste—to Democratize energy and make it available and acceptable for all"

Our Tone:
Confident, witty, concise, motivating, energetic

Tagline Need:
Our upcoming marketing campaign will focus on embracing that we are a different kind of energy (i.e. package, design, fewer ingredients, great taste, acceptable to drink, targeting the busy gender-neutral professional/worker instead of hyper masculine, action-sports enthusiast).

We need a tagline that will be the overarching descriptor of our "we're proud to be different" campaign. We want something clever, confident, punchy and memorable.


Different By Design

by moniker

Embrace the Difference

by CleverBrands
The Rules Don't Apply
A better way to rev up your life
Evolve your Energy!
Uncommonly Refreshing
Energy To Bloom
The Whoosh & Parachute
Energy Drink Without the Can.
Mind Fuel and Focused
Made to Prevail
It's only UPTIME for no downtime.
Drink it in Stride
Drink the Difference
Making Moves Takes Uptime
Pep Up Your Performance
Redefining Energy
A fresh upgrade of clarity !
Wake Up & Conquer
The EnerGenie in a Bottle
Fierce Flavor. Distinctive Design.
Next Level Energy. No, Really.
Different Because You're Younique
Uniquely U
Refreshing ,Tasty by Design
The Daring Difference
Fuelisciously Refreshing
UPTIME, The Achievers Advantage
Whole Different Energy Drink
Energy In Record Time
Who said "Different wasn't better?"
UPTIME , Tastefully Yours
UpTime is So Different
Total Fuelfillment
Different Stands Out
"Energy To Thrive"
Energy Just THAT Different
Be Different. Taste Different.
Refreshment Rebooted
Energy Done Right
Experience A Different Level
Fuel Your Fire
Healthy Energy for a Better Performance
Dare to be Something More
The fresher refresher.
What Different Feels Like
Uptime, Refreshing, Energized
About Time, UPTIME Energy
Superior Energy
Fuel Up Your Performace
Unmatched Energy
Innovative and Refreshing
Radically Different Distinctively Refreshing
UpTime Makes The Difference
Differently Better For You!
"Uptime, Sustains Your Energy"
Better Bottle Better Throttle
"Uptime, Energy For PrimeTime"
Different Brings Out the Best Taste
Standout and Energize
Refresh Revival
Energy to Burn.
Time to up your game.
"UPTIME, Step up to a clean level of energy"
Step up to elite
A Different Kind of Boost
Pure Energy No Crash
Get that pep in your step
The Better Alternative
Fuel Up the Difference
Challenge Your Comfort Zone
Experience Pure Energy For A Change
Grab a Gentle Boost of Goodness
Boost Your Life.
Ascending Energy
Refresh. Refuel. Repeat.
Onwards And Upwards
Good better US
Your Higher Self
Different Defined
Energy Unwavered
My Different, My People.
Directions In Energy
Recharge The Healthy Way. Drink UPTIME Energy.
Regenerate your natural energy
No tame in our game.
Simply NRG
Energy Up
The Difference is Synergy!
ReFresh. ReFocus. ReCharge.
Refuel Differently
Always The Right Time
A Crisp Boost In A Bottle
Uptime the Normal
Refreshing Even In Downtime
Uptime. Different,Directly.
Fueled For You
A Better Boost
Distinct. Daring. Driven.
Start Your Day With ENERGY
Dare to embrace
"Energize To Thrive"
Elevated Energy
Energy That's Definitely Different
Essence of Energy in a bottle
We're just Bottled Differently
Energy Squared
Empower Your Thirst
Declare a Revolution
Alternity Pep
Power In Every Sip!
The Energy Solution
Uptime Your Taste
Stand Out Thirst
Energy Ignited
Daringly Different
It is UP to you!
Kick it up a notch
A Healthy Boost Like No Other
Make UPTIME the Difference
Not Your Brother's Energy Drink
Uplifting energy, anytime.
"Different Energy, To Vibe With Life"
A different difference maker
Smooth Energy. Healthier Options.
More Zest for Your Best
Clearly it's time to turn it up!
UPTIME, The Sip of Redefined Power
Measured Reliability. Measure Up. Uptime.
Focus. Function. Fitness.
Deliciously Different
Energetically Subtle
Balance meets energy.
Get On, Get Up
Elevate Your Taste
UPTIME , The Clear Choice
Are You UP yet?
Uptime, when you don't have time for down time
Stuck Up !
New Definition of Energy Drink
A fresh mental opus!
Bottled UP Energy
ReFuel, ReFocus, Redefine Energy
No regrets, better in all respects.
We're Good Energy!
All The Difference You Will Ever Need
Synergy Between Body and Energy
Rise and Thrive
Different Look. Better Energy.
Taste the Challenge!
Energy Fantastic
Feel The Raw Naked Energy
Choose You. Choose Uptime.
"Refreshing. Refined. Redefined."
Alternative Energy
Move UP with US!
Conquer energy, take on the world.
A Drink for People Who Think
Great Taste. Stable Energy. UPTIME.
"Uptime, The Sustainable Climb"
Taste it, you'll know.
The Up Difference
You, only better.
Replenish. Refresh. Revive.
Energy That Helps You Stay In Motion
Thrive to Energize
Juice Up with UPTIME!
Time to get Up
Time for a better energy
For the Energetically Inclined
Bust The Thirst. Feel the Burst.
The Energy You Carry With You
More energy, less filling
Body Ignition
Feeling balance and not blah
The Difference is Bliss
Drink Differently
The better way to energize.
unmistakable goodness
Energize Up with results
You deserve different. You deserve Uptime.
Own Your Other Side
Real Zeal Fresh Appeal
Delicous Energy that Fuels
Refresh Revolution
It takes uptime, to be different
Drink Up, Stay Up
Energy for the 21st Century
Your energy New Deal.
Up your Energy
Thrive to be different
A difference maker
A sleek, boosting refresher to encourage optimal performance
Xtreme Energy 4 Healthier you
Are You UPTIME Yet?
Freshn' Up Differently
Quench Your Energy!
A new generation needs a new source of energy.
Daring Never Tasted So Good
From Blah To Ahh In Record Time
This way, not that way!
Bottled Brio
A Trove of Benefits in One Bottle
We're gonna zing you up.
Energy Equal to None!
Get Uptime
Energy. Done Differently.
UPTIME. Downtime. Energy Time.
The Taste of Good Energy
The Legit Lift.
Energy Strive
Stand Up, Stand Alone
When It Comes To Goodness, You Know What's Up.
UPTIME All The Time!
Bottled up Kick!
Upgrade Your Day
Vitality That Lasts
Sparkling Energy in Every Sip
Uptime Energy. Get up, on time.
Maximize Uptime
Energy has Evolved
Thirst Busting. Energy Boosting
Chug a smartie
Embracing Different
Energy You Can Carry With You
"No bad time for an UPTIME"
Refreshing Can Be Different
"Uptime, Sustains Your Climb"
Pure Energy ,True Advantage
Endurance Energy For All
Uptime Makes Every Time Quality Time
Revive the Thrive
Energize Better.
Rise and Elevate
UPTIME. When there's no time for downtime.
Be classy, stay up
Energy Sourced UpTime
Embrace the Energy
For A Break To The Upside, Grab An UPTIME Energy
A Friendlier Energy Drink.
Let's Go.
With real fruits
Energy Redefined.
Zest, Zing & Zip in Each Sip
UPTIME, enjoy , energize, achieve
Not The Average Energy Drink
Energy Reimagined
Refreshing Sipspiration
Different Feels Better!
It's MindBottling Energy
Only one way UP
An original not a follower
Uptime is the only time
Its UpTime, its Different.
The Best Alternative Power
5 hour charge
Replenish. Refresh. Revitalize.
Sleek but Definitely NOT Meek
Uniquely refreshing
Energy Uplifted
An energizing experience like no other.
Uncap your energy
World Class Vitality Elixir
With Time, Things are Different
Notorious Bubbleliciousness!
Time to Make a Difference!
Dazzle Differently
Time to Fuel Good
Healthier Zestier You
Everlasting Efficiency
Energy Redefined
Get your day started the healthier way
Think different. Drink differenter.
Lightning in a bottle
Think Different Think UpTime
Focus on a New Energy
Uptime Energy. The refreshing energy drink that gets you up, on time.
The Whoosh Parachute
Time to Rock it out.
Enhance Your lifeforce
"The Unique Energy Drink"
Truly Different
UPTIME , Energy for Life
Outside The Ordinary
Refreshingly Better for All Day Energy without the Jolt
No Guilt. Only Greatness!
Boost Your Day Into Perfection
Feel The Energy In You
Drink Up!
Uptime is quenchy time!
UpTime, Fuel to Achieve
All the Up, none of the down
Purely Better
UPTIME , Carpe Diem
Spark Your World
UPTIME , Leading the Way
Different is Better
It's about Uptime you Taste it
The Refined Engery Source
Revive Your Drive to Thrive
Time to Change it Up!
The Difference is Energy With Taste
A distinct energy drink
Pure Ingredients, Great Taste
A Twist of Energy
You cant stop US
Uptime your Experience
'OutsidetheCan' Quencher
Feel the Burst! Quench the Thirst!
Defining Energy differently, in UpTime
Enjoy the UPTIME Advantage
Different Kind of Refreshing
It's Time to Shine.
Simple. Sleek. Solution.
Synergy with Energy!
The Real Deal!
Unbottled Energy
Better Energy!
It's TIME to get UP the right way
Renew Your Better Self
Natually different.
Uniquely Distinguished. Refined taste.
Energy UpTime
A boost of energy without the crash
The Refresh Recharge
Tap into the power!
It lasts. No crash.
Time To Rethink Your Drink
Enjoy The Power Because It Is Different
Feel the Difference
Discernenergy Drink
Energy unleashed.
Drink Focus do Life
Create a Buzz.
Dynamically Delightful
Charge Up With UPTIME
Voltage from a Bottle
Reach your prime with Uptime
"Your Body Will Thank You"
Let The Difference Flow
Clear Energy Accelerator
Uptime.deliberately different.
" Different Is Outstanding"
Superior Sustainable Energy
Power Your Potential
Different. For Better's Sake.
Moving UP!
UP To The Task
Never a Down Time
Raw Naked Energy
"Uptime, Sustains PrimeTime"
Power Is Back, But Different
A Spark to Lift you Up
The Evolution of the Energy Drink
Challenge The Day
A Revolutionary Energy Drink
"No downtime with UPTIME"
Energy for all.
" Refined Energy"
Sprinting to the peak of energy.
Speed up time
Energy without the Crash
Welcome to Energy Wellness
Unleash your prime, it's uptime
Time To Change Things Up!
Get Your Thrive On
UPTIME, Energy ReDesigned!
Uptime, Your Time Matters
Energy Evolution
Exclusive Energy
You UP
Get a Fresh Charge Out of Your Day
More Energy, Less Problems.
Spark Your Life
Darling, UPTIME isn't your average energy drink.
Energy Above the Rest
" Balanced Energy Drink"
Replenish. Refresh. Energize.
It's New It's Different It's Better
Time To Step UP
You Deserve Something Different!
Elevating Your Energy
Impeccable quality, all in, never look back.
EcoFuel, Healthy Better Energy
When there's no time for a power nap.
UPTIME , Experience The Best
Better in a Bottle
Time for a Different Focus!
Refreshingly Better for the Mind At Work
"Refreshingly Different"
A Divergence from Ordinary
The Equalizer Engerizer
Dare to Refresh
Goodness UP!
You UP? You Bet!
Unique Taste. Unique People.
They say you can't make uptime, We diasagree
Energy Drinks Done Right
So Different we change life
The Taste of Energy
Refreshingly Delightful
The cleaner alternative to coffee.
Drink Spark Repeat
Stuck Up
Different means Better
Sassy but Classy
Join the Energy Revolution!
UPTIME, Energy Redefined!
Fizzlicious Clarity
Daring. Better Taste. Different
Enjoy A Healthy Burst of Energy
Recharge your forward energy !
First Class Energy
Just in Time!
Class it Up
"The Refreshingly Different Quench"
The mind quencher drink
An Exhilarating Refreshing Difference!
Because Energy Looks Good
Naturally better.
Distinctify Electrify Satisfy
The distinct smart
"Revolt the Jolt, Uptime, Clean Energy"
Positively Different energy
UPTIME The Twisted Paradigm
Reboot Fresh just for me!
It's time to level up.
Beyond Energy
A Fresh Splash of Energy
Embrace The Taste
"Uptime, Energy Redefined"
"Balanced Energy"
UPcycled Energy
Never downtime. Only UPTIME.
Uptime In The Meantime
Energize Your Day the Healthy Way
Different is the Difference
Crush the Crash!
Its UpTiMe!
Different Tastes So Delicious
It Just Fuels Better
Unabashedly Unique Refreshment
The Energenius Difference
The next level Uptime.
You At Your Best
UP For Anything!
Time to Trade Up!
I Can't Believe It's Not Crack!
The Difference is Apparent
Recharge, Its About Time
Evolved Energy
Better Boost, Anew Cool
Energy boost when you Need it
Experience the UPTIME Lifestyle
Different Its Got to be Good
Energize Your World
Dance to a Different Drummer!
Seize The Day With UPTIME
Crisp Classy Bold
"Energy Advantage Plus"
You Mine The Time, Cause' You'll Dig Our Energy
Over Alert and Better For Your Body
Vital Mind To Better Body Health
Outstanding, like you
Next Level Energy
UPTIME ,Embracing Life Fully
" Uptime, For Prime Time"
Grab the Upper Hand
Real bottled energy
Unlike The Others, Better Energy
Distinctly Defiant
Different From the Others
Fueling Alright
We Turn Different Into Refeshing
Fresh. Different. Better.
Live the Good Life , Experience the Energy
Ordinary is boring.
The Future of Energy!
Fresh. Hydrated. Energized.
Drink Outside the Box!