My company specialize in alterations and designs of elegant yet sexy garments for ladies of all shapes and sizes

Business Names

Meyers Fashionation
Fit For A Queen Alterations & Design
A Cut Above
sex kitten fitten
Myers UpClothes & Personal
Myers Alterations and Customs Fashions
Myers Apparel Design & Sizing
Myer's Ladies paradise
Myers Flawless Fittings & Design
Cutting Edge
Woman's Fahion
Myers Flawless Fit Alterations & Designs
Myers Desired Designs & Fittings
Myers Enticing Designs and Alterations
Myers Fitting Designs & Alterations
Hot Couture
Chic Tweaks
Reflections in the Myers
Hot Couture Alterations
Bold and Beautiful, Designs and Alterations
Myers Refined Designs & Fittings
Myers Fashionation
Myers Refined Designs & Alterations
Myers Desired Apparel & Alterations
Myers Custom Couture
Foxy Loxy, Designs and Alterations
Alter My Ego
Myers Exquisite Designs
Myers Finishing Touches
Myers Grand Designs & Alterations
Myers Fashion Studio